Writers Connect with Aunty J.

Mobolaji: Hello Jola! Thanks for granting this interview today. We’re excited to be with you.

Jola: Thanks, it’s an honour to be here and I’m glad to do this as well, thanks for giving me the opportunity.

Mobolaji: Ok. Please, tell us a little about yourself.

Jola: I’m in final year studying Law & Business at the University of Liverpool.

Mobolaji: Awesome! As a Nigerian student aboard, how has the experience been?

Jola: It’s been an interesting journey; I’ve not particularly experienced any serious culture shock, but I have met many interesting people that make me question a lot about my own life.

Mobolaji: So, you don’t get awkward comments sometimes?

Jola: Not really, I have been asked some silly questions, but nothing really awkward.

Mobolaji: Lol. OK. Let’s go a little deeper. As a young lady living for Christ, what are things you’ve had to forfeit for Him?

Jola: Not much, I’d say, because being raised in Church, you’re already handed a high moral code from childhood, but as someone who started taking her faith seriously a few years back; I’d say that what I’ve mostly had to give up is my time. I’ve had to redirect my time to doing activities that are productive in His sight or at least trying to haha, it’s been very difficult finding a balance but I’d say I’ve managed so far, thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Mobolaji: I know the feeling! But has it been worth it so far?

Jola: It’s been fantastic. Definitely worth it.

Mobolaji: Is it safe to say you now know your purpose on earth or are you still on the path to discovery?

Jola: I’m aware of what my purpose is, but God is constantly expanding my vision. If anything, when you’re showed the end before the beginning, you begin to try to tell God how to get you there. One may even try to create their own path, instead of listening for His guidance and I learned the hard way that doing that never ends well. Haha.

Mobolaji: Does your studying law transcend into your purpose? As in, will you use law in one way or the other to do what God has called you to do?

Jola: I sincerely doubt this. Although I’m passionate about law, I don’t really see myself having a 9-5 job as a lawyer or anything of the sort.

Mobolaji: That’s interesting. The fact is that many ladies don’t take Christ or Purpose seriously, do you think it’s important for everyone to find their purpose and follow it?

Jola: Yeah, everyone should try. It’s surely better than living a meaningless life.

Mobolaji: Are you saying it’s not ok to just do anything in life, as long as it pays the bills?

Jola: Hahaha, actually I think that not everybody will be interested in God’s will for their lives, some people may be doing something that pays the bills well and they may prefer that to following their actual purpose. This is because they know it won’t pay the bills, though it would be more fulfilling. So they’d prefer to take money and be able to pay their bills, over fulfilment. To me, that’s okay. I would never judge anyone for that.

Mobolaji: Ok. (Pulling back in my judgment horn). That’s another dimension because I believe most people will push for others to find fulfilment. It’s not ok to judge though. Truth is, many people do not even think they have ‘talents’, talk less of purpose. Are there any practical steps you’d like to share with us in order to find our niche in life?

Jola: Unless God says otherwise, I think I’ll actually be doing something on this later in the year, but I want to say that there’s no “practical steps”. Like 10 steps to finding your purpose. Such things will provide a general idea, but there’s no way that at the end of step 10, a light will shine in your room and you’ll suddenly know what you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Some of us stumble into our place in life, others are thrown into their purpose. I honestly believe that finding purpose is really not always about your talents. Purpose can sometimes be born out of great suffering or an experience that just changes your perception of life.

I’ve come to have a great passion for the Syrian refugees. It’s been so difficult not to just drop out of school, go to the border and move all of them to my home in Nigeria; but, is that my purpose? I don’t think so.

So, sometimes, it’s not about what you’re passionate about. My purpose came to me after a great deal of prayer, combined with God reminding me of an experience that happened ages ago in secondary school.

It’s always a mix of things, so, I wouldn’t ever say there are practical steps. I believe that experience is crucial to discovering purpose and if you’ve not yet had that defining experience that will launch you into your destiny, then you’ll just be getting hints and ideas till you have that defining encounter with God that changes everything.

Mobolaji: I agree! Experience plays a great deal in finding purpose. People are most drawn to something they have personally experienced before. Thank you so much for that. Can we talk ‘boy-talk’ a little? Are you currently dating anyone?

Jola: No.

Mobolaji: Ok. Personally, what would you like to share with other ladies about dating (or being single)? That is, dating God’s way.

Jola: Being Single can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t be a time to be anxious about finding Mr. Right. Just enjoy yourself. Don’t get too carried away by all that social media pushes in your face. I was listening to this Juanita Bynum message titled ‘No More Sheets’ and I would really encourage every lady to listen to it on YouTube. In it, she talks about how temptation and fine boys are everywhere, and it’s so easy to get sexually charged by all the relationship goals around, that you lose focus on everything else and start trying to find Mr. Right by fire by force.

Some women are defined by the title “Mrs”. It is their only achievement, because they didn’t use their singleness wisely and it is so embarrassing when I see a woman like that. Some virgins are so carried away by the idea of marriage; they don’t think past what happens on the wedding night. Look, if you spend all your singleness thinking about marriage, what will you spend the actual marriage thinking about?

Mobolaji: Ghenghen! Deep talk. I have watched ‘No more sheets’ and I agree with you that everyone needs to watch it! I meditated on it for days! I even remember a friend of mine who watched and randomly said ‘NO MORE SHEETS’ throughout that week. Lol. I hope ladies read this and take lessons. Finally, Jola, you’re also a writer. I love your blog by the way. How do you manage to post articles almost every day!

Jola: To be very honest, I don’t know myself. The Holy Spirit has been so essential, even the days I mess up and miss a day, He’s gentle with me and sometimes harsh when I need it. Sometimes, I take off and post nothing, like this January, and I just know it will take double the strength to return.

Mobolaji: Has writing always been a part of you? Or it’s something you discovered not long ago?

Jola: I think I’ve always loved to write. I used to write short stories on those big computers when I was younger, and I used to write songs all the time in High school. I also kept a diary, so it seems writing is something that’s been a part of me but I forgot about it somewhere along the line.

Mobolaji: Any hopes of being an Author someday?

Jola: Haha, well not necessarily as a main thing, but let’s not limit God. Lord, hope you’re listening o! Give me more books to write.

Mobolaji: Lol. Lord, listen for both of us ni o. We hope you accomplish all your dreams and surpass them! Thank you again for sharing these words with us. Any final word before you leave? Advice, encouragement, or even ‘sub’ to the Nigerian youth?

Jola: Amen, I pray you achieve all your dreams too! No subs. I just want to really thank everyone who visits the blog or its social media pages. I hope it’s been as impactful on you as it has been on me.

Mobolaji: It has. Thank you, Jola.

Jola: You’ve very welcome Bolaji, it’s been a real pleasure.


That’s it people!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Jola. Check out gossipforjesus.com and get geared up for tha Lord! We went to school together. (Actually, I left after JSS1). We reconnected and I’m glad we did!

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  • chukwuma

    *Some of us stumble into our place in life, others are thrown into their purpose.* And right there you have it. Like Bishop Jakes will say of Ruth, ‘she stumbled into the place of blessing’. I believe so much in reasoning with God in whatever discovery you want to make because everyone is Unique.
    It was nice reading this interview.
    Have a great weekend Bolaji!

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