The Word- Truth.

Good Monday Morning.

How’s it been?

Hope the year has been great so far? Being in September makes it seem like it’s already the end of 2015. December will be here any minute from now. Lol

And if you feel the year hasn’t been all that, remember that God hasn’t forgotten you. David tended to sheep where no one noticed him, till he was made king over his brothers. This could be your learning period, so enjoy it and sap as many lessons as you can!

Everything’s gonna be alright now.

Today we’re talking on a word that isn’t very common with we Nigerian folks. Sadly, even Christians.

We had a guest preacher some weeks back in Church and the man spoke on truthfulness.

Why do we even lie? 

I think it’s important to ask that, because there’s always a motive behind everything.

Will the one we’re lying to beat us if we told the truth? 

Another thing we should establish is that there’s nothing such as a white lie! A lie is a lie.

So, let’s say you were to meet up with Bolu for dinner tonight. And she’s already at the restaurant waiting and then she calls to ask where you are; what will your answer be?

A Nigerian will probably say “I’m on my way. I’m almost there!”

Even when they haven’t stepped out of their house.

It’s little abi? And shouldn’t mean that much. But imagine you keep doing this to Bolu over a period of time. Before you know it, Bolu wouldn’t take your word for it anymore. And when another person tells Bolu that you say you’re closeby, she’d burst your bubble and tell them you’re lying. Though for the first time, you may actually be telling the truth.

At a place I’ve worked, I’ve been asked to put lies in a mail or call someone and say something I know isn’t true. But I always always say “but that’s a lie.”

And yes, it’s a Christian workplace, so to say.

The invited preacher talked about how that’s why the country is the way it is! No one can trust another because lies have been told way too many times.

Brother A and B do a contract, but brother B doesn’t want to be exactly truthful about the exact amount the contractors paid. Brother A suspects this and a once loyal partnership breaks and they begin to hate themselves and find ways to steal from each other.

Why can’t we just tell the truth! It’s as simple as that!

Few days ago, I was clearing the kitchen and threw the bread that remained in the bin because I thought it had spent too much time on the shelf. 

But as I cooked in the afternoon, my dad entered and asked for the bread! Gobe!

I initially wanted to lie and say I’d eaten it because I knew he’d not mind that. 

After some seconds of thinking it through and remembering the invited preacher, I told him I threw it away. My dad was angry, but he walked away and waited for his lunch!

When he left, I felt the Holy Spirit rooting for me and saying I’d done the right thing! 

And I said to myself, “Bolaji, he didn’t beat or eat your head off for telling the truth.”

And please don’t tell me this is little because it isn’t! 

In fact, if you tell the truth at the time when the whole world sees you and tell lies when you think no one knows, you actually lack integrity!

And it can be so heartbreaking when unbelievers are the truthful ones. It shouldn’t be so!

I read a statement sometime back by a man who said “Your Jesus I like, it’s your Jesus followers I don’t like.” (Paraphrased).

As a Christian, people must be able to know you as a truthful man/woman. Don’t go around calling yourself a Christian if you can’t simply live the Christian live.

Don’t use a bumper sticker that says “Jesus is Lord”, if you aren’t living the live Jesus asked you to live out.

In the one week camp I volunteered at as a mentor. A facilitator who’s an expert in child development asked us to never tell a lie to a child! 

One that’s common is this: when you’re going out and don’t want your child/nephew/niece to cry. You tell him/her to enter the house and then run out.

Truth is, the child will still cry when he/she finds out you’ve gone without them. But what you’re slowly doing is teaching the child not to trust. You’d even notice that as time goes on, the child starts crying once you say you’re going out. It would not matter anymore even if you asked the child to enter because you’re coming back soon. He/she already thinks you’re lying.

Seems little right? But it isn’t!

And it’s this simple: DO NOT LIE! 

Another great mistake you can make is to start a business/organization on lies. God has to be a partner in that business and He can’t do the extraordinary things He wants to do through you if you’re a liar. You’d only be out there spoiling His name.

No one knows the information in the mail/tweet/text/comment you send is a lie.

But God knows.

And He’s taking account of it all.

It’s never too late. If you’ve been lying, you can stop today! Right now. 

And even if a lie ‘drops’ from your mouth, don’t hesitate to let the other party know that it was a lie and you’re sorry.

For those of us that think it’s impossible not to lie to our parents as students! Hmm, a whole article would still not be enough to stress it. 

You lie to your parents(to get extra cash); and your children will lie to you for same.

And please don’t use the excuse that it’s not possible as a student, because it is!

Sorry if this post sounds like I’m ranting. But as Christians, we just ought to be truthful.

There’s no shame about it!

Proverbs 12:22 states:  Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.

Have a safe week ahead.

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Distinguished

    Thanks a lot for sharing Mobolaji. Truth is the rarest commodity to find in the whole world today. I’m guilty of some white lies too, but this post just re awakened my consciousness that all lies are lies.

    I haven’t read your posts in a while and this is a beautiful come back for me. God bless you always hun… Lemme run and read up all the blog posts i’ve missed.

    • Mobolaji.

      Sweet friend! It’s never too late. White lies slip out of my mouth too sometimes, but I try as possible to tell the person I was lying(even if I say it as I joke). Just so it can leave my mind.
      God help us to stay truthful! Especially in this country where everyone wants to be ahead, but we must also remember that we’re citizens of a heavenly country and must represent our president(God!).
      Have a pleasant day dear and thanks for sharing. Muah!

  • hmmmm… To tell the truth, i have been avoiding this post since you posted it because there was this lie i needed to tell, and i know it would discourage me… lol…

    God bless you Bolaji for this post. Believe me, before i became a full born-again, lying was one thing i was struggling with. i even fasted and prayed because of it because i knew it was wrong, but i just couldn’t stop doing it. My friend, I prayed and Prayed but nothing happened, then of recent i heard my spirit telling me that I could stop it if I wanted to, and all it required was a little discipline especially when it comes to talking too much…

    I really do hope people take this serious because it hurts so much when people no longer believe what you say even when you are trying so hard to convince them that it’s the truth all because they know you as a liar.

    i mean, it came to an extent that whenever i opened my mouth,a lie just dropped. but then i started dealing with it by quickly telling the person that i was just joking. or if i couldn’t at that moment, i would send a text message or whatsapp to apologize because it was a lie. And gradually, God whelped me, and is still helping me deal with it little by little but then, i had my part to play too. One thing we don’t know or we know, but don’t want to accept is that when you talk too much, you are very likely to lie a lot, or ‘Exaggerate’ as we like to put it, but all we need is a little discipline. Think of what you are about to say before saying it…
    I pray God will help us. Thanks once more dear, this is one of my favorite post…

    • Mobolaji.

      Ahh Oyinda! How can I say Thank you for this comment! It’s like a whole different post on its own o. I also learned lessons from it.
      Sometimes it’s not always easy o. Especially when you’ve lied and God asks you to tell the person. Lol. But His grace is sufficient.
      The great thing is as we continue to heed to the Holy Spirit and stop telling “small lies”, we’d start noticing how we can’t even lie anymore! It is very possible to not be able to lie at all o, but it starts with obedience and realizing that even the small lies are still lies no matter what!
      Thanks for always sharing your thoughts friend. This is perhaps my favorite comment of yours too! Muah!

    • awwww, Oyinda, isnt God just awesome? see how He is teaching you little by little on truth, convicting you and helping you right your wrongs…awesome God!
      little by little, the tendency to tell lies will be all gone.

      B thanks for this post ohhh, God help us all…

  • I thank God everyday that I do not lie. It just doesn’t come out. God has dealt with that sin totally for me.

    However the ‘not lying to children’ thing you talked about opened my eyes. My niece was crying cos she wanted some crayons yesterday and I told her to stop crying cos we had plenty at home. No we didn’t. I said it to shut her up. I’m just realizing now that was a lie. So I might have been lying all these days and not known it. LoL. God help us, really.

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