The Word – Familiarity.

The Word – Familiarity.

Good Monday Morning!
I hope you’ve been good?
I apologize for my inconsistency last week. I came home and couldn’t get a place to cut my sim to the size my phone requires. I really did try to connect to the internet, but couldn’t because my normal sim couldn’t work with my phone. I am truly sorry.

I appreciate that you’ve still been checking the blog. I say a big welcome to our new readers too. I notice and don’t take you for granted. ❤

Now to our ‘Word’ today. I was tempted to title this post ‘God is not your mate’ but that wouldn’t be a ‘Word’, would it?

I believe many of us have heard the saying that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. However I am sure not many of us have thought of it in the Christian perceptive. It seems many of us have gotten too familiar with our God-Human relationship. Let me explain.

Two weeks ago, I was extremely blessed by the message shared in Wednesday service at the church I’m a part of in Ghana. I was so convicted that I knew I could not keep this message to myself.

Do you realize that we have gotten too familiar with God?

You see, we know that God is awesome, He is our father and His love is everlasting; but these attributes don’t change the fact that He is GOD ALMIGHTY. Don’t ever forget that.

The man who shared this message used Elijah as an example and though I had read that passage numerous times in the Bible, I had never seen it that way.

Elijah was sad and lamented to God. He wanted to die because He was jealous for the Lord and felt He was the only Prophet left. 1Kings19:14 And He said , “I have been very zealous for the Lord God of hosts; because the children of Israel have forsaken Your covenant , torn down Your altars , and killed Your prophets with the sword. I alone am left; and they seek to take my life.”

It was quite funny though, because He ran from Jezebel who promised to kill him, to cry to God that He should kill him instead.

He was running away from death to ask for death, he probably didn’t really want to die. He only wanted God to know how hurt he was. He then said the exact same thing he said to God earlier.

He told God that He was the only Prophet left and all other God’s prophet had been killed. He said this twice before God now told him in 1Kings19:15-16 Then the Lord said to him: “Go, return on your way to the Wilderness of Damascus; and when you arrive , anoint Hazael as king over Syria.
Also you shall anoint Jehu the son of Nimshi as king over Israel. And Elisha the son of Shaphat of Abel Meholah you shall anoint as prophet IN YOUR PLACE.
Notice how God just gave an instruction and didn’t even go back to what Elijah was saying. Please read the whole of 1 Kings 19.

God had kept 7000 other men for Himself. Whenever we start to think we’re ‘the only one left’ who can sing, clean, evangelize, preach for God; He probably has 7000 people who can replace us.
May we never be so far gone that we’re replaced in Jesus name. Amen.

Another interesting factor brought out was the fact that when God asked him to come out of the cave because God wanted to speak, Elijah did not step out.

He had expected that God will speak in His ‘normal’ way (wind,earthquake, fire), until God showed him another dimension. He had seen God in all the other various ways and expected God to show up that way again, but he encountered the ‘Still Small Voice’ for the very first time.

As Christians, we’re very much like Elijah. We think we know God so well that we already have His timetable in our hands. He showed up that way before, so He’s going to show up that exact way again, right?

The preacher again said that what many of us don’t realize is this- it is very dangerous to say that we KNOW God.

We must always be as thirsty with our first love ever strong in our hearts.
We must never get to a point where the word is no longer working in our lives, because we feel we can predict God.

If there’s one attribute of God I know, it’s that He’s not in the least bit predictable. He just isn’t.

Let us always have that awe for God in our hearts and not take His grace and mercy for granted.

He is our lover, our help in time of need; but let’s also remember that He is ALMIGHTY.

Another interesting thing this man said is this- “So many of us are so used to ‘Praise the Lord’, that we no longer shout ‘Hallelujah’. We have forgotten that God is not out mate!”

He also talked about how we now sit for praise or worship, because we’re too cool to stand. We’ve gotten so used to it, that we think nothing miraculous can happen during praise or worship. Truth is, we’ve gotten too familiar.

I also want to ask a question,’if God were physically present in such a way that you could see Him, would you leave church before the final grace/prayers?’
It baffles me how people stand and walk out of service 15 minutes or less to the closing charge. Is it just to get to the parking lot early or be out before it gets crowded?
If you’ve waited that long, why not wait till the end? We’ve gotten too familiar.

My friends, as I sit writing this, God is also searching my heart about these things and convicting me.

God is not our mate o.

This is not to create a wrong kind of fear in our hearts for God o, because God wants us to come boldly to His Throne of Grace at all times.

However, Solomon wasn’t mistaken when he said the conclusion of the whole matter is to have the fear of God burning in our hearts. (See Ecclesiastics 12:14).
That awe must not varnish.

Let’s always thrive to know Him more and not ever relax because we ‘feel’ or ‘think’ that we know Him so well that even our spiritual lives lose growth.

Remember that awesomeness you attributed to God when you just accepted Him?
Remember how you loved Him so much and wanted to reach for the depth of Him?
Remember that awe and freshness you experienced when you just got born again?
Please don’t lose it.

God is so diverse that we can’t predict Him. Don’t ever think you know Him fully.
Do not let your familiarity breed contempt.

God bless you!

As I always say, this word is for you as much as it is for me. I got the message from the media room in church and have listened to it several times, if per chance we meet sometime, remind me to send it to you. 🙂

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To my people in Ghana, I pray for God’s comfort for us all. I’m not there physically, but my heart prays for you. May God keep us all.

Stay safe…xx
Have an awesome week ahead and remain blessed
Plenty Love, B.


  • Bolaji…its like I knew this would convict me, I jejeleft it till now when my head is correct..

    The one with the 7000servants left hit me.
    No, we get too big/proud for the Lord, another heart is ready to be used by Him..oh Lord, keep us humble beneath your grace.

    And the walking out of Church before closing time, I used to do that in my church at home-never enjoyed the service and used to be too long *sigh*
    Cuz I also did that when I attended house of the rock in Lag too. Oh Lord, thank you for opening my eyes today, i’m sorry.

    As for Elijah saying that God should take his life..hmmm, thank God that He searches heart and doesn’t follow the silly things we say sometimes, else where we for dey?
    But we still must be careful what we say, the spiritual recognizes it..”we shall have whatsoever we say, so we must endeavor to say the right things”

    Have a great week ahead Bolaji, will re-read this post again and 1Kings 19 too

    • Amen and amen o dear Frances. May He keep us humble beneath His grace. Our hearts must yearn for more, not any over sabi spirit.
      It’s true that sometimes services can be long, we can only ask for grace to remember that the church is our Father’s house and His presence must be referenced.
      And for God not minding what we say sometimes! It’s such a blessing, because He was a God that didn’t search hearts, then our mouths would have put us in trouble tete.
      Please do read the whole verse. It’ll bless you!
      Have an awesome week ahead. I appreciate you.

  • haha@God is not your mate. This Bolaji ehn, you’re so funny.

    Hmmn, this has made me see another perspective to this. Never would have imagined something like that and anytime my mind wants to stray, your post comes to mind, pulls me into check that I shouldn’t lament but rather, just make my request known to God as the Bible makes known to us. Our tears and wining and mumbling don’t cut it. Just say it to God and let Him know what you really want because He already even knows before we ask.

    This suddenly reminds me of that disabled man by the pool that Jesus asked him a question and he was saying this and that. lol. He was beginning to tell the story of how he’s not able to get into the pool when the water gets stirred by the angel as someone gets in before Him.

    Plenty love dear! I appreciate you big time.

    • I tell you Glow! When the man preached, I was just wondering why I never saw that chapter in that light before. I was grateful for the revelation though.
      The message sure blessed me!
      I appreciate you too! I do!

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