The Word- Friends.

The Word- Friends.

Good Monday Morning!

How art thou? Hope thy weekend was splendid?

Haha, I’m speaking old king James version today. Don’t mind me.😊

Our word this week is friends! It’s one that has been on my mind for a while, but I let God lead according to what He wants for a day. So I’m sure this is for someone today.

One of my plans for the year was to find few godly friends that I could share Christ with. And I’m glad to say that I’ve been gifted with those kind of friends this year. 

I say I’ve been gifted, because it had nothing to do with my goals. It had nothing to do with me knowing how to choose the right friends. It had everything to do with God. He gifted me with these friends. 

I remember I actually used to cry to God in prayer that I needed friends from Him. Those that will grow with me and not try to pull me down. 

I see how He daily answers that prayer.

And I want you to know that too. You didn’t get your friends because you knew how to pick well, God blessed you with them. 

And if you feel like you don’t have the right kind of friends, ask God. He’s the perfect match maker. 

The way He’d put people in your path will just amaze you.

And there are some that He will bring for just a moment. You must be able to recognize that those ones have done their part and you must allow them move on. God has got you!


These great friends don’t even have to be living right next to you, but you’ve got to recognize them and appreciate who they are to you.

I have a friend in another country who is so dear to me. God uses her to send love to me sometimes when I’m down. 

I remember one morning, I woke up feeling someway. 

I knew she’d sent me a voice note but hadn’t had time to listen to it, so I was led to listen that morning.

I burst into tears when I realized she’d sent me a prayer. As I heard her pray for me (though a thousand miles away) my heart burst in praise to God. He truly is the reason for everything.

I know some wouldn’t get how believers live. They might actually even make faces and say what has God got to do with making friends; but He’s got every single thing to do with it o!

He orchestrates these ‘meetings’ and brings awesome people into our lives. Isn’t He just awesome?

I remember last week as I thought of a verse to use for today’s word, He immediately made someone on instagram post this:

Proverbs 18:24 – Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.

There are friends that stay so close to our hearts and are gifts from God. 

You’ve got to make sure that you’re also a gift to people. Treat people right and let those who mean the world to you know it. Don’t be ashamed to let people know that you love them if you do.

Remember, they’re gifts from God to us! So why not unwrap and cherish these gifts God has blessed you with. 

God bless you!


I hope this word is for you as much as it’s for me. Send to someone that’s been an absolute blessing to you! Celebrate them!

You’re a gift to someone else. Let love burst through your heart for those you’re certain God has placed in your life.


Have an awesome week ahead.

It’s going to be a glorious week, I tell you! Amen.

Plenty love, Mobolaji.💜



  • Friends are treasures that we are to guide jealously with all that we have, they stick closer than siblings. I have always prayed that God will give me Godly friends who will stand the test of time. He has answered the prayer and am glad..


    • Mobolaji.

      So that you have been blessed with awesome friends Gabby. Happy for you! Remember to love them and cherish them too.
      Thanks girl! You’re appreciated.

  • Chukwuma

    Nice word for today. And to add, a verse says, a man that has friends must show himself friendly. Some times when God gives us friends our attitude towards them determine how they’ll stay, stick and serve us. We must be friendly as well.

    Have a nice week Mobolaji.

    • Mobolaji.

      Very true Chukwuma! Very true. We must also show ourselves friendly so that we don’t push our good friends away with our attitudes.
      You know we cherish your comments! Thanks!

  • Chinenye

    Wow. Bolaji, it’s been quite a while and this post though over a year now is addressing me today. How amazing is this God?

    So, one of my friends who is serving in the same place as I am was over the phone with one of her own friends this morning and he suggested they and their other friends go to the beach and the asked me if I was interested and I was like sure and she told this friend of hers and then he asked her, is she ‘sharp’? and I was thinking in my mind what does he mean? and I heard a voice asking me, is this the kind of friends you want to keep? and I couldn’t even get to answer that question

    and now seeing this, it just shows me how interested God is in very ‘unimportant’ things in my life and how he just wants the best for me

    O Lord, in your infinite mercy, please bring me those friends who will do their best to see that I am in right standing with you. Amen

    Thank you so much Lord for always caring even when I don’t

    God bless you B.

    • God is so good at ‘coincidences’! He knows just when we need something, no matter how old it may be.
      I’m glad this was so helpful at this time, but all glory goes to God almighty who sent this to you at the right time. ♡

      Don’t stop praying, He will bring those godly friends your way & you all will serve Him together. Just be obedient to His leading.

      God bless you dear. ♥

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