Word for this season…

Word for this season…

Another semester had ended, and I was truly glad. I had tried my best before leaving Ghana to get a bus that’d get to Lagos early, so I could get home that same day. It just didn’t work out.


I also had a lot of load so Chisco seemed like the best option, because other buses charge a lot for load.


Anyways, it was past 10 and we were still on the road. Not even close to central Lagos at all.

My family could finally reach me after trying the whole day. Talking to my parents and sisters, and hearing them say I had to sleep in the park till the next day drained me emotionally.


It’s not like I hadn’t slept at the park before, I just wished to go home and rest fully this time.


So, I put my head on my school bag and started crying softly. Thank God the lights were out in the bus, so no one noticed.


I told God I was grateful and I truly was, but that I just wished the day had turned out different. Lol. I wonder what my father was thinking.


Only if we all can just accept that no matter what, everything works for our good! Every single time.


I even thought of how I’d keep my thith (cuz The Ambassadors call thithers out every week and it’s unlike the Daystar style for me). So I take my tithe out of basically all the money I got(and get) and pay it all at once.

I’d sometimes wonder how my tithe became that much. The koko (main thing) was that God had provided trough out the semester. He never left me stranded. Just as He promised.


Still, I couldn’t stop myself from crying.


Then I felt the urge to read ‘Your best life now’ on my phone. I’d already started reading it.


I’m telling you…the chapter was meant just for me at that moment!


He (Joel Osteen) talked about mindset(plus, I’ve been seeing a lot on that lately) and how God wants us to always have the prosperous mindset.


How would we feel if we went through so much to put food on the table for our children and then see them sit on the floor by the dinning table, saying they can’t accept the food? They’d rather eat crumps on the floor.


Mahn, that wouldn’t be funny.

But that’s how we treat God sometimes.

That’s how I was treating God the night I got back.


Using flight would sure reduce stress, but it didn’t make me more prosperous than I already was. Yes o. In God’s perspective, I already am prosperous.


This isn’t a guessing matter.


But I let the devil take over my thought for that time. And I immediately snatched it back from him after reading that chapter in Joel’s book.


I started to thank God for keeping me and my family safe. And for leading my heart to read that chapter just when I needed it.


Indeed, faith comes by hearing(reading) and hearing(reading) by the word of God! Hallelujah!


So after a while meditating on what I’d read. I saw a poster that said —>> Lagos. And guess what I did after?


I danced! Lol.


In the dark. I danced on my seat. Smiling.


Glad that though I had entered so late, I had even entered at all! Because someone so wonderful kept me.


My immediate sister when she called felt bad for me (as per last born, Lol) and said ‘Ahh, o wo bus mo wa Nigeria’ meaning ‘Ahh, you’d not enter bus to Nigeria again’.


I might and might not.


Any which way. Doing life with God is the most important. He holding my hand and leading me into purpose step by step is the most fulfilling feeling. I’d ever be grateful.


While dressing up before leaving Ghana, I gazed at a writing on my wall “Hope is the anchor for the soul. And if hope is the anchor for the soul, then God is my hope.


I didn’t think much of it, but didn’t discard the message God was sending all together.


Then when I opened the book I took along to read on the journey, I saw that on the front page, I’d written Hebrews 11:1- Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.


Then it clicked that this really was a message. I even asked God why He was sending it and realized that this holiday, He’d want me (us) to hold on to Him. To hope. To never stop believing. Trusting. Standing. Loving.






It’s Christmas season and you might be doubting that God even sees you in your situation at all.

Friend, hold on to God, our hope and anchor!


He’s the only one that holds us in place. Something more interesting is that HE NEVER FAILS HIS PROMISES! NEVER!


Hold on! Help is on the way.


That’s it for today. Yaay! I’m home and glad. Lol.


I washed on Friday and 3 of my cherished clothes were stolen from our line. It had never happened before, but I was glad to be going back to my fatherland biko.


As people complain about Nigeria, a friend describes it as her land flowing with milk and honey. Lol. I choose to see it as that too.


Being around family is also a plus. So praise God!


Plus, guess who I met yesterday?

Frances of imperfectlyperfectlives.com!¬†Whoop whoop! My blog sister turned friend, turned fitness padi. Lol (I don’t know how I forgot to take a selfie! Sigh.) We have a picture together sha. (The only thing is that I don’t have it yet. Lol). I only have a pic I took before leaving home.



The internet has negative sides, but you can choose to use it wisely and meet amazing people!


Let me just end with this beautiful verse.


“Forget the former things. Do not dwell on the past. Behold, I am doing a new thing. Now it springs forth. Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”

Isaiah 43: 18-19


And remember there’s no Christmas without Christ.

Merry Christmas!


Love always,



  • B! I started smiling and then ended with laughter. At the end..

    Babes…welcome back home…we are just glad that you’re back and safe and yay!!!!! I saw you and we finally met!
    Oh my!!

    Welcome back dear!
    God is faithful!

  • Haha! So good meeting you babe! There was no form of awkwardness. Lol. Like we’ve met since.

    Glad to be back jare. Though not a long break. Still, it’s something!

    Thanks dear! Muah!

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