The Word – Lukewarm.

The Word – Lukewarm.

Good Monday Morning!
How was your weekend? Mine was awesome and restful too!
I apologize that I have not been posting constantly. This semester has been something! And I cannot wait to write exams and go home! I need a break from the numerous group assignments, individual assignments and school elections! I need the rest.
Without wasting much time, let me share a revelation I got during workers meeting in Church some weeks ago. I had read the parable of the talents many times before; but this man explained it in another light. I need to share this with you.

A master was going on a journey and decided to share talents among his three servants. This means that this master already had a level of trust for his men before even putting them in charge of his property in his absence. He knew them so well that he even shared the talents according to their ability. He was a fair master. He did not give the servant who could handle 5 talents only 1 talent and he did not give 1 talent to the one who could handle 5. Matthew 25:15 “HE GAVE TO EACH ONE ACCORDING TO HIS ABILITY…”
The man who explained this story during the workers meeting went ahead to relate this story to the present day Christians. What shocked me most out of everything he said was that if you study this parable well, you will find out that all three of these servants were born again! I first did not get what he was saying because I had always thought that the one who was given 1 talent was not born again and that was why he disappointed; but this is not the case.
As stated earlier, the master must has trusted the 3 of them before even thinking about putting them in charge when he was not around. And then not to over burden any of them, he shared talents according to their ability. These 3 people represent us, the Christians of today. God has deposited TALENTS (Intellect, money, words, services, grace) in us according to what he knows we are capable of doing; but many of us are like the guy who decided to bury his 1 talent.
Going again to speak on the fact that these 3 were born again; however, they each decided for themselves what they were going to do with the new life they now had. The first born again did not stay stagnant and worked to get more than his master gave him; the other one who was given 2 talents worked and made sure he got more than what his master left him and did not for once complain that he was not given 5 talents like his other friend. Let me stop there for a minute.
How many of us are grateful that we have what God has placed in our lives, no matter how little? There is absolutely no time to be jealous of those who seem to have more or are doing more, why? It’s because we can also decide to do awesome stuff with what God has deposited in us. Why again? It’s because God is kind and will never give us more than we can handle. And do we want proof to this? It’s in the book of Matthew 25:14-30, I cannot write it all out but if you read it you will see that when the master came back, he said exactly the same thing to the servant he gave 5 and 2 talents. Why? Because they were not lukewarm and they at least did something with the amount that was given them!

Image Source: Pixshark.com
Image Source: Pixshark.com

I do not want this post to be too long, but it is time that we all move from the fence! It is time we either jumped down to the left side or the right side of this fence we have been sitting on. The guy with the one talent stayed put on the fence and buried what he had been blessed with in order to give it the exact way he was given back to his master. He decided not to waste it, but he also decided to do nothing with it. God does not want that.

Revelation 3:16 says – But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!

We might return with scars and scratches and pains and tears and heartache and betrayal and frustrations and despair; but God will lovingly accept what we bring back. This is because we have been faithful enough to work with what He has given us and brought something more back; rather than do absolutely nothing with it.

Image source: Pastorshawn.com
Image source: Pastorshawn.com

There is absolutely no one without God’s deposit in their life and it is very dangerous to remain lukewarm. If it be writing, He expects that you do something with it. If it is speaking, He expects that you do something with it. If it is mercy (mercy givers), He expects that you do something with it. If it is drawing, dancing, acting, encouraging; He expects that you do something with it!
Today, we refuse to be either hot or cold, but will go out and fulfill destiny. We will shine our light for Christ and we will return to hear him say “You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come on in and share my happiness!” (see Matthew 25:21)

Stay awesome guys! I hope you learned a lesson or two today. This message is for me as much as it is for you!
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God bless you.


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