The Word- Mouth.

Good Monday Morning!

Awesome readers, how una dey!(How are you?)

Hope body dey kampe?(Hope your body is fit?)

Most importantly, Se spirit dey kampe too?(Hope your spirit is fit?)

Ok. Let’s read what the spirit wants us to gain today. Amen? Amen!

Today’s word is a very interesting one for me because it’s one I guess God will teach me on till I get to meet Him.

I’m one of those people who uses words as weapons! Lol. I’m actually not as mean as I used to be when I wasn’t in Christ, but I still need a lot of work.

I’m presently reading a book by Joyce Meyer on strife and I’m learning so much! There are somethings I didn’t even know were signs of strife that I’m now learning.

And I know many are like me who daily need to die to self in order to tame their tongues! 

Do you know using words unnecessarily is a sign that we still need God to check our pride level?

I know many of us will say we’re not proud and God has dealt with that part, but do you realize that wanting to win every argument is a sign of pride?

In this book titled ‘Conflict free living’ by Joyce, she talked about how everyone of us have gotten into arguments that we were so sure we were right about what we were saying; only to realize later that we were as wrong as wrong can be! 

I know I’ve gotten into such arguments.

So, I try as much as possible to always have my facts before arguing. 

But what about times when you have all your facts complete, and the Holy Spirit still asks you to shut up?

Do you obey?

I remember an incident that happened last month. I kept going to a certain organization to repair my sister’s phone because that’s what they do.

In order not to waste my time, I specifically asked what day to come back and get it. Only for me to get there on the day and was given stories. 

I was sincerely very mad at them. This place was one I always had to go before work, and then the distance I had to walk was something!

As I write this, the Holy Spirit is letting me know that He actually didn’t take offense that I was angry at them. They were wrong on that part.

But that when I got out, He kept asking me to relax and not make any call because I immediately wanted to call their customer care line and lambast them. 

I took another route thinking I was smart. 

Instead of calling them and saddening my maker, I decided to call my sister! 

Oh, and I then lambasted her instead. It was her phone that was stressing me, right?

But I was wrong!

You see, the devil has sort of deceived us that it’s ok to be mean to family members since we all ‘know’ ourselves very well! 

I mean, you don’t want to see me and my sisters arguing o! 

But does God approve?

He doesn’t!

He expects us to use words wisely either with family, friends or even strangers.

To be honest, this ‘Mouth’ topic has diverse aspects to it and I could write on it another time.

This week though, I want to encourage us to glorify God with our mouths! 


James 3:9-12

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.

Beautiful scripture, I tell you!


Let our mouths/words glorify God at all times! 

Haven’t there been times when keeping quiet about certain issues had brought us peace rather than arguing about it?


Let’s be attentive to the Holy Spirit. There are times He’d ask us to speak which we can go ahead and do; but there will be times He’d ask us to shut up.

What do we do then? 

We simply SHUT IT!

And trust me, God will always justify you. No need for arguments!


That’s it people!

Have a fantastic week!

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I love you!

But who loves you more? God!!!


Peace out👊







  • Wow! I really felt a big blow in my heart while reading this, its like every word was directed towards me…

    Wow! learnt so much from such a short post. God bless and increase you the more Bolaji, I am an addicted follower… lol…


    • Mobolaji.

      As in ehn, God was chastising me as I wrote the post o! Every word was directed towards me too.
      Amen! And may He increase you in all endeavors too!
      Thanks girl! I’m an addicted friend too. Lol!

  • Chukwuma

    It was convicting. I am primary the slow talker type and i have maintained it since i realise that i am too gifted in tongues and vision (still hidding though). Whatever i tell you will happen, don’t doubt.
    I was angry some time ago and i said something negative and it took me weeks to pray it out and find relieve.
    Our tongues should be directed to the positive side always.

    P.s. I subscribe yesterday and i also sent you request on facebook.

    Have a nice week!

    • Mobolaji.

      Hiding kwa? Biko, use it well!
      It’s good you’re mindful with words, we all need to learn to speak wisely!
      Use this gift to bless people and increase in Christ. It’s beautiful.

      Yay! Hope you clicked the confirmation link you were sent in your mail? Thanks!

      I just accepted the request now. I normally am very careful before accepting friend requests because of what some people post. Lol.
      Thanks as always Chukwuma!
      God bless!

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