They called us ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.’ Tomorrow has come

They called us ‘Leaders of Tomorrow.’ Tomorrow has come

Hey hey hey

I don’t know about you but I remember how they used to drum today’s title in our ears in Primary School. ‘You’re leaders of tomorrow.’

I remember this song we sang whenever we marched to our classrooms.


“Parents, listen to your Children.
We are the leaders of tomorrow
Try to pay our school fees
And give us a sound education.”

The brain is powerful o, I don’t know where I dug the lyrics of that song from.
Why would they ever encourage us to sing a song asking parents to listen to their Children?
Many of us might have received beating because of that line.

Anyway, how is it that people who sang this song 20, 30, 40 years ago are still not leaders?
Abi, when is the tomorrow supposed to come?

I love Nigeria dearly. I will still eat the fruit of this land, but sometimes I get tired. Sometimes, I lose my zeal and join others to believe that there’s no hope for this country.

It is sad that those who were grandpa’s while we sang that song in Primary School are still the ones leading today. And don’t be deceived to think that Nigeria is led only by the President, you will be shocked to know how politics works in this country.

It is run like a family business. I remember a certain governor who turned Nigeria to family Enterprise, putting loved ones in different offices. (Don’t we all do this in the Corporate space though?)

The whole system is just somehow. I don’t know if it is a foundational problem, or something that can be easily fixed, but is being ignored.

When you read about how Nigeria was formed as a whole, you will marvel. Everything was made for certain people to thrive at the detriment of others. Like a silent system that makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Now, they say Nigeria is in recession. What were we expecting?

The leaders of yesterday have refused to give way to the leaders of the tomorrow that is today.

But, will Nigeria be better if the youth were in charge?
Or it will remain the same?

What do you think?

Every time I pass by the road that leads to my house, I boil in anger.
I went to Ibadan last week and reminded my dad that Jonathan had come to inaugurate that road.

He laughed and said “you’re talking of Jonathan. Obasanjo also inaugurated Lagos-Ibadan expressway!”

Where is the accountability?
That road is still bad and it has been commissioned by two past Presidents.

Who is taking records?
Where does the money go?

I was called the leader of tomorrow yesterday.
Tomorrow has come and I still don’t know what’s happening to my country.

My heart burns for her restoration.
Nigeria, when will you be great?

For how long will we continue to be the leaders of tomorrow?

In what ways can we lead today?

Love always,





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  • Kayode Aseweje

    I remember the song too ! I feel the same way about this; love nigeria dearly but get very tired and annoyed sometimes (almost all the time). Tempted sometimes to believe there’s no hope when I look at all the blockades to our progress that are present. But thank God he cares, he’ll turn around our captivity and we’d be like them that dreamed. I keep holding on to that. I believe what we can do to lead today, is really just follow Jesus’ (the good shepherd) example; walking in love towards others (i know this seems unrelated lol), and standing up for what we know to be right, just and fair at every time and in every place (thank God we have the holy spirit to help us with that). The more young people there are who try to do this, the brighter i know the future of Nigeria’s leadership will be. Sorry about all the long story lol :)) Have a great week.

    • Hmm. I get discouraged too o!

      I agree with you. If the whole world followed Jesus and allow Him change them, we’d have a much better society.
      Though many think ‘religion’ is a major problem because the most corrupt people sometimes are the most serious religious.
      It is well.

      We all can lead right where we are though…God help us!

  • Yes, we are the leaders once spoken about. And Leadership is all about influence.
    But do we need positions and recognition before we start leading and making positive impacts ?

    Just like the latest slogan in my country says, The change begins with you.

    If door of opportunity to lead does not present itself, create your own door and start influencing in your own little way in that your very little corner.

    • I agree!!!

      Where I worked this year, they say that we’re not leaders of tomorrow, we’re leaders of today!
      They also taught that leadership isn’t a position or title, it is an act…

      It’s not only about politics and stuff. It pays for us all to start right where we are!

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