You don’t have to know what will happen tomorrow.

You don’t have to know what will happen tomorrow.

Hey hey hey!

Many times I wake and wonder; what happens after the month of May? What’s my life even about? Haha.

It almost happened again today as I sat with Papa. What if this and that…and again, I had to stop myself. God had already told me: Bolaji, you don’t have to know what will happen tomorrow.

No, I don’t have to worry because my King says not to. I might not know what life outside school will mean or bring to me, but as long as I have Jesus, I can say that I will be fine. He makes ordinary life exciting.

Jesus is worth it all, whether in school, home or abroad. I’m suddenly emotional as I remember that He found me here in 2013, in this same place I’m afraid to leave.

I don’t know about you but thinking about the gift of my salvation makes me cry almost every time. I can’t imagine what my life will have been like. I can’t imagine what I’d have spent my life in Ghana doing. I just can’t!

He who has given me the greatest gift ever is faithful enough to be with me at the end of every phase; but trust me, no one is comfortable moving from one phase to another. It’s plain scary.

What I can tell you if you’re at a cross-road too or experiencing some kind of change in life is to TRUST; not just in words, but in your actions. Really TRUST because He who was faithful in the beginning will be faithful till the end.

I have 10,000 more words to write because of how I feel. I’m so grateful to God that I almost feel like my heart will burst. I paid all my fees, I did! And it was all God. If you’re new here you might not fully understand, but I shared my fears of not finishing school in old posts.

And here I am, scared to finish.
Oh, Papa, you’re good and faithful and kind and forgiving and great and awesome and much more than words can describe.

If there are words to describe you, I don’t have them.

Thank you Jesus.

I have heard you and I will not worry about what will happen tomorrow, because you’re already in it. ♡

Love now and forever,


So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.
Matthew 6:34 GNB


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  • Chinenye

    wow… this just blessed me. I am serving currently and I am scared of what life after service will look like. but this post just reassured me of God’s promise to me.
    God bless you B.

    • Life after service is in God’s hands. Just as how life after school was in His hands when you finished. Do not be anxious for nothing, but let your requests be known to God. Praise Him for He is always good!

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