Dear diary,

It’s 7 days to my birthday and there are a number of things I’ll really love to have as gifts in this period.

I even made an image of my birthday wish list out of fun and it’s really made me laugh asking people which one they’re catering for on the short list. Haha.

Here’s the image.


But as I got up to pray (which was a struggle by the way), I watched a video by a lady I’m subscribed to on YouTube and it was about being filled up and pouring out.

I immediately started singing ‘Fill me up’ by Tasha Cobbs after that.

As I reflected on my life for a bit, I started to cry in thanks and told God I was not willing to have a birthday this year as a spiritually dry person. Which was why that song was basically a prayer for me.

It’s just one week away. I don’t feel all them butterflies I used to feel when I was little, I guess that comes with maturity and adulthood.

I always wanted to have cake as a child, take pictures and have lots of food, but this year I want this very thing: overflow.

Overflow of Jesus.
A birthday gift that no one else can give me except Him.
A birthday gift that no one else can take away.

My present wallpaper

I’ve been thinking of a way to host few friends though, maybe something that’s like a birthday prayer meeting where me and my friends can just reflect and spend time with God together. I don’t know how that will work though, I really don’t. But if it doesn’t happen this year, I hope it will another year.

Also, dear diary, I’m starting an internship today in a sector I’ve never worked before; scary stuff if I’m in the flesh. But something I know God will give me much wisdom and direction for, no longer am I a slave to fear.

That’s what’s on my mind right now.

I guess I’ll be back to tell how my first day went…

Let’s see how that goes.

See ya!

Love and light,




Hey hey hey.

I’ve had double thoughts about the blog and had to reevaluate why I started writing here in the first place. Let’s just say few things might change…

Take care and stay sanctified. ❤❤❤



P.S: This post was to be up yesterday but network said no.




  • Joy

    Hey B, Joy here.. Your birthday day wish list is small, compared to what i wrote for mine last month lol. But I ended up getting none of what I wished for, but what I needed.. I pray that’s what you get on your birthday, all that God has planned for you…

    If you do plan on a small birthday party/prayer meeting, this is me booking my reservation in advance..

    • Aww Joy! This comment made me smile. I’m goofing around with the wishlist because I know without doubt that God has and always will give me what I NEED. For my birthday, He will still remain faithful. Thanks for reminding me and sharing your experience as well dear, means a lot.

      And that get together…maybe another year. Lol. Love ya!

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