The Word – Correction.

The Word – Correction.


Happy new month guys! I hope your weekend was great? Mine was cool!

To be honest, it can be hard to blog, especially on faith because sometimes God will ask me to share things I do not really want to share. It puts one in a vulnerable place, but as I read in the Kenneth Hagin’s book I just finished, don’t bother praying about something you know God asked you to do, just do it!

This leads to The Word for the week – CORRECTION!
Proverbs 12: 1 ‘Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.’

Till yesterday night, I had no idea what The Word for this week will be; but I kept asking God to tell me what He wants me to share. I got my answer in an area of my life that He has shown me I need more work. I picked my Bible to get a word and I opened directly to Proverbs 12:1. After reading, I heard the Holy Spirit say -“That’s your word right there!”

My roommate had just read my work on a group work and then shared her opinion on it. She didn’t get the point until I had to explain it to her, so obviously she told me to work on it so it could be easily understood. I then said I didn’t think others wouldn’t understand and honestly, I did not really want to work on it.

Though, If I didn’t want her opinion, then why did I ask her to read it?
Is it really a big deal if people correct me/you?
Do you get defensive (like me) when someone corrects you?

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge. This is true because now that I know the work wasn’t as great as I thought, I can solicit the opinion of others and then do a better work. This way, my knowledge has increased. All I know is not all there is to life!

Please, let us not ever think that what we know is always the correct thing. That’s another reason I’ve been pushing myself to read more, so that I can increase in knowledge. Truth is, all we’ve ever known might have been wrong all along. I for one used to think the Holy Spirit was the stricter one of the Trinity! Imagine that kind of thought! How can the Holy Spirit be wicked and Jesus be nice? Sigh! Thank God for spiritual growth o!

Let’s open up our hearts to correction, from God and man.
I know that some people can just be out rightly mean, but let good meaning people correct you! It’s not such a big deal honestly.

But he who hates correction is stupid.
I’m sure you would agree that it would be quite stupid for me to still go ahead to submit that work without any changes, even after I have been told it needs editing! Correction is really not so bad!

Someone might ask what has correction got to do with anything? But, you see; these little things that don’t seem to matter in spiritual growth actually mean a lot! The way we speak, act, and interact with people goes a long way. That is why God takes us on a particular lesson over and over again until we get what He’s teaching us on that matter.

Challenge yourself this week to be more open to correction. It will increase your knowledge!

Have an awesome week and month ahead.
Love, Bolaji.


  • Believe me wen I say I use to be worse than u when it comes to taking corrections. I always argue a lot with people when they try correcting me. But thank God so far, all that is in d past. Tnk u Bolaji for dis word. I may say God has already taught me this. But today he is reminding me of what he taught me. Thank you Jesus for I am reminded!

    • Thanks my dear! We all have different lessons God teaches us at different times. Thank God you’ve passed this one. I’m still learning this lesson though.

  • kaygee

    What if u happen to find yourself in a situation whereby you’re being corrected by one particular person almost every single time without doing anything that warrants any correction. Let’s just say that’s her way of communicating to u. can What do u do then?

    • Sweetheart, you’d meet people who will always think they are better and know much more than you. In that case, you can politely tell the person how you feel about them always correcting you like you never do anything right. Funny thing is, they might not even know they do that to you all the time.
      Though, people like that should not be our excuse for not seeking knowledge and accepting good meaning corrections. Just be patient with the person and if it persists, withdraw from him/her.

  • I actually thought that my comment was posted last week…

    Me I am someone with very strong opinions, so corrections usually doesn’t sit well with me.
    I tend to justify why I’m right or why I did what I did instead of taking corrections and changing as needed.

    I’m learning though and this is an additional wake up call.

    • Funny thing is I don’t think i’m opinionated, but somehow corrections don’t sit well with me sometimes. Thanks girl for your words. It truly is a reminder to be open minded.

  • I love this post. Like how you simply picked each one to talk about and I can relate with what you said totally. There was a time I used to get defensive over my decisions sometimes but like you talked about spiritual growth, it makes you start seeing things much more clearly and realize that some people really want your good. Besides, with the words spoken, you can tell whoever wants to be downright mean or who feels you can do much better. I plan on writing on this sometime soon though.

    Thanks for your consistent stop by my blog Bolaji. I appreciate it very much. You have a lovely blog and the little artistic works of yours I’ve seen, I have no doubts you’ll be terrific as time goes on.

    Much love dear. xo!

    • Awww! Thanks so much for reading Glow!
      It’s true that with the person’s attitude and words, one can know whether it’s a good correction or just a mean one.
      I will be looking forward to your post on correction o, I don’t joke with your posts! “Dear Diary’ was so awesome and I’d truly miss Moyo like I knew her personally. Thanks for all those weeks of introducing Moyo to us and allowing us learn lessons from her story too!
      Thanks again. I pushed myself to draw the second cartoon character after I saw your comment sef, cuz I was being so lazy.
      Again, thanks Itunu. 🙂

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