The Word – Servant!

The Word – Servant!

Hello beautiful people!

Let me start by asking, “ What kind of servant are you?”

When I was studying my Bible some days ago, something struck me. It’s not like I’ve not read that part of the Bible time and time again. However, I started doing this thing of asking questions when I read my Bible.
What lesson is God teaching me from this? Or I could ask Joseph, “what lesson can I get from your story?”

This has really helped me to get more insight into stories in the Bible and I’ve gotten some good lessons from this.

Back to the word for today. SERVANT.

I was reading Matthew and I got to “The Faith of the Centurion.”

Matthew 8:5 “When Jesus had entered Caperaum, a centurion came to him, asking for help. ‘Lord’ he said, ‘My servant lies at home paralyzed and in terrible suffering.”

I was already reading on when I stopped. The question I asked was “Wait, what does this man have with his servant that He’s running after Jesus to come and heal him.” In those days, being a servant wasn’t really like being a maid o, it was more like your boss owned you. I was curious to understand this.

Reading on, Jesus answered that He’d go and heal his servant. The boss then says no o, He himself isn’t worthy to have Jesus under his roof, he asked Jesus to just speak the word for his servant.
Again, I learned another lesson from this Oga, He wasn’t a small man but was a servant at heart with the way he spoke to Jesus.

Verse 9 “I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, ‘Go’ and he goes; and that one, ‘come’, and he comes. I SAY TO MY SERVANT, ‘DO THIS’ AND HE DOES IT.”

I say to my servant, “Do this” and he does it.

Sooo, this was the reason he had to get help for his servant! He had many soldiers and workers under him, but was not willing to let this particular servant die because whatever he told the servant to do, he did.

Now, I’m not suggesting you become a slave to anyone who has authority over you. I’d just like to ask again, “What kind of servant are you?”

The thing is that many of us want the fruit without the seed as Pastor T.D Jakes said. You want the finished product that God has promised you, but you don’t want the work you have to do to get to the promise land.

Maybe you’re in a place you aren’t thrilled about right now, or you feel the people above you are mean.
Please, ask God for help to continue to act right till you leave that situation! Be such a servant that after you’ve moved on from where you are, you wouldn’t be ashamed to see anyone of those that were around you.
Will you see your former boss in Shop-rite and run to the toilet so you wouldn’t be seen? Why?

Be such a person that your boss like the centurion can run to Jesus for help if anything ever goes wrong with you.
If you’re a worker and you want to leave your work place, let it be such that you’d be asked “Did we do anything wrong, Should we try and increase your salary?” and if you do leave, let it be such that they tell you “You were such a blessing and we really do miss you!”

Don’t let them say “good riddance to bad rubbish.”

If you’re a tenant, don’t use your landlord’s house anyhow just because it isn’t yours. You pray to build yours someday and you can’t complain if you end up getting the same thing you gave.

This Kamar thing is not nice, and don’t think you’d escape it just because you’re tongue speaking and born-again. Remember that God Himself is a God of excellence and principles.

In all things, don’t be a mediocre servant. Keep on keeping on, it’d soon be your turn to be a boss and then God would reward you with amazing workers too.

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This doesn’t only apply to the work world, but in every aspect of life.
Just be a good servant in everything.
God sees you and your reward is on it’s way.

Love, Bolaji.

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