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Good Monday Morning!


Kilon shele? (What’s happening?)


You guys, I promise that I really tried to post on Christmas day! It was a Friday sef, but my phone no gree. I even made a video with Frances here , but was unable to post it. That video will be on the blog someday soon sha. Two of my friends even sent me a video of what Christmas means to them but everything did not upload. (All this uploading wahala will end soon by God’s grace!)


Anyway. Hope your holiday has been awesome? It’s not too late to wish you Merry Christmas shey? Cuz things are still going merry, abi? LOL

Let’s not over talk in our introduction. Time to share what’s been on my mind since I began to study the book of Acts again!


When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled ORDINARY MEN they were astonished and they took note that these men HAD BEEN WITH JESUS. Acts 4:13


Have you been with Jesus?

I’m already like 2 chapters away from that verse, but I just couldn’t move on since I read it.


I even wrote something by the verse in my Bible- Ordinary men + Jesus = Miracles!

And that’s the summary of this whole post. We ordinary people can become extraordinary once we’ve been with Jesus!


Extraordinary, meaning we can do things that ordinary men can’t.


Like few days ago, I was about to go into my ‘’Strong face-Bad attitude mode” because I was starting to get tired. But I’d been with Jesus that morning and the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me of what I was taught in the morning. A simple ‘’Bolaji, attitude check!” from Him was enough. And obeying at that moment made me extraordinary. The ordinary me couldn’t have had an attitude check by myself.


What about miracles?

I started with the illustration about my mood first because miracles happen in different ways. Little things that other men may not see can be miracles in our lives.


What about Peter and the other men that had been with Jesus!

Mahn, they turned their community around for Christ! Preaching with boldness and healing people.

Some men even believed that Peter’s shadow will heal them and it did.

Because ordinary Peter had been with Jesus. He was doing extraordinary things. For Christ…


Have you been with Jesus?

Like, really BEEN with Him?


My friend and I talked deep yesterday and then we got to a part where I said something like “I wish they knew Jesus” when we were talking about 2 of our really close male friends.

Then I paused and asked…

“Wait, have we taken time out to really tell them about Jesus sef?”


Because, the truth is that, one that has truly been with Jesus CANNOT be quiet about Him!

Because He changes lives and things.


Haha, I remember shedding a few tears yesterday during my time with God. I was jejely giving thanks o, when I suddenly had tears on my face.

It’s unexplainable really. What this Jesus does to someone.


He comes in slowly…then begins to do things in your life that you never expected. I think another reason I was crying was that His promises about me just didn’t match what I was currently seeing. I had just written one outrageous desire down for the next few years and was wondering- How in the world will I be able to do or afford that?

But that’s my mistake.


When we’ve been with Jesus. It is not our job to start wondering how He will do what He said He will do.

Let’s just keep being with Him and see where He takes us, while standing in faith.


You’re not ordinary.

Well, that’s if you’ve been with Jesus.

You’re not ordinary.


Even when things don’t seem to ‘look it’, remember the God that you serve.

Remember the awesome men of the Bible whose lives changed because they had been with Jesus.

They were ORDINARY men. Just living and not looking for trouble.

When Jesus came in, He added EXTRA to their ordinary.


Do people see that in us too? Do our friends even know if we’ve been with Jesus?

Do they see anything about us that they know isn’t just explainable or normal?


A friend who I told that our mutual friends used to mock me about being born-again, said she thinks they now respect me.

I’m still who I am. Well, actually, I’m not.

I guess they’ve seen that over the years and realized that the same thing they mocked me about is what they now admire. They use this sentence to describe it- ‘Bolaji has changed.’


Well, Bolaji isn’t ordinary anymore. Jesus has done something.

I’m not trying to blow my own horn or something, I’m just saying you can’t remain the same when you’ve been with Jesus.

It just doesn’t happen.

Or should I first ask- Have you been with Jesus?




Lord, we pray that you help us see the extraordinary things you have planned for our lives. Help us to stop living mediocre lives in the world when we can have it all with you. We want you to add the extra to our ordinary, God. Lord, we give you permission to come into our space- our hearts and transform us. Transform us Lord Jesus. Transform us! We do not want to die ordinary. Amen!


Thanks a lot for reading! I know this was kinda a long read. I know it was worth it though. Please, do share lessons with us using the comment section!


How has God changed your life?

What’s the EXTRA He has added to your ORDINARY?

I know you can’t be quiet about it!


Do have an awesome time this period!

I should have one more post up before the end of year.

God bless you.


My love grows for you guys every day!


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