Wishing or doing?

Hey hey hey!

Beautiful one, I hope you’re doing great? Hopefully so.

Today’s post wouldn’t be a long one. It’s a post to encourage and push us from just wishing, to doing stuff required to make our wishes come true.

So, yesterday, while sweating seriously during my dance exercise; something came to my mind.

I want to be healthy. Haha, I saved this picture of how I want my stomach to look in the next few months. (I still can’t share images from my phone, until I change it. Sigh) And it’s not that I’m vain, I just don’t want to see any flab on any part of my body biko.

The thing is, I’ve already lost a lot of flab. Because I finally took exercising serious. Though I’d been wishing for years that I’d look trimmer.
I think I even prayed.

But is God going to come down and get fit for me? Yes, He encourages when we feel down, but ultimately, He isn’t going to come down and do our part of the job.

Over the years, have you been wishing or doing?

My roommate and I often say- ‘If wishes were horses, all men will fly.’ (We didn’t form the adage though.)

If wishes were the answer, then, all of us should be where we want to be by now.
But wishing and doing are two very different things!

This doesn’t mean that wishing is a bad thing. Not at all. But wishing and wishing and wishing, without doing anything to make the wish come through is bad!

How I wish I had flatter midsection and leaner body. Haha, but eating anyhow without exercise will not accomplish that wish. Let us not deceive ourselves.

There are a lot of things we hope to accomplish. Plus, many people have goals for the year. Walking the walk is so much more important than talking the talk. Really!

If you’ve wished for so long that you want better grades, are you willing to read more?
If you’ve wished to be financially stable, are you willing to give, tithe and save?
If you’ve wished to be more friendly towards people, are you willing to smile more and approach first?
If you’ve wished to have a better relationship with God, are you willing to die to self and set out time alone to be with and learn from Him?

Let’s face it. It’s unfair to expect things of others, when we’re not willing to work on ourselves.

My roommate LOVES to talk and share basically EVERY part of her day with me. I like to share and talk with her too, but not as much as she does (plus, I sometimes forget stuff sef) and it often makes me look insensitive. She might even go quiet on me for sometime, and then tell me how I sometimes behave like I don’t care that much about her.
Oh, how I care! But it’d take work for me to want to talk and share like her.


As I was saying (or writing), it wouldn’t be fair to expect my roommate to be open with me when I’m hiding stuff. (Relate this with all types of relationships).
It wouldn’t be fair to expect a saved, fit and fine husband; when you’re not doing anything to stay saved, fit and fine.
I’m only being blunt here o.

For things to become reality, they have to move from the wishing state, to the doing part. That’s the only way that our wishes become reality. When we do what we’ve been wishing for so long to do.

Don’t just talk the talk.
Please, walk the walk too!

Thank you for reading!
I can’t quantify how much I appreciate you.
Everyone who takes time out to read, comment and share; you’re awesome!

Akwaba (means welcome in Ghana) to all our new readers. We’ve been waiting for you, now that you’re here, we’re pretty glad you’ve joined our efamily.

Have a pleasant week ahead.

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Love God.
Love people.
Love self!

Love always,


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