What to do when you’re broke!

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Good morning awesome people! I’m sending this in earlier than usual, because though they say “Home is where the heart is”; my case most times is “Home is where the network is”. I’d be going out today, so it’s advisable I send this to you now.

I’m no financial expert, but I do have a few lessons from being broke and how I get out of it. Lol

Can students in the house say “huh uhn huh uhn!” Lol. I know students mostly know what it is to be broke, especially when it’s close to the end of a semester or end of term.

The thing is, I think we assume we’re broke because we don’t quite get the true meaning of prosperity!

In “The Power of Vision” by Myles Munroe, he said that prosperity isn’t what the world thinks it is. Prosperity is having your daily bread!

Oh! I know that our God is the God of more than enough! He can lavish on us when He wants.
But what do we do when we’re at a point where we just don’t have…

Or when it SEEMS like we don’t.

Here’s the simple answer.
Take what’s left, lift it up and say THANKS!

When Jesus fed the five thousand, that’s what He did.
Bring them here to me.” He said. And He directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, He gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then He gave them to His disciples…”
Matthew 14:18-19

This Jesus ehn! In the days where there was nothing like adverts, posters and flyers, He pulled a crowd of 5000 people. I don’t think we understand what that even means. He didn’t carry trumpet to announce His arrival, but the people followed.

When it was time to feed them, they didn’t have enough. Or so it seemed.

However, Jesus remembered something.

He hadn’t called those people to Himself, God had. So when it came to food, He simply took it back to the one who brought the people in the first place!

Whenever it’s time to pay my fees and I start wondering where it will come from, God reminds me that I didn’t take myself to Ghana. So, it’s not my job to be calculating how I’d finish there.
Mine is to carry myself, lift me up and say THANKS!

It doesn’t sound like a logical financial analysis abi? But I’m telling you, it works like fire!

When you’re broke and you’re the one whose THANK YOU is loudest, do you think God wouldn’t see that?

My roommate and I share several experiences with one another. When we’re down to our very last cash, on that day, God ALWAYS provides. ALWAYS.

Sometimes, I’m leaving home not knowing how I’d transport myself from school. But He’d put me in someone’s mind and that person will obey Him to give, even when I don’t ask!

Ahh! He just reminded me of one time, we’d been sent out of class for one textbook we didn’t have. The book was unnecessarily expensive, so most of us didn’t buy. I didn’t even have the money to buy it. Probably 10 people were left in class that day.
The next week, when we were to have that class again. I still hadn’t gotten the book. As the lecture time drew near, I sat on my seat, silently wondering if she’d send us out again.

Out of nowhere, a classmate who was also sent out the week before came to me and said “Bolaji, I bought yours. Take.”
I was sitting there and laughing. I SINCERELY thought she was joking.

First, because she was sent out with me last week.
Second, because the book was expensive.
Third, because we weren’t even that close. We attend the same fellowship, but…
Fourth, because I DIDN’T ASK HER!

While I sat wondering, God had ALREADY taken care of it. I was dazed throughout that class. I’m sure I didn’t hear much of what the woman was saying sef. This lady brought the book right at the time I was thinking about it.

That experience still amazes and encourages me o. It might seem little. But it makes me see that God will never leave me stranded.

However, it’s not just by mouth o. His word that said- Seek first His righteousness and every other thing will be added is no joke!

My church is far (both home & at school). And no one really notices the work we do since we don’t even work inside the church. But the one we work for sees o! I’m telling you.

If you”ve been part of a church for a while, you need to find a unit to serve! You can’t be a Sunday Sunday Christian and expect to see God’s hand in your life on other days of the week.







I know I’ve talked plenty…
But what do you do when you’re broke?
You lift yourself and whatever you have left up, and give MIGHTY THANKS!

Because God already provides for a need, even before you know you’re in need.


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