The Word – Maturity


Good Monday Morning.

Hope all has been well and awesome? May it become even better in Jesus name, Amen!

I have absolutely no idea why this illustration has stayed with me since yesterday. Even if I had decided to write about something else today, I wouldn’t have been at peace.
It’s just funny (and beautiful) how we can actually learn lessons from practically studying anything around us, no matter how mundane it is!

Let me explain.
I was jejely (quietly) listening to the sermon at church yesterday when God brought my attention to my nails. No, I wasn’t staring or being distracted before this…

You see, I used to be a nail chewer. As in, up until sometime last month or the month before that; I bit my finger nails silly!

I even remember tactics some of my secondary school mates then used to stop me from biting my nails. Some will rub bitter stuff on my fingers, while some will use cloth to tie it; but it all never worked!

There were times I also fixed my nails. This made my nails grow for sometime, but I bit it again once I took the artificial nails off. Even that couldn’t stop me.

I had even prayed overtime about it and asked God to deliver me from biting my nails. The honest truth was that my nails were UGLY! People sometimes tried to be nice about it and would say “It doesn’t look that bad”, but those who hadn’t seen me in a while constantly asked “Ahh, Bolaji, so you still bite your nails?!”

I just was never able to see my nails reach maturity. I wasn’t ready to feel the pain of not chewing it, so I could also not let it blossom into beauty.
I now haven’t bitten my nails in more than a month. Somehow, it’s hard for me to understand now why I used to bite my nails with my teeth! You know they say something you do consistently for 21 days becomes a habit. Well, I guess keeping my nails has now become a habit.

I’m driving at something. Do not think today’s post is just about me hailing my nails.

I want to share that ever since I have been keeping my nails, I have come to love, admire and cherish it! In fact, my nails are actually pretty cute, if I dare say so myself.

I have this natural French-tips (where the colour of the top of the nail is whiter), that most people do not have. But I never got to know how beautiful it could be, because I never allowed it mature.

Sometimes, we’re like me to my nails.

We sap things out before they attain maturity.
God is using friendship as an illustration for me right now. He’s saying sometimes we judge people prematurely and never allow friendship to blossom to maturity.
We can relate this to practically every aspect of our lives.

Someone at church yesterday shared how a friend in school stopped coming because he had won a competition and got about 5 million naira or so.
Maybe, just maybe, he had not matured enough to win such amount of money. (And really, it’s not as if 5 million is THAT much 0.

And sometimes that’s how we are! We do not appreciate God pruning, watering, disciplining, chastising us because ‘we just don’t have the time!’

The world is moving in such a fast pace today, that people do not even want to hear about patience or maturity!

Again, I remember my sweet first sister who was a bridesmaid week after week, spending money on Aso-ebi for friends, but knew her God-given husband had not yet come! Guess what she did?

She waited. And she blossomed. And she matured.

Who knows what could have happened if she’d met her husband prematurely? Let’s not even think on it o. It’s scary.
To ladies of today, she married late, but to God, she married mature!

Are you willing to wait on God and trust His process?
Or will you jump ahead of the gun prematurely?

Decide for yourself today, which road you will take…

To the right is maturity
To the left is immaturity.

If you do choose the road to the right, remember that narrow is this way that leads to life. No one promised unicorns and rainbows every day; what is promised is guidance through the process, strength through the pain and definite beauty at the end of the road.
To the right is maturity. Choose wisely!


God bless you!
Have an amazing week ahead.
Exams are drawing close, take time to make a short prayer for me. Thanks!
I also strongly feel someone somewhere really needs to read this; please, will you help share this with friends and family? Bless someone with these words today!
Love always, B.


  • chukwuma

    True! We are always ahead of time, not allowing every process to complete. Not pretty good.

    And for me maturity comes through patience and making a steady progress and limiting ugly habits.

    Wish you success in your exams.

    • Shey! Chukwuma, your comments are highly appreciated o! Thanks a lot! I liked the part you said we should limit ugly habits! We definitely need to really limit them, like me posting late or not posting at all sometimes(though I always have genuine reasons..lol)

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