The Word – Less!

The Word – Less!

Good Monday Morning!

How are you and yours? Hope it’s been well with you?

Somehow I’m in gist mood today. Tell me, how was your weekend? Learned any new lessons you’d like to share? The comment box is right below this post or you could send a private email too! All feedback are welcome…

Ok, let’s go right into our word for this week. The word- Less!
I know that we all must have heard this popular phrase- ‘Less is more!’
Well, most times it’s true! Especially in this situation I’m about to share.

“After the people saw the sign Jesus performed, they began to say, “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world. Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself. John 6: 14-15

Short, but insightful verses right there!

Pastor Jooda (My Pastor in Ghana) shared this word sometime last week with us and I was wowed! He didn’t go deep into this particular verse and just used it as an illustration, but it has stuck with me since.
I must have read that part of the Bible before but never saw it like that.

Pastor Jooda actually said something like-‘If Jesus had agreed to be crowned King on earth, He would never would have become the King of Kings!’

Just imagine that.
You see, sometimes the devil is so cunny! He’s like the tortoise in Nigerian folktales and the Ananse in Ghanaian folktales. His comic name should be manipulator!

He must have lured those people to try to make Jesus an earthly King because he knew that that will forever avert the purpose for which Jesus was here in the first place!
And it made me think! How many Christians know this??!!

Many of us think everything that glitters must be a miracle from God to us; but what if it isn’t?

This makes me remember my last long break, where I went around Lagos Island distributing my CV (Resume) to big companies for internship. I really was being led by my flesh to be honest!
If any of them had called me, it will have been real gobe (trouble) for my purpose for that break! I later got a job in the development field (which is what I’m studying) and words cannot express how much I enjoyed that job! I’d do it over and over and over again, because that is where my heart lies.


To think I had worked in Human Resource in the break before that, and I had hated the job! I loved the people, but I wasn’t made for that job. It just didn’t bring out any creativity in me. (Plus, it didn’t give me time to do other things I loved-like volunteering!) For me, the job in social entrepreneurship (development field) was less; but in this case LESS WAS MORE!

As Christians, we’ve somewhat been made to believe that the big shiny things are what matter most, when we probably should stick to that little for now.

Haha, I remember sometime last month when my sister called me early in the morning to seek advice about a job she’d been interviewed for. This was a shine shine company in Lagos headed by two popular young men and I advised her from the flesh!
‘Oh, you’d meet people! That’s so great! Better opportunities…’etc.


Later, when we thought about it, we knew her present job was much better for her personally! She enjoyed it, and though it might not give her as much popularity as the other might; it meant less was more for now!

You know we’ve heard-‘Don’t settle for less’ so many times that it has somewhat distorted the meaning; because sometimes settling for less actually means settling for more!

Jesus REFUSED to be crowned King!
Sometimes, we’ve got to REFUSE to be crowned King too!

God is grooming us all in our different spheres of life because He knows that the devil wants us to be crowned King so fast, and then fall just as fast!

Oh, I’m typing and realized this is 650 words! I didn’t intend for this post to be so long, but it had to be shared!

In what areas of your life do you need to settle for less…for now?


You know, I work at ‘Holy Police’ in Church and I truly love the unit. But I also know that isn’t where my full potential lies. I love to speak, encourage and write and none of those gifts are being used in that department; but somehow I feel this is my ‘less is more!’
No one knows many ‘Holy Police’ members cuz we mainly work outside, parking cars and being security conscious, but still, for now, I know it’s my ‘less is more!’

I’d advice that you study! Like really study that verse about Jesus refusing to be crowned an earthly King, maybe read in different verses too. Then meditate on it and relate it with anyway in your life that you know you still need grooming, and being crowned King will not be the best right now!

The word- Less!
Less is more…for a time.
Alas, settling for less…for a time, isn’t as bad as they make it seem!
Just imagine, If Jesus had been crowned an earthly king, He never would have been the King of Kings we serve today!

We’ve got to think on that!
Process people…process!


Hmm, thanks for sticking it out and reading even up till now!

Learned any lessons? Please do share with us…

I’ve been sharing ‘Voice notes’ on whatsapp because let’s face it, some people just will not read our long posts! And it surprisingly has been touching people and I’m so glad! Glory to God. I sent (or will send) the third one this morning, and if you’d like to have voice notes too, you can email me your whatsapp number, I’d be glad to add you to the blog list! Just send it to bolajiolorisade@gmail.com. (Or I’d update this post with the voice note here later)

I pray & pray & pray that this blessed you as much as it blessed me! I pray Lord Jesus, that this word will not be wasted in our lives and that anytime the devil dangles ‘more’ in our face when we know we need less, we’d fight and resist the temptation. We pray that we will overcome and prevail, just like Jesus did when they tried to dangle ‘more’ in His face. In Jesus name we pray! Amen!


Have a fantastic week and new month ahead.

Love always,


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