This is for you.

Hey hey hey!

I’d been wondering what to share today. Nothing was really coming to mind. It’s not that I’d not learned lessons through the week, I just didn’t feel led to share.

So this is for you!

I’ve already finished the book “Walk like you have somewhere to go” by Lucille O’Neal, but couldn’t get over a poem she shared in it. In fact, a page was still folded in the book. I just couldn’t forget it. The Author said she used to read an excerpt of the poem to her children when they were little.

The Pathway by Roy Lessin.

I had to sit and meditate on the words when I read that page. In her words, “It’s the story of God telling one of His followers how each life is different.”

So, this is for you.

You who doesn’t know what the future holds.

You who’s trying to escape from the world because you just don’t see the use.

You who has gone through so much and seen little result.

You who has been betrayed left, right and centre!

You who doesn’t know what the future holds.

You need to know and believe in who holds your future!

This is for you! For us.


The Pathway (An excerpt) by Roy Lessin. (As seen in the book – Walk like you have somewhere to go.)

The pathway you see is the path that I have chosen and prepared for you. Follow it with confidence, trust and courage. It will perfectly lead you into plans I have for your life. If you ever wonder where the pathway is taking you, simply look down and you will notice my footsteps in front of you. As you walk you will notice other pathways close to yours. Some will draw your interest and curiosity. You may be attached because of the flowers that border them, trees that shade them, or the direction in which they are heading. What you don’t see is the depth of the valleys, and the steepness of the mountains through which they wind. Those whom I have called to travel these pathways will have my grace for their journey. I do not want you to waste your time imagining what it might be like traveling down someone else’s path. If you choose another’s path, you will not have my grace upon you, and the valleys and hills will burden you and create weariness within you. The time and energy I give you will always be enough for each day’s travel, and you will find many resting places along the way. Give yourself completely to the path I have prepared for you. As you do, continue to look upon MY face, for my smile will be upon you. I know where the path will take you, for I already traveled it. Believe me when I say that you can never imagine the incredible things that await you.”


This is for you and I. It’s for us!


I read it and couldn’t get over the part that God advised not to waste time imagining what it would have been like to walk another’s path! Isn’t it such a timely advice?

It’s so easy for us to constantly slip and think life would have been better if we did what another person did. If only…

But God is telling us that He has gone before us already. That when we walk on OUR own pathway, we’d see His footsteps already ahead of us!

I know it’s not always easy.

Sometimes it’s like those who don’t believe in God get more out of life. The point we need to realize is that there is no life outside of God, really. There just isn’t!


This is for you.

Know your pathway and follow it.

Stay true to yourself.

The future is secure! Because God is already there.


Have an amazing day ahead.

Do share this poem with a friend, who you know needs to read this to build their faith again. I already have someone in mind too.


Love always,



  • You probably will not believe if I tell that this is exactly my only request for the year.

    I have been reading a Joyce Mayer book – I dare you, and it has been speaking to me about knowing MY own purpose, the path God has prepared for me and walking to onwards it, not bothering about that of others because our journey isn’t the same.

    This is a plus to my knowledge. Thank you friend…

    • Well. Our last word was on direction. And it’s one thing I’m ready for this year! To know myself more and not compare myself to anyone!
      I have that book on the library on my phone, but I haven’t read it yet. I’m putting it on my ‘to read’ list! Thanks dear.

  • Chinenye

    I am just reading this…. I know it’s kinda late, considering when it was posted. Hmm, I just love this God… I keep saying it, He is just amazing.
    Let me share what happened today.

    I went for my sister’s matriculation and I met a friend whom we finished together and we were talking about the paths we have both chosen to walk and I noticed that the path she has decided on Was The path most of my friends have decided to walk and I started feeling like am I sure this path (the path this my friend and my other friends have decided to walk) is not a ‘better’ path and I started feeling somehow

    On getting back home, I stumbled on this post. The title alone was captivating ‘This is for you ‘. When I saw it, I felt like hmm, all this posts that just have captivating headings. But something within me was just saying READ it. And when I opened it to read, Lo and behold it was addressing what was bothering me earlier.

    I just see this as God reminding me not to look at my friends’life as a mirror of mine but to just keep trusting Him and keeping my faith

    That part of “Sometimes it’s like those who don’t believe in God get more out of life. The point we need to realize is that there is no life outside of God, really. There just isn’t!” really got to me cos I think like that sometimes.

    I just want to thank God for coming through to me through this post. He just keeps amazing me in so many ways. I love you Lord 😘

    So sorry that my comment (abi should I call it epistle or post… Lol) is long. This is just a piece of how I felt when I read this post.

    Thank you dearest friend turn sister, Mobolaji for this Lovely post. May God continue to bless you and amaze you.

  • Haha! You don’t even know how this comment blessed me!
    No, thank you!

    It’s funny how old posts can be new when we need the encouragement. I’m glad this helped you and I’m glad you shared your thoughts too.

    Funny thing- I also needed this tonight and actually went to reread the post.
    I was moody earlier and didn’t even know why. It was as if the devil wanted me to be ungrateful for my life- as if ‘You should have been more than this by now’.

    You know that feeling?

    And this was while I was listening to correct African praise o. I immediately spoke to my legs and started dancing. Lol.
    I encouraged myself in the Lord and danced to shame the devil.

    This life is so personal! We can’t afford to be staring at other people. Sometimes, when I’m on IG or Twitter doing nothing by looking at others- God starts asking me to stop and go and do something to build myself up.

    Read a book, pray, read my Bible- anything better than staring at others and wishing nonsense.

    Anyway. My comment too is becoming epistle.

    Thanks sis! God bless you.
    Instead, you encouraged me!

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