The Word – Healing!

The Word – Healing!

Good Monday Morning!

My people, How are you? Hope exciting things happened during the weekend? Some did for me and I’d share one soon.

Our word for this week is “Healing.” I notice that many people shy away from this topic, probably because of speculations they hold about it. It is good to read God’s word for clarification on such topics.

It is often perceived that one must fall or something dramatic must happen before one can experience healing; but it doesn’t have to be so.

How about ‘normal’ pains? Have we allowed headaches, sore-throats, joint pains to become “normal”? To the extent that we don’t feel the need to exercise our authority as Christians to speak healing into our lives?

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Excerpt from January 17 of ‘Open Heavens’ daily devotional – “Are you enjoying spiritual authority? Better still, are you really exercising your God-given spiritual authority? … However, it is one thing to know that you have authority, and it is another thing to exercise it.”
In other words, you might know that you have something, but not use it.

I like to share personal experiences to backup lessons I learn and here’s one exciting one!

I was a bit frustrated last week because I was experiencing one unpleasant situation to the next. It got serious when I woke up with joints, neck and eye pain all at once.
I thought to myself,’ Are you kidding me’? How can I add illness to what’s already on ground?

These are my malaria symptoms and I knew that I’d have to use drugs. I kept thinking of how I was sincerely trying to be prudent and buying malaria drugs seemed like a luxury.

So, as I laid alone in the dark groaning due to my body pains. I steered myself up that I wasn’t going to buy any drug and I was going to declare healing for myself.
I sat up even as it felt like my head was going to fall off and I started praying in tongues while placing my hand on my head. I also used my anointing oil on my neck and head.

We had discussed healing in various Bible studies in church, but I’d never taken authority over sickness like that before. I knew that healing existed but I believed by mouth and testimony of others.
As I prayed with my hand on my head, I experienced instant relief in my head. I’m telling you, the feeling was awesome!

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My neck still hurt but I believed my healing was complete and after two days, I felt no pain again even though I did not use any drug! Awesome! 🙂

Let me confess, it felt like film-trick to me. It made me realize that I wasn’t exercising enough power in Christ in many areas.

Coincidentally or not, my Pastor’s wife talked about the same thing in church yesterday. She explained how many of us think we believe in certain principles of the Bible because other people testify about it, but we never exercise it on ourselves. No wonder some people testify of how they’ve not used drugs or been to the hospital for years!

She shared Ephesians 3:20 “Now to him who is able to do IMMEASURABLY more than we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within US.”

God can do great and mighty things in our lives, according to the power IN US, not in another person. To get power, we must continually stay in God’s presence, read and declare His word.

Now that I’ve exercised this healing power that God has given me through Christ, I’m not going back. Forward ever.

I employ you to stand in gap for yourself and others and exercise the delegated power God has given you.
Don’t let the devil play games with you or your loved ones, pray and use your power over him!

Remember Isaiah 53:5 that says “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our indignities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds WE ARE HEALED.”

I pray that God’s healing power comes alive in us. And if the doctors have declared that you have a terminal illness, don’t take it as the final word. Our God is the great physician, the more than able specialist, the one whose word is final.
Your healing awaits. Speak it now!

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God bless your week.
Love, Bolaji.


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