The Word- Hope.

The Word- Hope.

Good Monday Morning!
You’re doing good right? I’m sure Nigerians are enjoying their break today like me.

You guys know how I write on things I’m dealing with at the moment. Right now, I’m hanging on hope. I’m hanging on God. I’m hanging on His word to hope that this world is more than this.

There’s this thing that happens almost every time it’s close to paying my fees. The devil fights me to believe that God is not faithful. The devil fights my hope and faith, but I know that God is ever faithful.

Most foreign students in Ghana pay in dollars. And I’m not even lying, dollar rate rises almost every time I have to pay my fees. Definitely, that means my fees will increase in Naira.

I remember when I had to pay last semester!Lol.
It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. The Cedi currency was quite high which meant that my fees might not be up to what I had to pay. (I can’t explain the currency thing in detail here.)

A friend used the ATM some days before I used it and it was scary.

But I remembered that I hung on to God’s word and believed that He’d favour me. My people, I kept singing this song as I walked from school to the ATM to withdraw “My God can do all things, oh yes! He can do all things. Oh yes! My God can do all things, oh yes! He can do all things, oh yes!”

I was amazed when I got there and realized after I had used the ATM, how low the currency had gone! I thought it wouldn’t be enough to pay my fees, but I had over 500 Ghana Cedis left after I removed my fees. That’s like their 50k.

God is a wonder worker. I guess He just wanted me to hope in Him and realize that He’s never leaving me.
I saw this picture that speaks my mind.


God didn’t say we wouldn’t go through difficult times, but He promised to be there through it all.
But guess what people, the devil will fight you big time!

As I got tempted to think how my fees might not meet up this time again, I started speaking encouraging words to myself as I walked to the office.
I didn’t even care if anyone was watching. I consciously remembered God’s faithfulness through my two years and that He’d take care of the remaining two years.

Just as I got to work feeling much better. My friend messaged me saying that school has refused to take her fees for now, because they think they might increase it. Lol!
This devil is a joker sha.

That almost broke my spirit. I refused to  tell anyone at home because I believe the fees will not be increased, but if it is, God is still God.

Not to be sad, I’ve decided to remember. To remember the past and how my father has never failed me. Things happen that I don’t understand. And that’s why if you’re in my room at school you’d see a paper on the wall that says “If hope is the anchor for the soul, then God is my hope.”
Hebrews 6:19- “This hope we have an an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the presence behind the veil.”

You see, this world would have been so miserable without hope. I just studied the book of Hebrews this past week and it talked about a better country than the one I’m in now. A heavenly one.
But who has seen it before?

It’s hope and faith that allows us believe in Jesus in the first place. Because we hope that this world isn’t just about us and it’s wickedness, but about someone much better who has promised us a better place.

I don’t know what it is you’re going through now and the devil is trying hard to steal your hope. Don’t let him.
I went to read ‘The Word- Mountains’ again and I was truly blessed.

I even looked at the dictionary meaning of ‘anchor’ after I remembered the scripture on my wall and these definitions say it all: “…that which gives stability or security.” Or “…to provide emotional stability for a person in distress.”
God is the one who gives us emotional stability through it all.

Sorry devil, I’m hanging on to hope. You lost, just as you always do and just like you always will.

That’s it today.
I pray for you.
The Lord will bless your heart and give you zeal to hope in Him beyond every thing. Amen.

Have a lovely week.
Love, Mobolaji.


  • Chukwuma

    Happy holidays. There is nothing to worry about when we have hope in the God of heaven. Like Abraham “who against hope, believed in hope”, we should defy all odds and have hope and full assurance in God, because with him nothing is impossible.

    Nice reading from you Mobolaji.

    Have a nice week!

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