The Word- Little.

The Word- Little.

Hey hey hey


Good Monday to you. (Notice I didn’t add Morning? Lol.)

Yesterday, I listened to a message by Steven Furtick before bed. I wanted a word before my birthday ended, so I listened to it before 12am.

Steven Furtick is becoming one of my fav Pastors for now because I love how he breaks the word and doesn’t try to be deep about it.

The title was ‘Don’t miss your turn‘ and I quickly asked a friend to look for the message and watch it too.

Many of us have been told that ‘this year is your turn! You are next in line!!!‘; that we don’t even realize that our turns are in the little things.

Let me start by using my birthday as an example.

I went to Lunch with a friend. Before then, he told me that our Pastor’s Personal Assistant wanted to see and pray for me.
I didn’t even mind because well- Pastor Sam’s PA carries Pastor Sam’sย  anointing too na. Lol.

Anyway, we went to look for him and didn’t find him. But something amazing happened!

We ended up seeing Pastor Tola!!! You don’t even know how I love that man. I sometimes say I love him more than Pastor Sam sef.
I got to speak with him about my book and then he prayed for me. Hian!

I told him he was my birthday gift. Lol. (Truly though, it felt like God used him to answer a silent prayer and I was grateful.)

I remember when I went for my baptism. It was Pastor Tola and Pastor Bolu that baptized us, but when I got into the water, I first said Pastor Tola!!!

Pastor Bolu now said- “oh Tola, I baptise you in the name of the Father…

Hian, I quickly said my name is Bolaji o, not Tola. I was only awestruck. LOL! (And that was more than 2 years ago.)

But here’s my point- when my friend told me to follow him to see Pastor Sam’s PA, I didn’t know I was going to get to hold Pastor Tola’s hands in prayers.

I could have said ‘For what? Does Pastor Sam’s P.A climb pulpit? So, why should I allow him pray for me?

If I had said that, I’d have missed out on meeting Pastor Tola.


Now, let’s go back to Pastor Steven’s message on not missing your turn.

Do not be deceived that ‘your turn’ will come in a magical way with trumpets and tambourines.
It usually comes in the seemingly little things and acts.

Did you know that David in 1 Samuel 17:17 didn’t know that he will become the David in Verse 48-49?

It’s easy for us to look back and talk about David and Goliath. We can use him for super stories and tell people to be strong and courageous like him.

But let’s not forget the David in 1 Samuel 17: 17-18
“Now Jesse said to his son David, “Take this ephah of roasted grain and these ten loaves of bread for your brothers and hurry to their camp.
Take along these ten cheeses to the commander of their unit. See how your brothers are and bring back some assurance from them.”

Anointed David should carry cheese and agege bread to his brothers. Why should he? Weren’t they all there when Samuel poured oil on him and declared him as the next King?

How can his father just call him like that and ask him to do such.

The little things…

David wasn’t even part of the Army. He was still the regular David when he took the food to his brothers that day. He didn’t know he was going to become the giant slayer when he obeyed his father.

Mahn, this got me thinking.

Pastor Steven Furtick then shared a story while he preached. He said he was on vacation with his family one time and it was a total vacation o, so, ย he wasn’t even planning on attending a Church there.

Anyway, they went to a Supermarket and met this girl who was super happy to see him. She talked about how they had a Convention at their Church and had been praying for him to preach there.

She said that his Church said he was on vacation when they called to book an appointment with him. He said he was happy to see her but definitely not ready to preach. Lol. He didn’t even take any ‘preaching clothes’ for his vacation.

Long story short, a major speaker fell ill and couldn’t attend the convention. Later, Pastor Steven Furtick felt led to call the Church if they’d still like him to preach at their convention.

He said it was so weird for him to do that, but immediately after he called the Church, their Pastor called him back and said- “You have no idea!!! I was just praying about this. I had been so stressed out this week and hoping for a miracle to happen so I could get someone else to fill the empty spot. Out of all the people we wanted to invite, you were the only one who was unavailable and now you are!” (Paraphrased.)

He ended up going there to preach in his vacation clothes. The Pastor was in awe and siad that since he had been preaching, that was the time he felt like God loved him most. Lol. Because God heard his silent prayers and ended up bringing just the Preacher they wanted at their convention.


But do you know who the real hero was in their story?

The girl who showed up for work at the supermarket!

When she left home that day, she had no idea she was going to meet just the person her Church needed. She had no idea that when she approached him, that God will lead him to call her Church and ASK if he could preach there.

You might say her part was little, but all that happened wouldn’t have happened without her in the story.

Just like how David didn’t know He was going to become ‘the talk of the town’ when he took bread to his brothers.

Just like how I didn’t know Pastor Tola was going to hear about my book, hold my hands and pray with me when I went to look for Pastor Sam’s P.A.

You might be doing little things and no one is saying ‘thank you’; that’s fine!
You might be showing up at work diligently and everyone else does shabby work, don’t be discouraged.
You might be carrying bread and cheese for others when you already know God has anointed you for greater things, don’t worry.

Because it’s in your faithfulness…
It’s in little things that God meets you and turns it into something unexpected.

Do not despise your days of little beginnings.

Thank you for all the love yesterday. I had no cake or any fancy thing, but I TRULY had joy. It was so beautiful seeing what people has to say about me. Really guys, it’s the little things!

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Have an awesome week ahead.

Love always,



  • oyeteju

    Happy birthday in arrears. Thanks for yielding yourself to God for His use. You will not become an abandoned vessel in Jesus name(amen).Am always blessed by your blog posts.God will bless you in all areas in Jesus name (amen)

    • God bless you too!
      Amennnn! May we all be vessels unto honour in Jesus name. At the end, it’s all about Christ.
      Thanks for the birthday wishes and prayers. God increase you on all sides . Stay awesome.

    • Hello Cassie.
      Yeah it’s Daystar.

      The best way is to do membership school which is 100 level to 400 level. They usually say- If you’ve not been to membership school, you’ve not been to Daystar. Lol.

      To be honest though, I think the best way is to look for a Unit you’d love and join them. That helps to identify faces and have some kind of ‘family’.

      I’ve been a member for many years now, and sometimes I wonder if I’m really a member because of it’s size.
      But being in a unit helps.

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