What Happens Whenever We Tell Someone About Jesus?

When we tell someone about Jesus, we plant a seed.

I finished reading ‘One thing you can’t do in heaven’ by Mark Cahill yesterday. I’ve been off social media most of this year and I am glad about that because I’ve put the time into reading. I honestly think this book will be one of my best books of all time (and I mean all time!)

It breaks so much down about evangelism that you really will have no excuse not to share your faith after you read it. I’ve seen Christians say they have found the light in Jesus, but don’t feel compelled to share him. But that’s not what the word of God says. Any ideology that looks Christian but does not have a backup in the Bible is a lie; don’t accept it.

It’s funny because at the beginning of the year; with all my selfish ‘goals’; God planted one in me and He used a simple phrase to tell me ‘Bolaji, tell the world‘. As I stood in church on the 31st of December, I knew that wasn’t my voice or my mind because I had never heard the phrase before. I didn’t even know the scripture that anchored it; but I later found it in Mark 16:15.

What would God want me to tell the world? Really?

Will it be He wants me to tell the world that I graduated with a first class?

Maybe He wants me to share that I have a 8-6 job?

Or that I miss acting in my local church in Ghana and cleaning the toilets with joy.

Nah. It can only be to tell the world of the saving grace of Jesus. If someone captivates you so much; how can you be quiet about it?

As I finished the book yesterday; I knew I had to study the book of Acts; I am on Chapter 3 and have already been so blessed.

Mark Cahill has so many stories and shared different ways to approach people. He talked about times he will be home late at night and know in his heart that he hadn’t witnessed enough that day; and he indeed will go and find someone who needed to hear about Jesus.

Imagine, how did you get saved? Did someone not take the time to tell you about Jesus; at least once! I’ll always remember a senior in Secondary School, Titi, who spoke to me about the saving grace of Jesus. I wasn’t saved at the time and didn’t give my life to Christ untill years after.

But when I did, I remembered her and God showed me that that conversation had been a seed. God bless her!

Why shouldn’t I do the same for others? What’s the excuse?

In the book, Mark also talked about one time he was teaching a young group; they made a table of 3 things that happen when you tell someone about Jesus.

  1. The person gets saved there by surrendering to Jesus; win!
  2. The conversation is a seed that God will use to draw the person to Him and get them saved; win!
  3. The person refuses to accept Jesus and shuts their heart to the gospel; lose.

After that teaching; God led him to a verse in the Bible that many of us know:

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. Rejoice and celebrate, because great is your reward in heaven; for in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.…

Matthew 5: 10-12

God is intentional. This verse was to tell Mark that he had gotten the third point wrong. When someone refuses the gospel; it is still a win!

It’s a win every single time we share our faith. Every. Single. Time.

So, why not?

He went back to his class and shared his new revelation with them and they were all encouraged.

So, here’s what happens when we share our faith:

  1. The person gets saved there by surrendering to Jesus; win!
  2. The conversation is a seed that God will use to draw the person to Him and get them saved; win!
  3. The person refuses to accept Jesus and shuts their heart to the gospel (maybe insults you in the process); win! win! win!

Go out and win today!

My friend often says, as long as you have a testimony of Jesus, you already have something to share with the lost. There’s a reason you believe in Jesus, people need to know that.

Yesterday, I asked God how I was going to get good at this; and all I heard was practice. 

The more you share, the more you know what to share and what not to share (You may want to read this book as a guide though).

I shared about ‘the power of eternity’ in the bus to work today; stammered a bit, but I will get better. I will.

Love and light,




6 thoughts on “What Happens Whenever We Tell Someone About Jesus?

  1. Thank you ma’am. God bless you. Was on the same matter and been thinking on it. I got it better now.
    Please share some of those books ma if they are soft copies.

  2. Today is the only day I have had time to read most of my mails and I made sure I searched for all your mails to read them. Thank you so much. Reading this particular one reminds me of the Christian I was in 2016, sharing tracts in taxis was what I was mainly into(not everyday tho, somedays I am just like not today even when the Holy Spirit is screaming it) didn’t use to preach but when people asked me about my tract or something, I was always glad to share. Sometimes I sit down and I tell myself I want to be more than the Christian I was in 2016. I don’t even evangelize anymore and there is this joy and fulfilment that comes with evangelism. I really thank God for using you to remind me of my deals with Him this year. Please I need a copy of Mark Cahill’s book mentioned in your post. Thanks

    1. God be praised, Sis! Thank you so much for reading the notes.
      I also was more active with evangelism when I just got saved; and we indeed should grow and not diminish.
      If you’re in Lagos, you can join my church for our evangelism this weekend. Also, I’ll be printing some tracts soon so I can share often.
      Where did you used to get your tracts from though?

      Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I am encouraged.

      Love and light!

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