The Word – Slavery.

The Word – Slavery.

Hey hey hey!



These are the days…the days where blogging seems hard and questions like “Who sent me?” start coming up.

After writing a post, something I don’t even understand happens and the post deletes…
Just like that.
I almost cried, but the devil and his mother-in-law are liars!

This shows that today’s post must be even more powerful. Let’s go…


In my school, AFRICAN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF COMMUNICATIONS, there’s a course that is mandatory for all students from level 100-400.
No one can escape it.
Our school is so Africa-oriented, that we do AFRICANA every semester.

We’ve been taught about the African slavery so many times that it’s sometimes tiring…
The White men did outrageous things, but I’ve come to realize something- slavery starts from the mind!

The black men outnumbered the Colonial Masters and were much stronger, but inferiority complex turned them to slaves even before they had chains on!

There is also a type of slavery that has deep rooted chains which can’t be seen with natural eyes!

Slavery thoughts…

Yesterday, I listened to a secular song (probably) in a bus and moved to the beat.

As I moved, I started thinking…
“Mahn, I miss my clubbing days!”
“How life would have been so different if I wasn’t born again, I’d probably be living the life!”
“I’d definitely not be single and I’d be able to do just what I want!”

Then God sent a word and I stopped!

Exodus 14: 10-12
As Pharaoh approached, the Isrealites looked up, and there were the Egyptians, marching after them. They were terrified and cried out to the Lord. They said to Moses, “Was it because there were no graves in Egypt that you brought us to the desert to die? What have you done to us by bringing us out of Egypt? Didn’t we say to you in Egypt, ‘Leave us alone; let us serve the Egyptians’? It would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians than to die in the desert!”


I love writing short notes or lessons in my Bible and beside this I wrote- “Never accept to go back to what God has already brought you from!”

We’re all so quick to criticize the Isrealites, we don’t realize that we sometimes act like them.
These were people that had tasted hard labour and were subjected to slavery.
God brought them out and they often craved to go back to the familiar life…the slavery.

That was what I diagnosed my thoughts on clubbing to be; slavery thoughts!

I’m being so open because I want you to be able to relate!
This morning as I prayed, I felt a burden for someone…
Someone I don’t know, but I felt this person was about to make a major mistake.
I prayed, “no,no, don’t go back!”

Till now, I can’t say I really understand what I was doing but it was probably for you…
Maybe that’s why the post vanished. (Ntoi to the devil!)

I was tempted not to rewrite, but I remembered my prayer in the morning and realized that this word had to get to you!

Don’t go back to slavery. God has set you free!

Don’t go back to that abusive partner and hope he or she will change after marriage, it is slavery!

Don’t go back to masturbation when God has delivered and sent His son for your sake, it is slavery!

Don’t buy porn again when the word says to only think about noble things, it is slavery!

Don’t keep gossiping when you know that the Lord wants you to be quiet, it is slavery!

Don’t start cheating in school again because you failed once, it is slavery!

Don’t let unforgiveness take root in your heart, it is slavery!

Don’t go back and join your coworkers to scam people (419) because the economy is somehow, it is slavery!

So many scenarios I could bring up, but this slavery thing starts in the mind!

Andrew Wommack in one of his messages said he went for a reunion and saw his old girlfriend…
He now started thinking of what life could have been like if he ended up marrying her.

Then he stopped!
He said God told him to stop, because that kind of thinking will only lead him into trouble and flush his happy marriage down the drain!
(I love when Pastors and Leaders are truthful! It allows us know that we’re not alone in this.)

These slavery thoughts will come.
We all will be tempted at some point to give in, but we’re already overcomers!

We’ve been set free!

Don’t keep going back to an abusive partner. You’re not Jesus and you can’t change the person after marriage.
Leave, now that you can!

For people like me who are contemplating going back to the club life or any other activity that doesn’t glorify God; I’d leave you with this song.

I cried so hard the very first time I heard it, because it was a time I felt that following Jesus was such a chore!
I felt like He was taking all my friends away from me and making my life a mess.

Then I heard this song and realized- Jesus didn’t come to add to my mess; He came to take it away!
He set me free and gave me a new name!
He did this for us all.

So why go back to slavery?

If you haven’t heard this song already, I hope it blesses you as it has blessed me through the years!

“I Won’t Go Back”. Live performance by William McDowell.

I’ve been changed

I’ve found joy
And favor
I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)
In the presence of the lord, I’ve been
Freed (freed)
Delivered (delivered)

In your presence lord
(I’ve found joy
Grace (grace)
And favor (and favor)

And right now (right now is the moment)
Today (today is the day)
I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)
I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)
And I have waited (I have waited for this moment to come)
(And I won’t let it pass me by…)
So we say
I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me
Say I won’t
I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me
(All my shame
They’ve been forgiven (forgiven)

No more chains
My past (my past) is over (is over)

Say right now (right now is the moment)
Today (today is the day)
I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)
Come on someone declare that, I’ve been changed (I’ve been changed)
And I have waited (I have waited for this moment)
This moment right here I have waited all my life (to come)
(And I won’t let it pass me by…)
So we say
I won’t go back, can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me
Would you lift up your voices as loud as you can and say?
I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me
Come on, somebody, lift your voice and declare it and say
I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me
Somebody say… I won’t go back, say
I won’t go back, I can’t go back, to the way it used to be
Before your presence came and changed me.


It’s too late to go back to slavery!

Let’s pray.

Lord Jesus, we thank you for such a time as this! Thank you for the opportunity to remember that you have set us free!
We ask that you help us to always remember this freedom.
Never ever will we return to the slavery that you brought us from!
We praise you Messiah for our freedom.
Be exalted always, even in our thoughts in Jesus name.



Have a fantastic week ahead.

Remember to bask in your freedom, you’re not a slave!

Love always,



  • I can’t describe how much I love this post Bolaji. I’m grateful that it will someday help me remember when I tend to drift or ponder on what I’m doing. Imagine that I posted the song of No longer slaves and then you posted this. The Spirit is One. I remember talking to a friend about something she was particularly battling with and I told her to replace Fear with Lust. She should replace everything she is thinking is worth her time and sing that she is no longer a slave to that thing. Hallelujah!

    We are children of God. We aim to please our father. We were created to please Him and give Him glory. We are no longer prodigal children who decided to take our own share of property and live life outside of God. We are joint heirs with Christ. We ran home when we saw that the other life was no good. it was a mess. Terrible mess. Haha@secular music. I remember humming too and I now remembered those days I used to drown myself in the worldly music. God stops me before I go any further. He’s like, “Those things you were doing before, how did they ‘epp’ you? Lmao! Shey you were better? Devil no like better thing. Our flesh no like better thing. No mind am. Hahaha@Devil and his mother in law are liars. I like that jare. Let’s go there!

    Much love boo. Kisses

    • Aww thanks Itunu! I love your comment. And I’m glad it has helped you in one way or the other.
      The Spirit is one and sometimes, He deals with us similarly in our different phases.
      Remind your friend she’s no longer a slave o, we have been redeemed! Hallelujah
      May we never go back to the things Got has delivered us from in Jesus name. Amen

  • Ms. Asaolu

    This post makes me think of Lot’s wife. In the past, I used to think she was terrible just because she looked back. However, Holy Spirit helped me understand the state of her heart. Sodom and Gomorrah was familiar to her and that was the life she had known. Because of a lack of an unwavering faith in God, she longed for that city/life and looked back. In my own life, I was not very nice before I got saved. No one could mess with me and when people test my patience these days, I would wish they met me a few years earlier. Or when discussing with people, I would boast in my previous ability to speak words that would cut people’s hearts and make them know that I was big madam. One day, the Father said: “Why do you boast about something I already delivered you from?” It was such a cool question because I felt Him look at me like: baby, what’s wrong with you? A(With a very puzzled look on His face.) My wishing that I was still vicious stems from my reluctance to fully carry the cross of Jesus and embrace the reproach that comes with Christianity. I wasn’t (and still am not) crucified to all of the world yet and I think this reminds us of our need to daily depend on Christ and His blood to run this race. This is a great post Bolaji. I honor God’s calling on your life and I appreciate your obedience.

    • My dearest sis! I’m excited about the calling of God on your life as well. And I’m glad God set us up to share stuff and love one another! 💚😘😘

      Oh my! This Lot’s wife illustration drives the point home. It was all she knew, but God had something better planned! 😥 And many of us look back at stuff we’ve been delivered from- Thank God for grace though.

      Plus, we’re share some ‘before JESUS’ traits. I was the dont-mess-with-me lady who had a word ready for anyone who crossed their boundaries. I cried the day an old friend told me things I did to people…I even pray often that as I’m learning to forgive people in Christ, may people I’ve hurt also forgive me.

      All I can say is thank God. He gets all the glory for our lives. 💚

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