You are not single.

Good Wednesday Morning!

Hey hey hey!

It’s a burifu(beautiful) day people!

It’s been a bit cold lately, which is a good thing! That means that I don’t have to sweat as I walk the hilly roads to get a bus to work.

Lol. To be honest, one reason I dread going back to school is the sun. Though I hear it’s been cold there lately.

Anyway, don’t think this post is one where I’d be dispensing the weather forecast o. We’re talking about serious business here! Lol

The business of you not being single.

As I chopped onions into my Indomie(noodles) few days ago, all I thought to myself was “Look at your life Bolaji! You’re actually putting onions in your own food without being flogged!”

Why that thought you’re probably wondering?

The answer is that just about a year ago, I picked onions out and certainly never put it in the food I cooked. I didn’t like it.

But my roommate loved it!

She cooks more(she’s calabar😉😜😁) and obviously I had to eat her food with onions in it. Because she also ate my food without onions like that, though she didn’t like it.

She kept encouraging me to put onions in my food and I don’t even know when I started, but I too started enjoying onions! Sigh!

Biko, don’t ever say things like “This is me, I just can’t change!” Because you can end up shocking yourself.

Still, this story isn’t just about me eating or not eating onions.

It’s on the fact that we’re not single! Lol


You see, we’ve been fed with this thought that once you’re not married or dating someone, then you’re single. 

Single as in alone, but it’s a big lie!

We’re in so many relationships right this minute that we’ve got to work on, and it wouldn’t take a Prince charming or Cinderella to take one’s frog-like attitude away!

Daily, we actually must work to be better people. 

And this reminds me of a short article(or is it poem?) I wrote to my roommate on her birthday.

I wrote on how my relationship with her has taught me a bit of what marriage is like. I don’t have to wait for a man to work on my imperfections with the help of God!

Here is the article:


“Happy birthday Kristine Ekanem. Living with you since first year has thought me a bit of what marriage is.

That two people can be so different and still live in love and laughter.

That one can be Calabar and the other Yoruba.

That one can like plenty pepper and the other not.

That one can like indomie with crayfish and the other not.

That one can like rice and okro and the other not.

That one can like okro and stew, and the other not.

That one can like periwinkle and the other not.

That one can like to clean and the other like to cook.

That a Calabar can like Yoruba stew and a Yoruba can LOVE Calabar soup.

That two people who disagree on various issues can still agree to disagree.

That with the help of Christ, two very different people can accept and love each other.

That with the help of Christ, two very different people can learn from each other.

That understanding, peace and love can dwell in a home even if the people are different.


Happy birthday my love. I pray for many more years in health and wealth for you. I pray that you never stop loving Jesus, and that He continues to beautify and radiate your life in every way.

Plenty love!”


And I’m telling you, this is just a fraction of the differences Christy and I have; but our home at school is truly beautiful and peaceful!

Why? Because Christ helps us daily to forgive, trust and love; regardless of our behaviours.

Imagine a Yoruba girl who lived in Lagos(the city of gragra and dreams) all her life living peacefully with a Calabar girl who has lived in Calabar(the city of beauty and peace) all her life.

Naturally, we can’t gel. But we’ve been able to accommodate our excesses with God’s help.


Don’t still get the moral from this long story?

It’s simply this: don’t let your mind believe in any sort of singleness. Begin right now to work on yourself and adapt to love in all your relationships, because dating someone wouldn’t suddenly cure you of imperfections.

Summary, my brothers and sisters is that you’re not single!


Let Christ groom your character so much so that you begin to eat onions if you have to.


Have a lovely day.

Plenty Love, Mobolaji.


    • Mobolaji.

      Lol. I put onions in my food today again! The thing has hit me hard!

      Muah! Thanks for always reading and contributing! God bless.xx

  • Chukwuma

    Hehe, this one is agreeable on the fact that you personally decides not to be single. What i mean is, there are whole lot of individuals who would want to interact, share and appreciate your imperfections but they have no access to your life because you have not given them the opportunity and until you give them that liberty to bring either the positive or negative informations into you, you will still be SINGLE.

    It was a nice read!

    Please eat onions o, i have been in a house where no single thing is set on the fire without onion, in a large amount sef. I used to pick out the onions like you used to but i learnt to eat it as i grew up. *though you don’t allow it to dance on the surface of my food o, if it does i will turn the whole food to cover them before eating, lol.

    • Mobolaji.

      Lol. That first paragraph is talk for another day o!
      But about the onions, I put just enough for the food jare, can’t allow it to be swimming on top the food.
      Have an amazing weekend Chukwuma! God bless.

  • Ayomi

    Well, well, well, this was a good read just like all the other posts. You and your roommate remind me of my husband & I. Two very different people living together in a home full of laughter and peace. And yes, marriage will not suddenly cure all your imperfections.

    Keep the posts coming babe. God bless you everyday with his wisdom.😘😘😃🐱🐕

    • Mobolaji.

      Yes o! Dear sis, there can still be peace in a home where very different people live!
      May Christ continue to be the centre of your home. Amen!
      Thanks and thanks! Muah!😁😍😘😋

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