First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to every one of you that gave (in encouragement, money, and time). I pray that God replenishes you and gives you more than your imaginations. I want to share with you few lessons I learned from our project.

Lesson 1: If it is God’s will, everything will fall into place sooner or later.
God is not a God of confusion. When I first got the idea, I literarily wanted to cast out the voice of the devil in my head! How could a student from Nigeria in Ghana plan to feed homeless people when the money in her own hand was by faith. However, this project thought didn’t go away! Then, I started getting little ideas from God on how to go about it and it took weeks before I could summon courage to tell a soul! I was scared. After I partnered with Zak, the pioneer of “Hope for the Street Child”, every other thing started to fall into place. I got replies from some of my bbm contacts almost immediately I sent out a broadcast message and people started sending money the very next day; though the project was only about 2 weeks away from the time I told them!

The Awesome Team!

Lesson 2: True riches come from trust, because no one will invest in your vision if they can’t trust you.
A good name is wealth. We did not have an official account for the project since our initiative wasn’t registered yet. Therefore, all the money had to be sent into my personal account. I put down all names from the bank alerts and till now, there’s a person we do not know. I tell you; the night before the project as I said a short prayer before sleeping I started to cry from joy. I was overwhelmed because of the trust people had in me. Me? People are still giving though they know the project is done!

My roommate and I hug for joy!
My roommate and I hug for joy!

Lesson 3: The miracles answer to faith in works, not faith in thoughts.
The miracles happen after you walk out in faith. My biggest worry was on finances. How were we going to get enough money to feed 50 people? I would have never found out how the money will come if I had never told anyone what was in my head. We got enough money to feed 128 people, which was times 2 of the number first intended! We also ate after distribution, so we definitely fed more than 128 people.

The Miracle.
The Miracle.

Lesson 4: You can’t do it on your own; you need people to help bring your vision to pass.
Keep the right friends. I can’t thank my friends enough! I’m still shocked at how you guys turned up to help. I basically didn’t do much on the D-day. I was just watching in awe how one packed the food, sent it to the next friend to put the meat, to the next to cover and pack with spoon and drink. It wouldn’t have been such a success if I didn’t partner with Zak and involve my friends. (Zak+Friends) × (Bolaji + Friends) = SUCCESS

IMG_8834 - Copy

Lesson 5: You have the power to influence people to give.
People want to give, but don’t know how. I understand that not everyone has the same vision I have. Some have a passion for business (like me), some cooking, some travelling and so on. Therefore, they’re working with their vision but might also want to do things for people, donate to charity projects or give; but they don’t know how. So, you give them the opportunity to finally give through your own vision. That way, everyone is happy.

...because you gave!
…because you gave!

Lesson 6: If you can’t make them positive, then you better run; before they make you negative.
Run from negative people. After I sent the broadcast message to everyone, a friend pinged me and implied that that’s the business I’m doing in Ghana, that is, I’m using charity to dupe people. I let it slide and covered it with joke. Then again, after the success I started putting up pictures so people who gave could see where their money went, again the same person pinged me and said I was blowing my own trumpet, that if I help people I shouldn’t show it. It took the grace of the Holy Spirit not to explode and I just asked “Will it hurt to be positive sometimes?” People will make you feel bad for something you’re doing from your good heart, but please, do not listen to them.

I learned so much from this experience and I’m excited about the bigger and better things that are on the way!


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Thanks for reading! Stay awesome!

Love, Bolaji.


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