The Word – Process.

Good Monday Morning!


Can I just say that I love you? Yeah, it’s not the end of the post yet, but I wanted to remind you!

Plus, I don’t even love you the way God loves you. I love you very much o, but it’s nothing compared to what God feels for you!

He’s heads over heels in love with you, I’m not! (Lol).

So, just incase you’re feeling a little unloved this morning, this is a little reminder that God isn’t mad at you. He’s rooting for you and loves to love you!

Ok. Now that the reminder’s done. Here’s today’s lesson.


I’ve started doing this beautiful thing I think we all should begin doing. I now say a short prayer for God to expand my understanding when I want to read the Bible. Very short prayer, but effective!

So yesterday, He answered that prayer.

Matthew 7:13-14

The Narrow and Wide Gates.

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many ENTER through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few FIND it.


Please, note ENTER and then, FIND.


The broad road is already open o. It’s the easy route in life, so the gates are already wide open. All one needs to do is walk right through it.

The narrow road has quite a different kind of gate. The gate is small and the Bible doesn’t say to enter, it says few FIND it.


Stay with me.


The easy route actually doesn’t need finding. Let’s face it, we can all relate this to anything that’s easy for us to do.

Let’s take drawing for example. It’s not as if I’m the best artist, but I’m much more better at drawing cartoon characters than most of my friends. So for me, I don’t need to ‘find’ drawing. It’s easy for me, so I can just locate the road and enter it’s gate.

However, if I’m called to sing. It’d be a different story. That’s a narrow road and small gate for me. I have friends who can walk right through the broad road of singing. I can’t.

Because it depends on whether or not something is easy for us to do.


So let’s go back to our verse.




Do you know that it’s so easy not to believe in God! Oh my, what a convenience!

It’s also pretty easy to believe in Him and not do anything about it. Yeah, there’s a God somewhere, I believe in Him, but His wahala is too much.



Joyce Meyer often says it’s easy for those who don’t want to believe in God. They don’t want any kind of responsibility and want to be able to do anything as they want in life. Oh well…


Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a FEW find it.


So this gate requires FINDING. Before ENTERING.

The gate that leads to life obviously isn’t the happy-go-lucky gate, it requires effort, process and moving out of comfort zones.

Even for we who are already on this path of life with Christ, we’ve still got to believe in this process of finding that the Bible talks about.

We basically have to find God everyday!


And the broad road will say it’s ok not to set time aside to study and spend time with God, it’s ok not to fellowship with other saints, and that it’s ok to do what the world is doing; but that’s just trying to follow the broad road on the narrow path and it cannot work.

The two don’t jam.

There must be a PROCESS of FINDING!


It’d sure be easy for God to jolt us right into where He has shown us He’s taking us. But why does He always wait to do it? Why does He show us and then asks us to take little steps to get there?


Because narrow is the way to life. Eternal, fulfilling, exhilarating, exciting, beautiful and fabulous life.

Oh, mahn, how we’d be moved from all our comfort zones to get there!


But is it worth it?

Is it worth it to see the world walking right through the broad road and we deciding to walk this narrow path with Christ?

Is it really worth it?


Ask Pastor Sam, He’d tell you he hasn’t even gotten to the end yet, but that He doesn’t regret taking those little steps with Christ. Following the narrow gate then and now seeing the big picture God showed him many years ago. (Still seeing it)

Ask Mrs Ibunkun Awosika (who’s also a Pastor by the way) that was it worth it doing partnership with God in her business and resolving never to bribe or cheat in the business deals with customs? She has broken so many records now and is gradually seeing the big picture God showed her many years ago.

Ask Pastor Adeboye! My God! The man will have too many stories to tell you. How he left his highflying lecturing job and see what that has become today?

Ask Joyce Meyer! Oh, my Joyce Meyer. Who was raped over 200 times by her own father, but still walked the faith walk all these years, now using her story to bring healing to many hearts. It must be worth it! 

Ask Heather Lindsey. She sure has many stories to share. How she decided she wasn’t going to lay in bed with another man who wasn’t her husband, dropped all her eggs in God’s basket and followed Him. Still follows Him. Finally got her man and he waited almost 2 years to even kiss her on the day they said ‘I do.’

Ask Jesus. Our Lord and savior. Who carried the burden of our sins on himself and cried to the father on the cross that He forgive those who persecuted Him. He didn’t have to, but He paid for our sins. Oh, how worth it it has been! If he went the easy way, my life would have been in shambles today.


Ok, ask me! Lol.

Yes, ask me in few years (though I have many stories even now), and I’d share more on how I’m finally getting to see the big picture He showed me many years ago.


So now tell me, is the narrow route worth it or not?


Please, leave your answers in the comment section! How we love hearing from you! Don’t be a ghost reader this year, let’s connect and be friends.

I met another virtual-to-physical friend yesterday. Distinguished lady behind distinguishedlives.wordpress.com. This goes to show that when we don’t hide behind posts, we get to expand the number of godly friends we have.

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Do have a blessed week.

Trust the process.

It pays.


Love always,




  • Chukwuma

    Yes its a process, that was why Paul said while writing to the Philipians, ‘that i may know him’ after all the years of working for God and the gospel.
    To them that have known the reason for their existence will surely understand that the narrow path is the way to follow.

    I could not access your blog during the weekend, hope it was well. The page was showing me something else!

    Have a great week ahead!

  • The narrow gate is so worth it for me so you can ask me too#widegrin. You’re so right about the narrow gate being a process cos it takes diligent seeking to find and enter it.

    God bless you always B. Twas a pleasure to finally meet you one-on-one. You’re adorable.

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