Your best life now!

Your best life now!

Hey hey hey!

Good day everyone! It’s a privilege to see another day and I’m excited about what God has in store today!
It’s an awesome day already for all of us.

Ehn ehn, do you guys know that dollar rate keeps increasing?
In fact, it has become 400 Naira to one dollar!

Isn’t that scary! By now all of us should have packed our load and moved to another suitable place to live. Maybe just for a while before the dollar drops!

“Nigeria is hard! Nigeria is not favorable. Nigeria is this, Nigeria is that…”
But Nigeria will only be to you what you call it!

I’m utterly tired of Christians that exume negativity like no man’s business! This has caused many to live mediocre lives and many are still delving into mediocrity.

People are finding and taking over their territories, some are simply running away from it. They’d take over only when the dollar reduces, or maybe when the economy is better.

Please, which God do you believe in?

I’m a bit upset as I write this, because it can be such hard work to stay positive around negative people!
You’re there believing and trusting, and they’d come and start singing their gloomy songs to you!

It’s tiring.

As a Christian, are you joining people to complain and lament?
Do you wake everyday thinking of how hard life and how you can’t wait to move to “greener pastures”?

The truth is that the grass always looks greener on the other side, until you move!


My roommate went for an interview on Sunday where they didn’t spell out exactly what they’d be doing. They had been deceiving in the way they put their message and she got there only to find out that they wanted her to usher in clubs and advertise their alcoholic drink to people there.

I tell you. Many CHRISTIANS will take that job just because of the extra money they get to earn. Some people will strip themselves of all moral knowledge because of money.

Are you part of them?

We must examine ourselves from time to time and be truthful!

Are we allowing the world to toss us from North, South, East and West?
Are we forgetting that we have a better country that doesn’t flourish only when men make the economy good. In God’s economy, there’s nothing like dollar rate.

Are you forgetting that?
Or losing faith?

I have friends who are just running about. They either can’t wait to move to another country or another state, because the grass looks greener there.

But I keep asking, what has God said about it???

People do what they want and then run to God when it’s not working out. Why?
Wouldn’t it save us a lot of stress if we can simply get directions from Him on every single thing!

Another thing is this, people don’t want to spend time with God; but they want Him to direct them on what and where they should be presently.

How will you hear?

In fact, the funniest is people who use God as New Year Resolutions. I see it all the time and laugh.
“I didn’t do so well with God last year, but this year me and God will be bae.”

You just wait till it’s time for another New Year resolution, God will be part of the list again.

How then can you take your territories!?!

We know it. No need for anyone to carry hammer and knock our heads. There are some of us that God has been asking us to launch out into the deep and take a bold step. He has put ideas in our heads and these things have not left our hearts. Still, we remain in our comfortable zones.

Sebi I still have a job!
Sebi my husband provides for us!
Sebi my parents are ok and send money regularly.
Sebi I get enough salary every month!
Sabi this, Sebi that!
(Sabi is a Nigerian slang that is used to ask questions or make remarks.)

All these mentors and role models we’re seeing today, please, do you think they were giving all these excuses to get where they are?
Many of us have mentors and role models that don’t live mediocre lives, but we’re ok to stay put!



And that’s why people are running from place to place- confused!

People are looking for miracles, but not searching for the miracle worker!
They want His hand, not His face and relationship!

You must have heard of the Pastor that says his feet must not touch the ground when he’s preaching. So, members of his congregation bend like goat to carry him about. Google it if you don’t believe.

What exactly did Jesus die for?
For the devil to be playing with our lives and destiny?

When last did you read your Bible or hear from God?

Many of us will swear that we can never attend such a Church, until desperation pushes us there!
And that’s what will happen if you don’t build your personal relationship with God.

People will come and tell you nonsense, and you’d readily accept because you’ve refused to sit still before God, your maker.

When we stop looking for miracles everywhere and seek the miracle worker Himself, things will fall in place!

Is it until dollar rate reduces that you want to live your life?

I’m still reading Joel Osteen’s book – Your best life now.

I believe we must adopt that title in our lives. We must promise God and ourselves that no matter what, we’d always live our best lives now! Today!

We will not wait till the economy is favorable.
We will not wait till a prophet touches our head.
We will not wait till a Pastor tells us about our future.

Because we will go to God, walk with Him daily and live our best lives now!

I’ve still not gotten the exact message God wants to teach me with this verse, but it’s been recurring!

Psalm 90:12

So teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

If we truly number our days, we’d know that the best time to follow God is now!
If we truly number our days, we’d know that the best time to launch out is today!
Live every single day with purpose.

Don’t leave the house without expectations. The days are what becomes years.
Stop dulling!

Jesus is the big deal!

Everyone is taking their territories, when will you join them?

I pray that God gives us all understanding of the times we’re in.


Lord, help us to grow in you and seek you daily! Help us not be like unbelievers who are tossed and turned by the devil anyhow. Help us to rise into the people you’ve called us to be! Help us not to lock our potentials in the box of mediocrity. Help us like Peter who launched his net at YOUR WORD, not the word of the world.

Help us Lord Jesus. Prick our hearts from comfortable zones. Give us higher rhema about our destinies and daily, teach us to number our days that we may grow in wisdom! Amen!

It felt like I was ranting right? I agree!

And I’m talking to myself too o! There is gold inside of us, but we never want to pass through fire.
Let’s be obedient to God, because so many destinies are tied to ours!

We must stop dulling.
Jesus is the real deal! And we must fulfill destiny.

Have an amazing time ahead.

Remember, the best time to start living is now!

Be careful whom you allow into your life-1


Thanks to everyone who sincerely took out time to pray for me concerning Monday’s post. God sees you and I appreciate you!

Show us some love in the comment section!!!😘😘😘 If there’s anything you’d like to share, please do share with the house! Comments are deeper than we think and it helps us get to know you more!

Love always,


  • UniqueOJ

    Hmmmmm welldone sista B…bt 2be honest e no easy o, im nt trying 2b a pesimist here bt my dear d rate at which d economy is going now, pple tend to run 2wards dat which works faster 4getting deir faith nd morals, but lyk u rightly said dis is our best tym 2 follow God nd allow Him 2lead nd direct us…. But If i may ask? Wot do we do wen doubts and fears of d future tries 2 Arise? Tanx dear, more grace nd ink 2ur pen

    • Thanks UniqueOJ.

      What to do when fear arises about the future?
      Soak yourself in the word like no mans business! Read, meditate on God’s promises about the future in the Bible. After that, speak it! Yes, put your name there and speak the promises out loud every day!
      “God has said He will not leave nor forsake UniqueOJ all the days of her life.”
      “God says He knew UniqueOJ before I was born! Therefore I will not fall or fear because God already knows the end from the beginning.”

      Speak these things and your faith will surely grow.

      Get books on people who persevered and did not allow fear paralyze their faith.

      Listen to messages constantly! Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

      If you do these things and let God work on you, you’d surely retain your joy about the future.

      Stay blessed!

  • Adewale Olaore

    Great words Omobolaji, this can’t be considered ranting because you have spoken the mind of God. His heart desire is that His own will seek His Ways and not His works. His Ways will produce the works. (Matt. 6:33). Whatever we desire is a given, when we seek and find God.

    And thank you also for the encouraging words to launch and to do it now. There couldn’t be a better time. He that waits for the perfect time will never get anything done, moreover provision is found in the place of your assignment.

    It’s my sincere prayer that God will always be found of you and may your impact and influence increase greatly.

    Stay blessed!

    • Amen and amen! Thank you so much.

      “He that waits for the perfect time will never get anything done…” So true!
      That’s if there’s anything called perfect time sef, God simply blesses what we decide to do that is in His will. And now is the time!
      Our best life doesn’t have to start tomorrow, when we still have today to start living.

      Your first comment here, welcome!

      May you increase greatly and richly in Christ Jesus. Thank you.

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