The Word – Direction.

Good Monday Morning!


I know you were expecting ‘Hey, hey hey!’ Lol.

Hope you’ve been great?

The weekend was awesome for you, I hope?

I wish you a blessed week ahead too!


Ok, I don’t know about you but I’ve resolved not to play 10/10 (a Nigerian game that young people play with their legs) with my life!

I cannot afford to be moving about this life confused. Laye! (Never!)

The Word for this year in Daystar is ‘Taking territories”. It’s also quite exciting that the word for The Ambassadors (my Ghana family/Church) is ATTAINMENT.

See any correlation?



Just goes to show that the Spirit is one. No lies!

However, if we’ve been mandated to take over all spheres of life as Christians, how can we do so without direction?


Isaiah 30: 21 

Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying , “This is the way , walk in it ,”  Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.


The very truth is that one can’t takeover every space! I would definitely feel out of place if I was suddenly ‘called’ to take territories in the engineering world!


And that’s the thing about direction. It helps you not to misplace. It keeps you on track. You basically attain higher heights, as long as you’re where you’ve been called to be. Your grace land!

But without direction, we’re lost.

Stuck. Without any idea on what move to make next.


This reminds me of the time I went to stay over at my friend’s place few weeks back. I’d never been in that area of Lagos before. So she sent me directions.

Step by step directions on how to locate her place.

I even asked my mum if she knew that part of Lagos well. She didn’t. But on seeing the direction I was sent, she suggested a shorter route for me.

Oh, I was so grateful!

It just made things easier, I didn’t have to struggle as much.


What if live was like that for us?

What if we didnt have to always ‘try our luck’ before settling down?

What if we could get clear and certain directions?

What if we could follow these directions?


Imagine you’re going to visit a friend at home. You’re already on your way, but you don’t have directions to the specific place.

You get down from the bus, but don’t know the next step to take.

You keep calling this friend, but their phone isn’t reachable.

Wouldn’t you be stuck and frustrated?


Thank God that God is the friend that ALWAYS picks! He doesn’t like seeing us stuck in the world with ‘trial & error’ kind of living. We have a purpose and He loves to see us walk in it!


I am currently reading the book of Genesis and I noticed something about Abraham and Noah.

God ALWAYS gave them CLEAR and UNMISTAKABLE directions!

When I read about Noah’s ark again. I was amazed!

God told this guy every measurement of that ark. From width, to height, to depth…all of it.

And he heard God clearly!


Oh, how I want to hear God clearly!

I need directions in this life that’s constructed to distract people. I need to stay on my lane of influence and attain greater heights.

You need to stay on your lane of influence and attain greater heights.


This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t ask us to move from our comfort zones. Oh well, He does that a lot!

But with clear directions, no fear!



New Year.

Taking Territories.



But this time, with clear directions from our maker!

We’re not going to be confused humans without bearing.


We’re going to hear directions.

Obey them.

And excel!


Amen? Amen!


Have a fabulous day ahead!

God loves you so much.


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Love always,




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