The Word – GIVE!

The Word – GIVE!

Good Monday Morning!
I hope your weekend was awesome?
Mine was restful. 🙂

As the title indicates, our word for the week is GIVE!
My efamily, we ought to give our time and money to important things and people. I could even stop writing now; and I’d know you’ve gained a lesson or two by me only encouraging you to give,but let me expand this a little.

The important people above has absolutely nothing to do with the “high and mighty” of our society. They have to do with the things that are important to God.

One of the goals I set for myself this year is to give sacrificially every month. I’ve started already and this month, I’m hoping that I can bless my Pastor with something small so that He can pronounce BIG blessings into my life.

My friends, I’ve stated in previous posts that I’m naturally not a giver. Honestly, I’d rather hold on to what I have than give to something or someone. However, I’m now more of a spiritual being than I am a natural being, and I’m learning that I have to live by the principles of the spirit.
Do not forget Proverbs 11:24-25 ““One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty.”
A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed(NIV)

Let me tell you the most amazing thing about giving God’s way. He looks more at your heart and intention than at the amount you’re giving!
In fact, my January sacrificial giving was #200(Naira) and do you know that I pleased God with it! I could feel Him smiling at me because at that time, #200 was too big to give out since I really needed it!
I’m only sharing this so that we can move from the thought of we not having enough, to that of just giving what we have!

I also stated earlier that in March, I hope my sacrificial giving will be to my Pastor. Funny how I have quite a number of expenses this month as a student, but somehow I believe God will provide enough for me to be able to give.
My Pastor truly is not in need of what I will be giving and might even give it to someone else; but I’m giving because God is teaching me that is is more blessed to give than to receive!

Plus, it is stated in the Bible that we should give to God’s Prophets! Don’t joke with the prayers of a Prophet.

Let me also share that since I started this in Janaury, my ‘givings’ have increased and I believe that #200 will be my lowest for the year! Amen!

I encourage you today to purpose in your heart to become a giver! Don’t wait till when you have “enough”, because when that time comes the spirit of giving wouldn’t just drop on you. It is learned by grace!

It doesn’t always have to be money, you can give your time or even your words to someone in need!
Go visit an orphanage, help out your sister who has toddlers, buy birthday presents for your friends, give to the poor around you,pray for people, give to your church projects,say encouraging words to someone who’s going through a tough time or even give someone a hug that says how you’re totally by them through all their troubles!

Remember that like me, you don’t have to be a “natural” giver; but we can push ourselves to give because we’re now using spiritual principles. Be a giver that expects nothing in return!


And if you ask me why? Here’s why-
Luke 6:38. “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Perhaps you missed The Word last week, you can read it here- Correction! I’m sure it’d help someone as it helped me.

I do hope you’ve joined our efamily? If not, all you have to do is scroll down and subscribe by mail so that you can get all new posts directly. We can’t wait to have you on board! 🙂

Do have a pleasant week. God bless you.
Love, Mobolaji.


  • Ah babes, nobody is a natural giver oh, it’s only through God’s grace and gift that we can give freely

    When I got to your intention to give to your pastor, I went all aha, that’s a kingdom principle. It was even expatiated on in Kenneth Hagin’s book-keys to financial prosperity.

    I pray for grace for us to give with the right hearts.

    Have a blessed week ahead.

  • That picture got me LOL literally. It’s funny but true. Whenever we give, we’ve been raised to believe give so that you get something in return or so that you’ll get blessed. The way the natural man thinks. But I’m glad we’re learning everyday.

    Ah, like you stated, it’s not easy to give o. Me too I used to find it hard to give ehn..lol, because I felt I needed it. Every single dime. And so, I started training myself to give with no intention of getting something back. As I got closer to God, I realized that it was important I give because Love isn’t selfish.

    If the reward comes fine. If it doesn’t, still fine. But I want God to see my heart and help me be a better person. I want to be able to give to less privileged kids and know that I made their day. I’m happy you’re really following your goals o. You’re gingering me already. 😀

    And yes, not only pastors should we give, but even people who have boosted our spiritual life, who have planted seeds in our lives to help us grow and have contributed to our spiritual growth.

    • “If the reward comes fine. If it doesn’t still fine.” That is the whole point o! To get to a stage where giving becomes a part of us as a habit sef!
      It’s true that others that have helped with our spiritual growth should know that we appreciate them even if they aren’t Pastors.
      Haha! I’m following some deligently ni o, but some….like exercising goals have not even been touched at all! I ask for grace to be able to ‘give’ to that aspect before the year runs out.

      There’s really this joy and fulfillment when we give to make someone else’s life better, even if no one else knows about it.

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