Working for God in the marketplace.

Working for God in the marketplace.

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How are you and yours? Hope body dey kampe? (Hope you’re strong?)

I read a book in June by the CEO of the organization I work for titled ‘Working for God in the marketplace.’ Somehow, I noticed the book had a similar format with Letters to Our Fathers. It had 5 stories of people in different careers, struggling to represent God in their work.

It’s one of my best reads for the year-(I’ve been reading 3 or 4 books per month). It made me hungry to introduce colleagues to God, with my attitude and every other thing about me. But something happened yesterday and I thought to share with you.

Me, N and R were in the office Kitchen. N was waiting for me to follow her to buy food and R was eating. I took drugs after eating and N asked me why I was on medication. I don’t know why I was shy to say it was for Menstrual pain. Anyway, N and I play too much. I think she’s my closest friend at work. She knows where my faith stands because we’ve talked about God few times. (Not deeply though.)

I made a joke before leaving with N that made me wonder- was that a funny or a silly joke?

Because N and I play a lot, when she asked me why I was on medication, I laughed and said ‘Birth Control’. She and R laughed and then we left the kitchen.

Note: R is a Muslim and I love her, but does she know where I stand?

Did I make a silly joke that gave her the idea that I was having sex before marriage?

I know. I know. I sometimes think too deep. She might have laughed because she knew I was only joking, but what if her laugh was for something else?

No, I do not want people to think I am having sex or even accept the idea of doing so before marriage. This has nothing to do with looking holy or self-righteous. It just got me thinking- Am I an Apostle in the Marketplace?

If you can, please get that book by ย Mrs Ndidi Nwuneli- ‘Working for God in the Marketplace.’

There was a story of a contractor who was caught between giving the people that gave him his contract ‘a little something‘ or letting them know he doesn’t give those kind of gifts, a.k.a bribes.

There was another lady who got a job and was certain God approved. But when things got hard at work, she started to doubt that she had heard God’s voice.

All 5 people had stories that we can relate with.

Are you working for God in the Marketplace or only in Church?

I remember my internship last year, I wanted to be intentional about remembering God the whole day and not only in the morning and at night. So, I wrote ‘God is here’ย on a sticky note and placed it on my table. I did that in my first job too. It always got missing and I always replaced it.

Last year, anytime I touched that note, I immediately felt like I was in a room alone with God. It guarded me in my actions and words. People laughed at me a few times for some of my opinions, but I didn’t really care.

This year, I need to be more intentional about working for God in the Marketplace. I am NOT like everybody else. I am salt. I am light. I am influential. I am a God-carrier. I am an heir with Christ.

So, how can I be normal?

I am always honest in all posts because I want you to be able to relate. I am not perfect because I write more Christian content. I struggle too. In fact, sometimes I pray for a blog-reader not to recognize me if they ever see me on the road. LOL. Especially on days I run out of the house and don’t take my real face with me.

We all struggle. But God wins.

We are Apostles working for God in the Marketplace. We wouldn’t always get things right, but we can represent God everyday. We can extend His love to others and they don’t need to lovable first.

You and I are not normal people. How can we carry God and be ordinary? How can we be born-again and remain the same?




Let our words and actions show it.



I hope this blessed you like it blessed me. I’d definitely need to read this more than once…

See you on Friday.

Love always, Mobolaji.


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  • This is absolutely true, I try to represent God where I am currently running a program. I am a quiet person, I hardly talk except when I have something to say because of this most of colleagues complain that I am too quiet.I am trying to balance this out without talking too much because when u do, u end up talking too much and saying the wrong things.

    • Thank you! I totally agree with you. It is my ‘over-play’ that caused me to make the silly joke in the first place. So, we should always be careful not to overdo things.
      However, being too quiet can be another side of the coin o. It will not allow people know where you stand. They will talk about sex, yahoo-yahoo and clubbing around you. If you keep quiet every time they do that, they will believe that you are on the same page as them.

      God help us to balance how we should work for you in the marketplace.

  • Chinenye

    Hi Mobolaji,

    My name is Chinenye. we were in the same class in ISI though we hardly ever talked. okay… enough of the intro… lol. I am really proud of you I must confess and coming across your blog has blessed me. Each article you post has a way of getting to me. It’s like God puts my situation in your heart and your post just addresses it.

    I really thank God for your life. I thank God for making me come across this blog when I did. I thank God for using you through your blog to bless me. I thank God for a lot of things. yes, indeed we are all struggling and it is my sincere prayer that we all finish strong.

    God bless you Mobolaji…. keep up the good work.

    • Awww welcome to the efamily Chinenye. I hope I didn’t hurt you in ISI? If I did- I’m sorry.

      Glory to God sis. He’s the one who knows who needs to read posts on particular days.

      Amen and amen to all your prayers. God bless you too.

      We have Thanksgiving most Fridays, would you like to send yours in? (I noticed you thanked God a lot in your comment.
      May we all finish strong and not get distracted along the way.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Plenty love to you!

  • UniqueOJ

    Dearest B, tanx so much for this post, lyk seriously u hv a way of addresing an issue that makes me learn a lot. God bless u dear. More anointing to ur pen

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