Why I’m going to be an awesome boss!

Why I’m going to be an awesome boss!

Ok. So this post has been in my head way too long. I had written, edited and even posted it; only that it was all in my head.

Last month I went to visit my former bosses and coworkers at where I did my I.T last year and it was amazing!
I wrote a post when I left last year and I have to write another.

As you may well know, I’m sanguine. Which means I’m not the best with numbers, lists, paper work and deadlines.(That’s not an excuse not to improve though.)
Imagine when I then got a job in HR/Admin.
I used to make mistakes, but I remembered how my boss told a colleage one day how I love to learn.

She probably thought so because I used to ask a lot of questions(just as I do with my current boss) and asked for her help frequently on things I didn’t understand.
To be honest, I hit jackpot with the two bosses I worked with at my very first job. I was never treated as a novice or “small girl”.
In fact, most of them at the office were trying to hook me up with a coworker. Lol!

We could dress down on Fridays...

Ok. I think I’m starting to write too much about them without bringing out the real lesson I want to share.

Oh before I forget, my male boss was/is my birthday mate. (I had a female and male boss) Isn’t that awesome?

So back to the lesson. I went to visit them with my sister since we were on the Island and close to the office.
The reception I got was amazing!

It was like a family meeting. All the people I was really close with came to the visitors lounge and sat with me as we talked, laughed and reminisced.

“Bolaji, you haven’t stopped walking like this.” Lol! There were two friends in the office who tried their best to change my walking step. I tried.

“Bolinjas! You’re looking for a job Abi?” Lol
That’s what my male boss called me o. “Bolinjas.” Where he got that name, I’d never know. But it was funny.

I bought a packet of strawberry TomTom when I went because it was ‘our’ sweet. Lol! My Gosh. I’m laughing as I write this.
We used to take turns in dropping money to buy that sweet. Then I’d empty the pack on my table and share it with 4 of the people I was closest with.
Imagine that! Isn’t that funny?

But it was sweet! It was another family at work.

This picture tempts me to cut my hair again...

I know not everyone liked me and I might have stepped on a few toes (because it was a must to call everyone by their first names).
What was surprising though was that they were willing to employ me for this holiday again, without any sort of interview or test.

The receptionist was going on a 3 months break(which is the duration of my break) and it was like I came at the very right time.

I didn’t take the job though, but my point is this: I’d always have them as friends.

I didn’t make enemies there and I learned the importance of respect, regardless of age and status.

I pray for them whenever I remember. When I left, my boss told me how I was such a blessing.

On my very first day of work, I was contemplating not going back because of the stress and pay.  It covered basically only my transport.

And my boss(former boss actually) doesn’t know this, but she played a message that very morning that God used to send me a word. Guess the title of the message?
Do not despise the days of little beginnings.

And I didn’t and still don’t despise my time with them.

My boss was so sweet (she used to buy extra milk for me while I made the tea for us. Lol)

Because of that experience and the one I’m having as I work with another awesome lady, I’ve decided that I’d be an awesome boss too.

No matter how young, inexperienced or silly anyone may be, I’d respect them because I was also respected.

Remember to do good to people everywhere. You don’t know the impact you’re making in their lives.

Because of my bosses, I’m also going to be an awesome boss too.

Have an awesome awesome day. 🙂
Be a good follower, for that’s your way to being a good leader.

Much love, Mobolaji.


  • Iris Angelica

    Right on, my sister! I always keep saying that work is where we spend most of our lives at so the atmosphere should be as familial as possible so that it lessens any work-related stress we might encounter. There is nothing like a good boss, o!

  • Distinguished

    I enjoyed reading this! I’ve worked with some horrible bosses and some kind bosses, I know which is better and ideal. So I choose to be an awesome boss in future. *winks*

    • I tell you! Never worked with any horrible boss before. Lol
      Maybe it’s because I’ve not entered the job market fully. But I think I’d always have awesome bosses though…Lol
      The most important thing though is to always be an awesome boss!
      Muah girl! Thanks for commenting.

  • This is just sooo sweet. I had great bosses during my service year,my female boss quite strict but most times she was a darling. I can already see you been a great boss

  • (Please, delete my previous comment. Lol)

    Hey boss lady! This post gave me goosebumps. Lol. Can’t explain why. I feel like visiting my former boss too to compare his reception. I can only hope it would be as sweet as yours.

    I see you becoming an awesome boss already. Keep going dear!

    P. S Love the second picture. There is something about it . . .

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