The Word- Ministry.

Good Monday Morning!

Kilon pop?(What’s popping?)

I can already imagine your facial expression. Like, what’s wrong with this Bolaji early Monday morning. Lol.

I remember someone on bbm asked me last week “What is good about the morning?” Because I always begin all posts and broadcast on bbm with “Good Monday Morning!”

Even though some people don’t necessarily go through a different kind of stress on Monday than the one on Thursday; they’ve already maintained a mindset that Mondays are not for laughing. Lol

But our Mondays are always good, by God’s grace!

Let me confess. I wasn’t planning on posting anything today. I had asked permission if I could take a break today, but God didn’t answer me and I still wanted to go ahead and ‘rest’.

But guess what He showed me in my time with Him today. A devotional I had read months ago titled “You can be replaced.” 

Anytime I try magomago(shady) business, God quickly tells me to realign myself. 

And this takes me to our word today. We used the month of July to talk on ‘Ministry’ at Church, but I hadn’t gotten the go ahead to write on it. I guess I have now.

Let’s first put this fact out- Your Pastor is as accountable as a Minister as you are!

This means that you’re a Minister of God! 


Don’t roll your eyes. 

As much as your Pastor is accountable to God as He talks on the pulpit, so are you also accountable to God with whatever it is He has given you to do!

I guess I’d quickly forgotten last month’s messages in Church, but God has caused me to remember it today for a good reason! To also remind me that this blog is the Ministry He has placed in my hand for this moment, and I cannot do what I please.

At first, my half-awake self wanted to rebell that ‘Ahnahn God, so because of one day of not posting, You want to replace me?’ But that’s not exactly what He meant (though He can replace anyone at anytime, even me!) 

What He’s reminding me with that devotional is that; you and I might not be as popular as our Church leaders, but we should not think we’re not accountable to God.

I was thinking yesterday how being a member of ‘Holy Police’ (which is my unit in my school church) is quite stressful. We’re in charge of traffic in Church and basically have to be in Church as early as possible and leave Church after every car is out. I get home late and then have to walk a long distance to attend our home fellowship.

Wait with me, this is not me opening a book of lamentations.

But when I’m in school, I drag my body and do what I ought to do! Even when my Pastor doesn’t see or know how hard I and my unit members work, we can’t decide to do as we please because that is our own ministry in the house of God! And we’re very much as accountable to God as any other Minister or worker.

So, what’s that thing God has entrusted you with? 

Does is seem so little to you? 

Does it look like you’re not impacting lives because you’re not the one preaching on the podium?

I’d like to remind you today that whatever your hands find to do, do it as unto God! 

Because the very truth is that you can be replaced. And we don’t want that, do we? 

Ministry simply means ‘Service’, so where have you been called to serve?

Your blog? Work place? Church unit? Community? School?

Serve with everything in you, for though many may not see, God sees and is putting all records down. 

Will we hear ‘Well done!’ Or otherwise? 

Let us meditate on this! 

Have a fantastic week ahead!

Remember that today is a spectacular Monday and only good things will happen today! Amen.

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Will you do that for me? Please, do!

Thank you!

I appreciate you big time!

Love, Bolaji.



  • I totally agree with you my friend. I know I didn’t tell you, but do you know that some weeks back, I actually enrolled for a modelling class.

    Now, that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that it took place the same time with evangelism in church. and you know I hold a major position in the department

    My point is; every time I went for the class, I always hear my spirit say: “you are on your own, nobody send you this one, you already have a job you ought to be in”

    it went on like that for the whole week, so one day, I heard it clearly a promise I made to God while I was trusting for admission. and a voice told me, if you don’t do it, someone else will…

    My dear, I sharperly quieted and returned to my Primary assignment, and you can’t believe that that was d week I got a job…

    hmmm, may we not be replaced oo…

    thanks love for this, may God continue to increase u…

    • Wow! Your comment reminds me not to take this blog as a joke! Thanks for sharing this dear, I really appreciate you.
      May we not be replaced o, laye, laye!
      Keep working for Jesus jare, He pays better than any modelling job.(Well,except He tells you that’s your ministry, then you go after it with all you’ve got!)

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