The Word – Distraction.

The Word – Distraction.

Good Monday Morning everyone!

I hope your weekend was pleasant and stress-free?

I know it hasn’t particularly been the best week so far in Nigeria because of the fuel scarcity and it’s price increase. My heart is always at home because no matter what, that is my fatherland and I cannot disown it.
Please, take time out to pray for Nigeria through out this week; that no matter the plans of the devil, God’s righteousness will prevail in that Nation and it will only get better.
This is also not the time to say negative things about Nigeria. A friend yesterday said she doesn’t want to go home yet, because of the bad luck in Nigeria. I quickly replied that there’s no bad luck in Nigeria biko. So, pray pray pray! Thank you.

Sorry for the long introduction today.
As our Title indicates, our Word for this week is ‘Distraction’.

Sometime back, I read the book of 1 kings and took this from Solomon’s story- Sometimes we get so distracted with what God has given us, that we substitute them for God Himself.

This is a very timely message for me personally, as I know it also is for you. When God asked Solomon “What would you like me to give you?” (See 1 kings 3:5) He didn’t ask for any other thing but wisdom(there’s another lesson here); and this wisdom changed Solomon’s life!
The word does not lie when it says seek first God’s righteousness and every other thing will follow; but what happens when one allows the wisdom to take the place of God???

I would have loved to write out the whole story of Solomon but I will plead with you to read it.(From 1Kings chapter 2-11)
The wisdom Solomon got gave him this passion for building! He knew that there was no temple for the people to worship God and he was vehemently ready to obey God’s instructions concerning the temple(though the planning started from David’s time).

However, as you read on, you’d notice that Solomon began to over build! I mean, the guy did not rest. It was always from one building project to the other and they were not particularly God’s instructions.
Truth is, Solomon got distracted; just as we all do.

We ask God for work and when we get it, He takes second place.
We ask God for husband/wife and when they come, He takes second place.
We ask God for children and when they arrive, He takes second place.
We ask God for admission and when it comes, He takes second place.
We ask God for phone and when it comes, He takes second place.(This sounds a lot like Bolaji lately)

You see, we need to get to a point where no matter what comes into our lives, God remains God! We need to get back to that awe of God and know that if He gives us something, He can also take it away.

This is not to scare us, only to encourage us to put God first in our daily lives because that is where He belongs.
We must not let the THINGS He has blessed us with take His place.

As I was about to write on some lessons I got from mid-week service last week; the Holy Spirit reminded me of The Word- Distraction which I had drafted weeks back. And I know it is because I have been pressing my phone before spending time with Him this few mornings after getting a phone. You see, I have a lot of applications to download and a lot of people to talk to; but should they come before I talk to God?


This is the same phone He provided for me without paying kobo! I got the phone only by the favour of God, and now I’ve been pressing it before fellowshiping with God in the mornings.
This applies to various aspects of our lives and we just need to be truthful and allow God convict us on the areas we fall short.

I do not want The Word today to be too long, but I know that God will open our eyes and hearts more to understand this topic.

Have a lovely week ahead and remember to put God first. Do not be distracted!

I appreciate all of you who read, comment and share posts from here! God bless you big time! I hope someday we can have a blog party where all our silent readers get to show their faces. Lol.

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Do have a great week ahead.
Much love.


  • Sometimes its because we have not understood that God can dispossess us of whatever we think we have and which does not allow us fellowship with Him. Job understood this, he said, God giveth and God taketh. He also said, shall we always recieve good from God and not evil. Nothing should get us distracted whatsoever from God and even from our godly pursuits.

    I am a victim of phone pressing oh, just overcoming it by his grace. ‘technology has its own spirit’ (someone said and i agree).

    Have a lovely week too!

    • This is so true! God can withdraw anything from us if it will distract or ultimately destroy us. We think everything we have is here to stay, and we push God aside in the process.
      As you stated, nothing should distract us from God and His plans for us.
      I am an advent phone presser, I also pray for grace!

      Thank you Chukwuma. I appreciate your comments. I appreciate your stopping by. I appreciate you!
      Have a blessed and awesome week.

  • See me doing “hmmmmm” as I read, oh I can so relate.
    But I pray for grace to put God first, yes, even with my time in the morning…
    And I am thankful for reminders such as this.

    And to help with the phone thing, it helps to switch off your phone at night before you sleep and then pray and spend time with God before switching it on in the morning-thats what I started doing when I noticed my own trend.

    Have a great week ahead Bolaji and yes, we must pray for Nigeria

    • Oh Frances! Thanks for that suggestion, would definitely look into it. That will be of great help!
      Have an awesome week ahead dear! Please, pray for Nigeria…
      Thanks again. I appreciate you.

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