The Word – Sink.

The Word – Sink.


Matthew 14: 30 – But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”

From the beginning of this chapter, a story is related about how Jesus sent His disciples ahead of Him in a boat. Somehow, a serious wind started and His disciples became terrified.
It got worse for them when they saw someone walking towards them that looked very much like a Ghost. They were probably wondering “Can this get any worse?”

They soon saw the face clearly and knew it was Jesus. If you’ve studied Peter well enough in the Bible, you’d realize that today he’d be regarded as the “gragra” disciple. He was a very passionate man who wasn’t scared to show his physical prowess; especially if it had to do with someone he loved.

Peter after realizing it was Jesus who was walking on water towards them, asked if he could join Jesus on this seemly impossible walk. Only Peter could have asked that kind of question.

He put his leg out of the boat and didn’t sink. He didn’t sink because he was looking ahead at Jesus.

Soon though, like many of us do; he took his focus off Jesus and focused on the wind. At this point, his legs couldn’t keep doing the impossible, because he wasn’t focusing on the man who was able to do the impossible.

Many times, we hold our heads up and stand in faith that God can help with everything. Soon though; life, people, circumstances draw our attention from Christ and the problem that didn’t seem so big begins to look like the biggest problem we’ve ever encountered.

Some of us might know how the dollar rate increased drastically and because of this, my school fees will shoot up as well. However, I wouldn’t stress or worry that my dad wouldn’t be able to keep paying, but will focus on the same Jesus who has provided for us since the beginning of my schooling. I will keep my gaze on Jesus and not despair.
I asked for a verse to help me stay strong during this time and I got Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  My God has got me, He wouldn’t let me sink. It will work for my good!

I want to encourage you today to not sink. Don’t let anything or anyone drag you. Keep your gaze on Jesus. Keep walking towards Him, Keep walking on water!

If by chance, you know that you’re beginning to sink; don’t hide it and cry out like Peter did “Lord, save me!”
When Peter unashamedly asked for help, Jesus caught him and He’s willing to catch you today.

Just remember to look ahead at Jesus.

Happy new month again! Remember to keep your focus on Jesus this week and month; I promise you, He’d not let you sink!
Plenty Love, Bolaji!


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