The Word- Intercede.

The Word- Intercede.

Hey hey hey!



Happy new month of May.

Ijo ope re daaa? (Where is you dance of praise?)

I honesty did not plan on this topic today. In fact, I had already written half of the one I thought to post, but God kept redirecting my heart to the word- Intercede.

See ehn, as believers, I think we need to get to a stage where we are no longer spiritually stingy. Yes, there is spiritual stinginess and it is when you only pray for yourself and family.

In fact, one major thing that God has taught me about my prayer life is that I MUST pray for other people, because it is very dangerous not to. I have many stories to share to testify.

But before I get to the stories, I need to say that of a truth, praying for other people has taught me how to pray for myself. I sometimes wake (like today) and out rightly do not feel like praying or spending time with God. However, I have never stopped to pray for others that I did not end up enjoying my prayer time. I most times even spend longer than expected.

Intercession is like recruitment, God chooses to use us to bless others.

‘No soldier in active service entangles himself in the affairs of everyday life, so that he may please the one who enlisted him as a soldier’ (2 Tim. 2:4)

A soldier fights not only for himself and safety, but for those who may not even know his name!

If ever you don’t just feel like praying, write out names of people you know need support and prayers and begin to pray for them. Doing this helps me so much, because God begins to reveal things I never could have known about them and directs me on an area I need to pray about personally. It is dangerous to be spiritually stingy. My prayers (glory to God) has kept my parents from death, so I know! (I wrote a PraiseLetter because of this.)

Caught 'in the Spirit' in Church.
Caught ‘in the Spirit’ in Church.

It had never really happened to me in such way before. I just could not sleep. My roommate had gone for a vigil at her church and I was home alone, but sleep refused to show face. I tried and even dozed, but the Holy Spirit kept me so uncomfortable that I knew I had to get up.

I answered and He led me to begin to pray for my parents. I was confused, because it is not as if I do not regularly pray for them but this was different. I actually went to dig for my parents’ picture on my phone and while praying, I began to declare- ‘You shall not die but live. You shall not die but live.’

I do not know how many times I said that that night. I did not even understand what I was doing!

I was vying for a position in a club in school and had gone with my partner to take pictures for posters when my mum called me. THE VERY NEXT DAY after I prayed.

I was shaking when she finished telling me about how their car had stopped on a deserted area of Lagos-Ibadan express way. A guy came like he was going to help them fix the car but before they could say ‘jack’, another guy was pointing a gun at their faces.

This guy was not joking and when a car drove past and saw what was happening, he chased them all with his gun.

But that is not even the testimony or koko of this story.

My parents did not have money and he was getting really mad at them for that.

My dad begged him to take their phones and any other thing, so my mum’s bag interested him.


Immediately he carried the bag, he felt better because it was very heavy and so he ran and left my parents phoneless.

Here’s the testimony- my mum had spent all her money to buy fruits at our village and somehow SOMEHOW, she did not put them in the boot. She did not place them at the backseat. SHE PUT THEM IN HER BAG!

Fruits were what made the bag so heavy that the thief thought he had hit jackpot and left them.

It is not common sense to put fruits in one’s bag, but I strongly believe it had something to do with my prayers the day before!

Let us not even begin to imagine if I had resisted the Holy Spirit and slept; or if I had stopped declaring that they will not die but live because I felt weird.

It happens to us all.

Out of the blue, someone’s face or name will keep flashing in your head and you send it right out because you don’t have enough time to pray for someone else. Your own list is already full, abi?


Pray for people if you claim to love them.

I shared this story in detail because it really shook me and showed me the power of intercessory prayers.

Also, a friend shared with me at the end of last year how a sibling of hers had been in the hospital for a while. I suspected it for a while but when she opened up to me, I took it as a PERSONAL ASSIGNMENT to pray. Yes, I carried the matter on my head o.

I wrote it down in my prayer journal on 1st January, 2016 and continued to stand in the gap.

And as I knelt and went through my journal sometime last month, I realized that God had answered that prayer because the person was now out of the hospital! I snapped and sent the prayer to my friend and we talked about the faithfulness of God!

We should pray for people, especially those who may not know that they even need it or know how to pray.

No, we MUST pray for people because it is too dangerous not to.

It was after I read ‘Becoming a prayer warrior’ by Elizabeth Alves that I found out about intercession o. Before, it was all about me and my needs.

I love to share personal experiences, because it makes one understand the gravity of the situation more.

Last story (I think),

My sweet sweet Aunty gave a testimony in Church yesterday that made the whole congregation ball their eyes out.

We got really close when I got to Ghana and found out we both attend Daystar in Lagos too. We got even closer when I realized that she had been raped as a youth and had a passion for young ladies like I do.

To cut the long story short, my sis went suddenly off for a year. A whole year, no calls, no text or whatsapp, and no church attendance. Nada! I missed her so much that when I went to Lagos, I asked the people in her department if they had seen her, but they all kept telling me she was in Ghana na.

I smelled something fishy. Something just wasn’t right.

Aunty B had cancer.

Aunty B almost died. (I am crying as I write this because ahh, I love that woman.)

Yesterday, she shared in church with her husband, how she saw death face to face, but asked God to spare her life because she wanted to see her daughter grow.

While she was away, I did not go round gossiping and even stopped asking; I started praying!

There were certain times I felt a burden for her and it had to do with death so I also declared that she will not die. I had no idea!

See, this post is so long and detailed so you can get my point. I want to shake you and beg you not to ever sleep when God asks you to pray for someone!

Aunty B does not joke with prayers, but I will like to believe that I prayed for her the days she felt too weak to pray for herself. I will like to believe that God asked me to intercede on days she lost hope to fight. I will like to believe so.

Do you still want to be spiritually stingy?

I hope not!



A friend shared with me how she had felt a sudden burden to pray for someone in her family. She kept praying for someone who was ill in their home but God redirected her to pray for someone else, someone healthy. Sadly, she just did the normal- ‘God bless sososo’ and got up to do chores.

The person died the next day.

I do not want to scare anyone. In fact, I am a little afraid now not to ever take intercession for granted.

Many people do not know how to or what to pray about, and they do not have to be saved before you can pray for them. God’s word can never lie. NEVER!

It says that the EFFECTIVE FERVENT prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (James 5: 16)

And if you’ve been praying for a while for someone but you see no change, don’t get tired. Fervency is consistency and it takes time, but God will answer!

Ephesians 6:18

With all prayer and petition pray at all times in the Spirit, and with this in view, be on alert with all perseverance and petition for all saints.

Pray in the Spirit too. God often leads us to needs of people when we spend time praying in the Spirit.

I am not perfect, neither am I a preacher with a pulpit, but omobolaji.com is a ministry! It is my pulpit.

You cannot be a prayerless Christian! PLEASE!

My heart breaks for all the time God chose me to intercede and I refused. Sometimes, I still ‘feel too tired’ to pause and pray for someone God puts in my mind.

Do you think it is just a normal thing for you to keep remembering someone you have forgotten for years? My dear, get on your knees on their behalf!

And it doesn’t even have to be dramatic. Pray for people generally.

In fact, pray for friends, enemies, everyone. Pray for those who ask you to join them in prayers and those who do not.




Please, mail me if you want a copy of Becoming a prayer warrior by Elizabeth Alves. It was of great help to my intercessory life. She ends the book with this-

“Now that you have a clear understanding of how to pray, allow God to birth His purposes and plans through you for the wounded and dying world that surrounds you. As you make prayer a priority, you will be changed and God will use you to change your world.”

I still find myself sometimes being spiritually stingy, but God teaches us more things as we spend time with him.

You can even fast too! The devil keeps playing with people’s lives and me, I’m tired of it!

Will you join me to say this prayer-

Lord Jesus, I come before you today to say thank you. Thank you for the privilege of having you.

Thank you for being God, for without you, I am lost. Please, teach me to pray. I admit that I have been spiritually stingy, but I want people to get blessed and saved because I prayed. The world might not see, but Lord use me to help others. Use me to intercede for people who need you but do not know it. Use me Lord, I am available.



Oh boy, this has to be the longest post I’ve ever written on the blog o. The words just kept coming.

I have been blessed though, and I hope you feel the same.

Leave comments with what you have learned and send a mail to letsconnect@omobolaji.com if you need anything- advice, encouragement or prayers!

Have a blessed and fantastic month of May.

Please, say a word of prayer for my mum, today is her birthday- whoop whoop! I love her so much. I have a whole post on my mama.


Love always,



  • UniqueOJ

    Like seriously sista B, anytime i read ur posts im always blessed and challenged. Tanx sooo much this word dear. May God’s anointing, grace nd favour never depart 4rm u in Jesus Name. Amen

  • Kayode Aseweje

    When you do feel pressed to pray for someone, is it dangerous if you don’t exactly pray extensively in the spirit for them but you just pray in words, declaring things like ‘it is well with this person’ and other things you’re led to say based on scriptures.
    What I’m asking is, must the prayers be lengthy and in the spirit ?

    • Prayers are never about length.
      What I believe though is that as God begins to lead you to intercede, you get even more burdened when you begin to pray.
      As you pray, you’d feel that weight lifted and I believe that’s when you can stop. But sometimes, we try to run after doing the “God bless so & so”, even when the burden is still there.

      Truth is, when we have issues, we just don’t say to ourselves- God bless me. It is well with me; and then we stand up. We pray till we fell a move in the Spirit. And that’s what we should do for others too.

      Do you get or need more clarification?
      Let me know Kayode!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • tomskie

    I’m going to share a very bad experience I had,
    This lady was pregnant (a friend’s sister) and God kept bringing her to my mind during my prayer time. I started praying towards her delivery but then I asked when her due date was and I was told it was still a few weeks away so I didn’t take the prayers too seriously and at some point I even stopped praying altogether. Two weeks after, I was told she had lost her babies. I could NOT get over that for a while. I kept telling God I was sorry because I had failed Him in that area. He wanted me to stand in the gap but I did NOT! That was a big lesson for me. Honestly, when God tells us to pray for someone, we should just pray for them!

    • Hmmm! Thank God we don’t have to stay in guilt and God forgives us for all wrongs.
      Thank you so much for sharing Tomskie!

      This just helps to teach us to be much more serious when God asks us to intercede for others. It is even a privilege for God to choose us to stand in the gap for people.

      I pray we just obey and pray for people from now on.

      Thanks again! 💜💚💜

  • Hmmm, this is wow. The importance and beauty of intercession. It reminds me of a post I wrote some time ago titled when love takes over your prayer life. Thank God for his grace. It also takes love I guess. Love over religion. Love that ah people need God, people need to see Gods love. People need you to intercede

    Lol, @stingy. I remember when I wrote a post that we should dedicate a week to pray for others and not ourselves. People rarely opted in. Lol and maybe they did but didn’t tell me sha. Anyways it was amazing how we always want to keep praying for ourselves but we are reluctant to just stop thinking of ourselves even for a week and pray for others. It’s walking in Love that makes us realize that God will keep watching us even if we don’t pray for ourselves because we are concerning ourselves with other people which he sure wants us to do.

    Beautiful testimony bolaji. You are blessed.

    • I remember those two posts Itunu.

      Even in Church, people say ‘Amen’ louder when it’s a prayer directed to them than when it’s for others.
      It’s a process though, and as we mature, we must leave stinginess behind.

      The world really is perishing and if it doesn’t bother us, then something is wrong! Because we MUST pray o.
      The devil is going after people who have their guards down, so we must intercede!

      I learned that even before I got born again, there were people praying for me. It’s my turn to pray for others.

      I’ve also noticed that when I pray for others, my own unsaid prayers are even answered. And I am led to pray for myself in a way I wouldn’t have, if I outrightly prayed for only myself.

      Plus, it’s fulfilling when we see God’s answers to our prayers concerning someone; even when they don’t know we prayed!

      Thanks sis. You are a mega blessing!

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