The Word- Guilt.

The Word- Guilt.

Hey hey hey.



I hope the weekend was splendid for you?

My 8pm alarm rang as I worked on my phone, and I put it off.
This alarm rings every single day as a reminder for my evening time with God.

Even before 8, I already ‘felt’ like I didn’t want to spend time with God. So when it was time, I found a way of escape.

I can testify that this doesn’t happen to only me.

We make a mistake and instead of running to God, we run away from Him.

      Hebrews 4:16 (ESV)
Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.


One major problem we have is that we don’t take the Bible serious.
We always try to ‘explain away’ what a scripture says, instead of simply obeying it!

What is the point of allowing guilt keep you away from your maker; when He’s the only one that can wipe it away!

I wonder…
How is it that when we offend man, we have more of pride than guilt.
But when we do something in secret that only God knows, guilt eats us up.

    Hebrews 4:14-16 (MSG)
Now that we know what we have—Jesus, this great High Priest with ready access to God—let’s not let it slip through our fingers. We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all—all but the sin. So let’s walk right up to him and get what he is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help.

The Message Bible breaks things down for us. ACCEPT THE HELP!

Help isn’t forced on people. To benefit from someone’s help, we must accept it first.

God dropped an illustration in my head.

Guilt is like Ice aka ‘Block‘. As in, the one Nigerians use to chill drinks for parties.
Yes, it’s like that.

It’s uncomfortable to hold because it’s incredibly cold for your hands and the longer you carry it, the more it drips.
You can’t hide block, because as you walk, water will continue to drip and form a trail behind you.

You need to throw it into the Ice chest to chill the drinks. That’s the only way the block can become useful, but if you refuse to throw it in, it will remain a burden.

Guilt can also become useful like block in it’s Ice Chest. Because after we’ve thrown it at the throne of grace, God teaches us lessons from our actions.

That way, our guilt hasn’t become a waste.

I’ve carried this guilt since yesterday and I’m burdened!
I just want to kneel at my bed, ask for forgiveness and love my God again.

So, why don’t you also throw it in?

How long do you think you can keep up with carrying this ice?
Do you even realize how it’s hurting you and others as you leave a trail behind you?

I wrote a post on Facebook yesterday and I’m still thinking about it. I am not shattered, I have been and I am REDEEMED!



We have been redeemed, set apart and set free.
We have been placed above guilt because of the precious blood of Jesus that speaks for us daily.

Think about it, Jesus died way before you finally accepted Him.
He knew how awful you could be and act; and still agreed for God’s will to be done.

Have you ever heard this-
If you were the only sinner left on earth, Jesus will still have died!

It’s not just a cliché line, it is the TRUTH.

God loves us that much!

He sees how we waste precious time in guilt, and wants us to come to Him.

There’s so much peace in apologizing.

You can’t whitewash your sins and get by with it; you find mercy by admitting and leaving them.
Proverbs 28:13 MSG

Guilt is a heavy load and I’m tired of carrying it.
I’m going to my maker to take it away and replenish my soul.

I think you should do same!

Go boldly to the throne of grace…
Go now…

God bless you.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, our saviour and Redeemer, we have come before you today to say THANK YOU!
Thank you for changing our lives and making us worthy of forgiveness through your blood.
We remain ever grateful for your sacrifice.
Please, teach us to run to you at every point in time.
Teach us to carry our guilt and dump it as your feet as we receive forgiveness. Guilt is too much load for us to carry, so Lord, we have come boldly to your throne of grace.
Wipe us clean and make us as white as snow in your presence. Give us a new slate as we walk with you today. In Jesus name, Amen!


To end today’s post, ponder on the words of this widely known Hymn:

What a friend we have in Jesus,
All our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer!


Have an amazing week ahead.

My exams start on Wednesday, please, say a prayer for me! Thank you.♡

Share your thoughts on today’s post with us. We learn so much from your comments, please, keep them coming!

Love always,


  • Aramide

    Guilt makes us leave God’s presence . I woke up 1am today, I had plans to pray but i slept off and when i woke up 5am i was so sad and felt so guitly for not praying.
    Thanks babe for this reminder that His love remains the same.
    I hope my comment uploads today because i have tried so with previous posts but it just doesnt upload *sadface*.
    I got to know of your blog from Frances blog.

    • Aww. Welcome Aramide!

      Thank God it posted, now I have a new friend. Lol. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Even when we fall, God doesn’t see us as failures. Sometimes, we’re so hard on ourselves!
      When we can simply ask for forgiveness and move on to greater assignments.

      Mine was also because I didn’t pray when I ought to.

      Stay awesome! ♡♥♡

  • Aramide

    I’m all smiles i could literally feel your joy over here.

    Yes we are so hard on ourselves, i had to tell myself to say Thank you when i woke up 5am, choi! Guilt, sin, disobedience and what have you are bad distractions sha.

    You have been my friend since, i follow your blog diligently*lool*. i’m glad to be your friend too.

    Good success in your exam.

    • Amen! Thanks dear.

      Ahh, you’ve been reading since, and you no wan come out! These comments be making me lose friends 🙈😥

      People complain often and I don’t know what to do again. Hopefully, we’d be hearing from you more often. 😘

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