The Word- Listen.

Good Monday Morning!

I know. I know.
I can’t just waltz in here and act like nothing has been missing. I apologize.

Last week, I volunteered at a one week in-house camp to mentor teenagers. It’s a yearly initiative by Annie’s Place, an NGO(Non Government Organization) that deals with Child development.
It was truly life changing and thought provoking. Though I went as a mentor, I gained so much from the children and other people I met there. We were also not allowed to use our phones until late or very early in the mornings, so it wasn’t very easy for a writer. Haha.

I apologize.

Straight into our Word for today.

‘Listen’ is a beautiful beautiful word. People don’t understand that listening is way deeper than hearing. You can hear someone speak and might not be listening to them.
You know why? Because you listen with your mind and not your ears.
That’s why it’s possible that we ask people to restate what they said to us because though we could hear them, we weren’t listening.

I learnt this at camp. And as I was blank yesterday night on what to share today, I read a devotional from ‘Desiring God’ that talked about listening. 

At the camp, the facilitator who taught us on listening made everyone do a listening exercise. We had to choose a partner and take turns to listen to each other within a space of about 5 minutes.

I didn’t know the power of listening but after my partner(who was my roomie at the camp) finished our session; we were both in tears. We must have hugged like 10 times during that period because though we met at the AYC camp, we had been vulnerable and offloaded our thoughts by simply listening to each other.

As I read the devotional yesterday night. God showed me another perspective to listening.

He reminded me that He listens.

He listens to all my cares and hopes.
He listens to my trust and fears.
God listens.

Yesterday, I cried so hard pertaining to my school fees. Remember I shared about it here.

I didn’t know where my hope went for those minutes, but I poured my heart out in tears. My school fees was eventually increased.

My mum and sisters encouraged and quite frankly reminded me that crying wasn’t going to solve anything. So I stopped my pity party. I was reminded that it wasn’t my dad that had been catering for me these two years and it wasn’t him that was going to sustain me the next two years; it was God.

So as I prepared to sleep. God reminded me that He listens.
Imagine the emotion I got from listening to another human.
Then, imagine the heavenly father listening to every word of your mouth and heart.

One thing the lady I did the listening exercise with told me was that God cares for me, more than I even care for myself.

Image Source: Unknown.

God reminded me of another thing yesterday night.
I was in JSS3 when I started disturbing my parents that I wanted to school in Ghana(because a very dear school mother got admission there).
However, I never knew God was listening.
After secondary school, Ghana wasn’t even part of the option, but God who plans our times and seasons planned it all that I ended up schooling in Ghana.

He listened to me when I didn’t even know much about Him or life.

And I want to encourage you with that today. God listens.

The devotional asked a question I will also ask, what will you ask God if you knew He was listening?
What will you pray about if you knew He could hear?

Don’t hesitate to talk to Him about it.
He listens to your every word, both spoken and unspoken.

He listens because He cares.

Have a lovely week ahead.
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Notice how I didn’t use any Bible verse for today’s word? When I asked God for one, He told me that sometimes you don’t need verses to share the gospel with people.

Remember also how I said God asked me to invest in the blog? Well, it might go into works soon, so please do join us as we grow. Thanks

My sweet friend Frances has completed her book! Isn’t God awesome?! I encourage you to download your copy here, it will bless you immensely. It’s especially for men who want to honour God with their bodies, but we sisters have our chapter too. All you gotta do is click!

God bless you!
You’re my personal person and I love you.


  • God bless you so so much dear. The song playing in my mind from this entry is “what a friend we have in Jesus” …Oh what peace we often forfeit. Oh what needless pain we bear…All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer…He listens. Bless u again…and again.

  • Distinguished

    God bless you much Mobolaji for sharing. Listening is a learned art.. sometimes I find it really difficult to listen but you’ve just awakened me to consciously listen. Thanks a lot dear.

    About your school fees, be rest assured that God will definitely provide it right when you need it most. He is an ever Present Help.

    Do have a great week honey… xoxo

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