The Word- More!

The Word- More!

Hey hey hey!



Happy Easter efamily!
Isn’t it a delight to know that our God is alive and living, even inside of us!

I decided to study few Chapters on Jesus yesterday (His resurrection) and I noted new things. Some I don’t quite understand yet. But a simple sentence at the end of John struck me.

I had to write “GLORY!!!” right beside it. Lol.

John 21:25(NIV)
Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

Take a minute to dwell on this.

You might not fully understand it, but this is the verse that ends the book of John. By that time, Jesus had been crucified and resurrected.


Then, the last chapter in John talks a bit about how Christ appeared to some disciples. This chapter also talks about how Jesus asked Peter 3 times if he loved Him and for every answer, Jesus said something related to this – “Feed my lamb.” (This is a whole message on it’s own!)


So, we live in a time where people bring up silly arguments about Jesus and the Bible. Today, you hear the Bible isn’t complete; tomorrow you hear it is but has been diluted; and so on.

But this verse says something powerful!


That if everything Jesus did were to be written down, there will be no room for such long essays. Imagine! No book can contain it.


Chirst ALWAYS went about doing good. Not just saying it. He wasn’t a “convenient Christian” like many of us are, He was a purposeful one.
Meanwhile, He wasn’t even a Christian- He was Christ!

Haha! Glory.

Let me not deviate too much.

So let’s link our main verse today with this one-

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.
John 14:12 (NIV)

Think about it. The same Bible that said that Jesus did so much that books can’t contain it, is now saying that we have power to do more than He did on earth.

When we truly understand what Christ did for us, I believe that many of us will become more fervent.

There were no phones, ads or microphones when Jesus preached to 5000 people. He didn’t put posters out for people to come to His events, they just did!

This is the same man that the Bible says we can do more than He did. Hmmm.

It seems like an heavy task to do.

How can I? This small girl in Ghana, still finding purpose be asked to do more than what the Messiah did?

But let’s not think about it that way. Like it’s a burden.

Think about it this way- through the eyes of love.

You can do more than Jesus did if you can love like Him.

This is it, you and I know where we were. We know the stage we were when Jesus found us. We were deep in many demonic things and could have died in the process, but He saved us.

Look at where you were when you accepted Christ, and look at where you are now. Be truthful, hasn’t it been better?

I saw a picture of myself about 4 years ago on my friends Facebook and I was truly embarrased! Devil even wanted to begin to play the guilty card with me, but I shoved it down his throat. I didn’t know Christ then, so I wasn’t dressed like His ambassador. I even started thinking what people will say if they ever saw the picture of me wearing that mini dress, but isn’t that the essence of my life- how Christ came to clean me!

Haha. I’m getting emotional just writing this. But many of us lose sight of this truth – we would have been in dangerous places if Christ didn’t save us.

If we didn’t open our hearts to Him when we did, we probably would have been selling drugs, in jail, prostituing for money, killing and many more.

But Christ saved us.

So why aren’t we doing anything with His gift?
Why are we not sharing Him with others?
Why aren’t we telling people about this blood that washed our sins away?

Why aren’t we speaking about this man that gave us a new name?

This man that said come as you are, I love you the same.
This man who saw us in filth and lifted up our heads.
This man who called us by name and gave us purpose.
This man who died even before we were born, and said He’d die to save us in advance!

That is the greater thing He’s asking us to do-¬†Share Him.

There was only so much (and He did sooooo much) He could do as Christ. He was Christ- We are Christians.

So a world that has millions of people who are called Christians meaning “Christ-Like” should unitedly be able to do more than He did.

We all have Christ living inside us, let’s share Him- that is the greater works He said that we’d do.

When you think of things that happen when you share Christ, you’d realize my school of thought.
Demonic activities crumble when we share Christ.
Miracles happen when we share Christ.
Knees and hearts bow when we share Christ.
Deliverance happens when we share Christ.
So much happens when we share Christ.


People, let’s do it!




I hope this blessed you the way it has blessed me.
If it did, then do share with someone else who you know needs to start sharing Christ more. It’s time to be truly unashamed o.

Have a blessed week ahead.

I’d soon be on my way to my church’s annual easter picnic to dance and chop small. The devil thought he had Jesus- only if He knew what His death and resurrection will do! Haha. Shame!

Love always,

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Stay blessed.


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