What to do when your day does not go as planned…

What to do when your day does not go as planned…

What to do when your day does not go as planned…

Happy new month!

It’s December people! The month we celebrate the birth of Christ, whoop whoop! And you know, I’ve heard so many times that there is some kind of distortion in celebrating Christ’s birth in December. Some say He was not born in this month, some say Christmas started in a devilish way, etc.

What matters most to me though is that whatever happens & no matter what people say, WE STILL CELEBRATE CHRIST EVERY DECEMBER! We celebrate Him every day of our lives, but we take this month to unitedly do so. Even those who do not believe in God celebrate Christmas, and it makes me wonder…

Anyway, let me go into what I’d like to share today! I actually wanted to title this post- “What to do when you start purging!” LOL!

You guys, yesterday DID NOT go as planned at all!

I mean, it was supposed to be a jolly first month where I probably go to school, use internet, read for exams, fast and then go to church for the communion service. But NONE of that happened! I could not even do my quiet time because I see double when weak and can’t focus on anything I read.

School fellowship had our last fellowship for the semester on Monday & oju kokoro (longer-throat) made me eat the fried rice that was shared (plenty of it). I must have chipped in that I’ve been serious with getting fit for some months now & rice is one of the things I’ve really cut down on. Truth be told, I have not tasted fried rice in more than 6 months!

So, I probably should have applied wisdom in the quantity I ate on Monday, but I didn’t!
So I paid the price yesterday.

I almost purged out all the water in my body! Before noon, I had gone to the toilet about 5 times!

My brothers & sisters, my body felt like firewood!
My friend who’s also on the fitness group I’m part of, had gone through the same thing after eating rice some weeks back, and I had to tell her how sorry I was for her yesterday, because it was then I fully understood what she felt.

The real lesson here though isn’t really in all the story I’ve shared above, it’s in this…

I was mega-weak (my mum explained that loosing so much body fluid does that), but not many people knew! Even my roommate didn’t know the extent to which I was weak (though I slept so much), because at that moment I remembered Joyce Meyer’s messages about not broadcasting our problems!

I was still the jolly younger sister on me and my sisters group chat & I’m glad I didn’t even tell them because they’d have been calling me as if they had a price to give.

It was later that I remembered that I had told my closest friends about it before I told God. (Covers face.)

I chatted with people when I had the strength and was considerably normal because Joyce had taught me that speaking so much about a problem magnifies it the more.


Below are the lessons I learned from this experience:

SINCE 1611

Lesson 1 – Stop lamenting! Stop going round telling everyone ‘Do you know what is wrong with me right now?’ ‘If you know what I am going through ehn, you’d fear God!’ Those are not statements God wants us to spread! Even while feeling pain, be positive and stop spreading words of doom. You don’t have to talk about it so much!

Lesson 2 – Biko, stop disturbing God! LOL! This one is funny. I was pleading with God and declaring healing-and I’m not saying God can’t heal, but I knew that even as God loves me, I will have to pay for some of my actions! God disciplines those He loves, so don’t expect Him to take away every pain, especially those that were sleeping that you went to wake by yourself! Lol

Lesson 3 – (which will also be the last)- Get over it and move on! Yes, I said it. Today isn’t 1st of December anymore & I am no longer purging. My head still hurts a little but I know my health is restored. So this is what I’m gonna do- move on and continue where I left off. Instead of lamenting and ‘meditating’ on how I could not accomplish much yesterday, I’m instead going to begin again today! Every new day is another opportunity to start over and do better than we’ve done before- and that’s exactly what today, the 2nd day of December, 2015 will be for us- A NEW OPPORTUNITY!

Lesson 4 should be something like watch what you eat! But, let me just stop here today.

Thanks soooo much for reading!
Thanks for all the lessons you share!
Thanks for the shares, retweets and likes!
Thanks for everything!

God bless you!

Have a lovely day ahead.
Love always,


  • You don’t know how inspired I am by your post. It practically woke me up from my sleep and told me to do something productive with my time… Thanks love, I told u already, this blog is meant for me… 😉

    • Mobolaji

      Baby girl! Thanks for reading…
      I’m glad it pushed you to do something productive…exams dey come o! Lol…

      Anyways, the blog is for us all! Just as yours too is. Thanks girl! I appreciate you!

  • Ayomi

    Heheheeheheehe. I’m laughing in Chinese. Pale, ojukokoro/ ijekukuje is not good.
    God uses every experience to teach us something……so lessons learnt. You experienced it, learnt your lessons and then passed them on. Ese gan.
    Nice read and as much as I empathize with you, I can’t stop laughing. And thanks for not telling us yesterday, I wouldn’t have been able to laugh like this.
    Thank God for healing though & it is permanent in Jesus name.

    • Lol! ojukokoro is not good at all o.

      Abi o, that’s why I didn’t bother telling you guys o. Cuz it would have now seemed even more serious!
      Thanks for always reading, sharing & commenting! Love you to the moon(stars, venus, mars) & back! Muah!

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