The Word- Worship.

Good Monday Morning!

Hey. Hey. Hey!

Smile for Jesus because it’s a blessed day already!

Hope your weekend was fantastic?

I think mine was way too short. I mean, only two days for the weekend? So unfair!

Lol. Anyways let’s read what God has set for us today. Yes? Yes!

I read a chapter in Hebrews on my phone(Message Bible) sometime last week and I screen grabbed it. But, more than screen grabbing, I knew I had to share it.

Hebrews 13:16

Make sure you don’t take things for granted and go slack in working for the common good; share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship—a different kind of “sacrifice”—that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.

A different kind of worship!

I know that we’re mostly accustomed to the slow anointing filled songs as worship, but worship is more than that.

I’m all for worship songs, I love them, but there’s a problem when I think I can come out of the atmosphere of worship. 

You see, you should always always be in the mood of worship!

How do I mean? 

Do not wait till midweek or Sunday service before you worship God. Do it with every activity and chore in your life.

I wrote this in my Google keep months ago: 

Worship is more than music, it is a lifestyle. I can do everything as worship when I do it to the glory of God. 

Yesterday, as I walked to church in a hurry, a heard a young boy(who was carrying empty cans on his head) whisper “Aunty.” I had walked past him and had to walk back to hear what he was saying. 

Then he asked me for money.

But as I brought money out to give him, I was moved to do more. And no, it wasn’t to give more money.

I talked to him; asked why he was out selling empty cans; if he was going to school(gladly, he is); and if he had a number that I could use to reach him another time(no,he didn’t).

He told me he stayed with his mum’s friend who sent him out without breakfast because he woke by 9 instead of 8. And then I prayed for him.

I didn’t count it as much, but God just told me that that was an act of worship; and I wasn’t lifting my hands in a congregation to do it!

You might know this song:

“I’d bring you more than a song, for a song in itself is not what you have required. You search much deeper within, through the way the things have been. You’re looking into my heart. I’m coming back to the heart of worship, where it’s all about you. It’s all about you Jesus!”

Beautiful song!

God wants us to realize that worship is more, much more than just a song.

Now, every 4th service in Daystar(my home church), we have a section of the church that caters for the deaf and dumb. It’s always beautiful when the projection shows their sign language instructor blessing them with the message of that day in their own language.

These people might never be able to sing to God, but does that mean they’d never be able to worship God?

No, because worship is more than music; it’s a lifestyle.

You can’t be in the spirit in Church and be out of it in the office.

Worship God in your business. Do you do fraudulent acts? That’s not worship.

Worship God with your words. Do you tell ‘white lies’? That’s not worship.

Worship God with your day to day activities.

God delights in little things! While you wash your car, or clean the kitchen, or watch tv, or use the internet, or read a book, or speak to your parents; remember that those are also acts of worship.

Worship is way way way more than a song!

Thanks for reading.

My heart overflows to share this with you today. I celebrate you!

I didn’t have what to share today. And I woke a little grumpy. So God asked me if I was worshipping Him with my early morning attitude?

The answer was no, so I quickly switched to the mood of worship. Which was simply to remain joyous and thankful for another blessed day.

And then I was moved to share.

I know without a doubt that this has blessed you. Please, share with a friend or family and bless them as well.

These are not my words, they’re God’s.

Have a splendid day ahead.

Pray for me that I will be in spirit and worship God with my words as I go to a bank that debited my account when their ATM machine didn’t bring out any money.

Plenty Love, Mobolaji


    • Mobolaji.

      Exactly! It’s the attitude of worship through out the day that’s most important.
      Amen! And may your heart desires be met as well!
      Thanks dear.💙

  • Chukwuma

    Happy new week, happy month end. The soul is always lifted when you embrace the worship mood and temptations are easily overcomed too. Sorrows and worry flee, it pays to worship.

    I pray for you, they will return your money in Jesus name, Amen.

    Have a nice week ahead!

    • Mobolaji.

      Happy New month dear friend!
      You always add another aspect to the post in the comment section that I probably didn’t even know myself. Thank you!
      You’re highly appreciated.

    • Mobolaji.

      Yes o. It all boils down to grace cuz it’s not like we’re gurus in anything. It’s God that helps us.
      Thanks for always contributing.
      Love always!

  • Beautiful message. This reminds me of a memo I wrote to myself some years back.
    I totally agree with you.
    Worship is the lifestyle of the Christian. Worship is our act of devotion to God.
    Worship is not songs, but songs (be it slow or fast) are worship, giving is worship, our acts and conducts outside the church is worship.
    While we worship, it is important to check our motives and reason for doing whatever we do; so that we won’t be doing things because we want God to bless us rather than as an expression of our love and gratitude to Him.

    Thanks Bolaji for sharing this beautiful reminder today.

    Love, Grace.

    • Mobolaji.

      And thank you Grace for the reminder to check our motives too! Because sometimes we could actually do things out of wrong motive. As long as our motives are right, then our worship goes up to our father.
      Thank you! Have a great month ahead!

  • freda O

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece, worship is indeed all about Jesus and pleasing him in our day to day activities. Our lives are to be poured forth like sweet perfume in all we do in honour of him. More grace Mobolaji. Am blessed because you shared.

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