The Word – Traditionalism.

The Word – Traditionalism.

Hey hey hey!

This was a drama presentation.
This was a drama presentation.


I joined ‘Word on the streets’ some weeks ago and to be honest, that has been my best decision this year.

WOTS makes me have a better understanding of evangelism and how dear a soul is to Christ. (That’s a post all on it’s own.)

We go for invasion (mostly) on Fridays.



I was preparing to leave the house when I checked the word – ‘nonconformist.’

The word seemed kind of negative, but had ‘Reformer’ as a synonym. I liked that better.

It happens to me often. I’d just feel like I need to check the meaning of a word & I’d check it.
What I only realized last Friday is that that’s another avenue God uses to talk to me.

How do I know?
I remember another time I found it hard to be grateful. My heart was bitter towards God and I was confused.

I ‘felt’ I needed to check the phrase- ‘in retrospect of.’
God used the meaning to teach me to look back. To look back at all He had done for me. In retrospect of His wonderful mercy and love that are new every morning, I had hope for my future.

Anyway, back to what happened on Friday.


After checking the meaning of ‘nonconformist’ and ‘reformer’; I went for WOTS invasion.

We pray after and everyone from different invasion spots all came together last week. The prayer meeting was different in an amazing way. Ernest, the one who God laid WOTS is his heart admonished us on a topic close to ‘non-traditionalism.’

Our hearts were broken and many of us were in tears because we realized that we’ve allowed culture, traditions and man-made rules keep us from loving and sharing Christ the way we ought to.

Then as we worshipped, God reminded me of the words I checked before that meeting. I was amazed to understand the correlation of those words and what I had just learned.

On Saturday, I was done with reading a part of the Bible and a devotion; but I knew I hadn’t gotten my word for the day.
I sat still and heard- “Matthew 15.”

When I checked it ehn, my heart jumped!

How can people say God is dead?

Matthew 15: 1-9 ESV
Then Pharisees and scribes came to Jesus from Jerusalem and said, “Why do your disciples break the tradition of the elders? For they do not wash their hands when they eat.” He answered them, “And why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? For God commanded, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and, ‘Whoever reviles father or mother must surely die.’ But you say, ‘If anyone tells his father or his mother, “What you would have gained from me is given to God,” he need not honor his father.’ So for the sake of your tradition you have made void the word of God. You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.'”

(You should check the Message translation too.)


Then God started showing me a lot of things the Church was doing that weren’t really biblical.

The Church that Jesus intended to be a place of love had began to focus more on worldly and not WORDY things.

Another reason I love WOTS is that no one goes there to preach Church. It’s nondenominational.

It’s not about our Pastors and ‘church doctrines’; it’s about Christ.

This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and churches that are unbiblical. And this isn’t an advertisement for WOTS.

It’s an advertisement to stop traditionalism!

I know we claim there’s no perfect Church, but do we even realize that WE ARE THE CHURCH.


I love the two Church families God has placed me in, at home and here. But because I read the Bible FOR MYSELF; I sometimes don’t agree with what my Pastors say.

See, please, don’t misunderstand this post. I know there must be authority in the ‘House of God’; but I also know not to accept anything and everything I hear from the pulpit.

Traditionalism has made us complacent and hardhearted. We don’t even realize it.

So, when God tries to teach us something, we remind Him that that’s not the way we do it in ‘OUR CHURCH.’


One time I shared a testimony I heard with a friend. The lady said her daughter suddenly fell ill at home and her temperature was very abnormal.
Somehow, she knew her baby was about to die.

God asked her to give her child the communion and pray.
The only problem was this- there was no communion at home!!! See trouble.

So what did she do?

She cut biscuit, and poured coke in a capsule and declared that what she was about to give her Child was the body and blood of Jesus!
FAM, the girl was healed almost instantly!

My friend didn’t agree o. She said it wasn’t really possible and even laughed that how can someone ‘use something sweet’ and say it’s communion.

I was confused.
I’m not advising that we begin to eat burger and gulp coke for communion; but in that dire minute, that woman knew what God asked her to do.


Are you allowing traditionalism stop you from all God has in store?
Does God put things in your heart that you think shouldn’t be so because your Church head thinks so?


This thing takes wisdom. Wisdom enough to not offend authorities and still obey God.

However, I strongly believe you’d step on toes when you begin to leave traditionalism.
And frankly, I care only because the Bible says to live at peace with all men.

Haha, God ehn!

Do you know He just reminded me of something that happened when I just got born again?

I was invited to a friend’s Church for vigil. I didn’t know she was watching me.
So the next morning, we talked about the vigil. She said she noticed that I was standing all through.
I hadn’t fallen like she and most people did.

Ahh, you don’t even know how that conversation almost made me backslide! (It’s a whole post.)

I was then asked if I could speak in tongues, I said ‘yes.’
I was then asked if I fell before I started speaking in tongues.


It sounds like a joke abi? It’s not! It happened.


I was then told of how most people fall when they receive the gift of tongues.
Which meant that what I received was fake. Because mine was so not dramatic!

Nobody even laid hands on me sef. Lol.

They just asked that you let the Holy Spirit work on you if you desired it and I did!


For weeks, I was confused!

I was mad at God.
New convert.

Only for me to see that God had been lying to me with all He had been teaching and giving me.
‘Oh, so God you gave me fake tongues.’
‘Why didn’t you let me fall during that meeting?’

Believe it or not, these were things I thought about for a long time!

I didn’t enjoy my time with God anymore and frankly speaking, I almost dropped it all together!

Ati God, afi falling, ati speaking in tongues. (‘Ati’ means ‘And’)
I almost lost it all. Why?

Because someone wanted me to believe traditionalism was right!

Bisola, I’d love you forever!

God laid it on my heart to delete my old Facebook account and open a new one. I did so.
Got reconnected with an old friend from Secondary School, found out she was born again and that was it!

I shared that experience with her, and she asked me to trash it because it wasn’t Biblical! Even on things that weren’t particularly in the Bible, Bisola asked me to be sensitive to what God teaches and speaks to me!

Side note- (Kissing isn’t really stated as wrong in the Bible; I’ve been told it’s impossible not to kiss your partner before marriage, but I’m trashing that opinion.)

It wasn’t impossible to fall. I’ve fallen under God’s anointing before.

But, don’t let anyone deceive you that it’s a necessity!




This seems like a long post, but it’s a topic very dear to my heart!

It might sound controversial, but it’s the plain truth.
Don’t cling on another person’s God alone, know Him!

I was hurt a few weeks ago.

A Pastor in my church called me and a friend and advised us to be careful.
He actually thought we were both dating someone.
He asked series of questions-
‘Are you in a relationship?’
‘Is the guy the one paying your fees?’
‘Do you go to the club?’

He sha ended by asking us to be careful of where we go and all. I took this seriously.

But somehow, I knew that he had approached me not because God really asked him to, but because of how he saw me.
I had big hair on, haha. I probably wasn’t looking very spiritual that Sunday.

Do you know the funny thing?
I had been calling someone in ‘WOTS’ about the party we were supposed to have that evening. He probably heard me and stopped me after that.

I didn’t want to go to the get-together again o. Somehow, he had planted fear in my heart, even when I knew where I was going was for Spiritual upliftment, not a club.

I talked to God about it, and I’m more careful. But my friend who was with me says she’s still scared about what he said.


Does God not know you and I personally?
Doesn’t He speak to you and warn you before danger?

That’s why I pity people who stand on another person’s faith. They only dance to the traditional tunes of the person. Whatever they say is final, regardless of whether it’s from God or not.

Ahh, I’ve over talked today. But I pray you get what God is teaching me.



Do not let men confuse you.

Amen? Amen!


Have a fantastic week ahead.
Break some rules.

Haha, I’m kidding!

Stay awesome.

Love always,


  • I can see your heart shining through.
    The deal on you almost backsliding cuz of falling under annionting is scary…oh Jeez!
    Thank God for sending someone to help… but how many people out there have help?
    We should also be sensitive to people that God sends us to…

    Thanks for this B, lovely work WOTS is doing.

    Have a graet week ahead.
    *love ya!

  • Frances, it sincerely was serious! God has asked me to do a post on knowing Him personally.

    Thank God o. And He sent through a very unlikely channel- Facebook! But it helped me greatly!
    We indeed must be sensitive to the people He sends us.

    That’s why I’m so grateful for blogging and connecting with like minded sisters!

    Thank God for WOTS too!
    And thank God for you!

    Have a blessed day and time ahead.

    Love you plenty!

  • Mateyscott

    Girlfriend, you didn’t overtalk o.this post had me.

    I had a similar conversation with a friend yesterday. I was so pained that I was just there telling her that I pray People start knowing God for themselves and having a relationship with him cause no one is superior to you when it comes to God. Your pastor can hear from God and so can you. You no be bastard.

    Bless your heart Mobolaji. I could feel your pain through this post. Lol! Bless your heart love

  • Yes! We are not bastards. Our father talks to us too.
    There can be people who have walked with God longer than us, who can guide and help us. But they should always direct us to the Word.

    Like you, I pray that more and more people get to know God personally. This is why many people are deceived today by false preachers, stepping on them and all that stuff.
    It’s just heart breaking.

    Haha. It hurts me still.

    Bless your heart dear friend!

    Glad to know I wasn’t overboard. Lol.

    Stay blessed.

  • tomskie

    I was so under the bondage of legalism- The need to perform, until God called my attention to it. I was always scared that God was upset with me e.g If I had big hair because well many adults would not approve of it. Then one day I prayed about it at church and right after the pastor started saying abba father and the Holy Spirit laid it upon my heart to go and check the scripture that said Abba father in the Bible and bam!
    Romans 8:15- The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba, Father.”
    Basically that was the beginning of my journey to freedom from the orphan spirit which demands works and performance to a sonship spirit which operates under grace!

    • My dear, no act or works can earn us the grace of God o. Nothing! We can only thank Him for it.

      It’s true that we must do everything decently and in order; that is not over do things. However, most times people place such laws on our heads that it’s hard to even relate with God.
      It’s almost as if we’re in some law court. And that shouldn’t be.
      I’m naturally a person who isn’t really a makeup user, haha, I use my power than once a week.
      But I have friends who love their makeup, and love their God more!
      That doesn’t make them less than believers.

      May God give us better understand though. We know better as we grow and I can’t say I know it all even now.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Much love.

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