The Word – Chase.

The Word – Chase.

Good Monday Morning!(I’m not changing the ‘Morning’ because I tried several times to post it but network…)

How is everyone doing?
I hope the joy of the Lord is still radiant in our hearts?
Let nothing steal your joy this day. Jesus wants laughter in our lives, but the devil wants to steal that. Do not let Him!

Remember, it’s a Good Monday Morning, which means that we will not allow anything to make this day/week bad. I had written this post at night, only to realize that it didn’t save. I felt like crying, but I decided to go back to bed and simply rewrite it. Instead of dwelling on it and lamenting, I slept.

I pray that absolutely nothing will be able to steal your joy too! Amen!

It’s time to get into ‘The Word’ for this week.

To get more understanding of the word ‘Chase’, I checked the dictionary meaning. The one closest to what I was looking for was ‘pursuit’.

Oh! How we know how to pursue things!

If as a guy, you’ve put a game on your mind and by chance there is no power supply when it starts; you’d go anywhere no matter the distance to watch that game.

If as a lady, you’ve made up your mind to eat a certain food on a particular day; you’d go all out to make sure you eat that food. Not eating it can even result to tears.

We chase a whole lot of things.

But, do we chase after God?

Salvation is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. A glorious end with Jesus.
Salvation is the means to knowing God daily and learning at His feet.
Salvation is not for us to remain stagnant, but that we may grow in the knowledge of Christ.

This makes me remember a message by T.D Jakes titled “Chasing after the God that chased after you.”

Don’t get me wrong here. Everything about salvation deals with grace. Jesus already paid in full when He died for us on the cross.

But are we also dying daily in worship of Him? Are we chasing after Him or chasing after things?

Remember that we ought to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, in order for other material things to flow. Not the other way round.

If we seek material things first, how then will our spiritual man grow?

As stated earlier, God has done and paid it all. But, will He also come down and do our part? Will he read our Bibles, pray and meditate for us as well?

He says we should desire the sincere milk of the word just as babies desire milk, so that we can grow.

What are we desiring?

I’m mostly led to write about things I’m personally going through in my spiritual life. So this is not for you alone, it’s for us.

I remember some weeks back, while writing to God in my journal;  I wrote a lot of “I want to”. I want to be close to you, I want to be yours…etc
As I finished, I heard Him tell me “Bolaji, you need to get to a point where you don’t only want me, but NEED me.”
A need is essential, a want isn’t.

Are you still ‘wanting’ to serve God?
Or ‘wanting’ to please Him?
Or ‘wanting’ to love Him?

It’s time to realize that we need God more than anything in this world.
We cannot easily forget how empty our lives were before Christ.

If we’re close, then you’d know that I’m closer to God at school than I am at home.
Truth is, I don’t chase Him as much at home.

I saw a picture of my Unit members at ‘The Ambassadors”, the church I attend at school; and I realized how much I missed that.
I miss that close support system and spiritual home.
I miss how I chase at school.

The good news is this: our God is here! He’s ready to help us chase after Him. He’s ready to open His heart to us as we open up to Him.
He’s ready to dust us off the ground and be everything to us.
He’s ready to hold us through this life and the one after.
He’s ready to be a part of our little activities through out the day.
He’s ready to give of Himself freely, as we surrender our all to Him.

But, are you ready?

Don’t postpone your spiritual growth and take God’s grace for granted.
Don’t postpone accepting Christ as Lord.

He chased after you and caught you.
It’s time to chase after Him to know Him more.

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A verse keeps ringing in my heart and it’s one by David.
Psalm 27:4- One thing I have desired of the Lord , That will I seek: That I may dwell in the house of the Lord All the days of my life , To behold the beauty of the Lord , And to inquire in His temple.

David wasn’t the purest man in the Bible. In fact, to the human understanding, he did some unthinkable things. But if we can all agree on something, it’s that David was a chaser!
And that’s why God called him the man after His own heart.

Today Lord, we need to be a generation after your heart.
We ask for grace to know how much we need you, so that we may chase you daily.
Today Lord, we surrender.
We surrender.

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My first sister got married over the weekend, and all I can say is God is faithful. I could write 50 PraiseLetters from the wedding alone. God took absolute control!
You remember the one who wrote PraiseLetter 7? Yeah, she’s married now.
God be praised!

There is plenty gist on that, but that’s for another day.

Stay blessed.
Stay chasing…(after God)

Much love, B.


  • damola

    Timely message. Its funny how we Christians chase after a lot of things and den start to chase after God. we put last, what we ought to put first.

    And most times, the things we chase after are things that God has given us dominion over. Things that we ought to command to chase after us

    I am guilty of this message , and I pray that God help us.

    thank u Bolaji, we miss u too

  • “Salvation isn’t an end itself but a way to know God better”
    The study for this week was on this before I felt pulled onto another track about fear…

    God wants us to grow, to grow closer to Him…but do we want same too? or even if we do, do we act like we do?
    Your distinction btw need and want struck me deeply
    Need is like saying, I cannot do without you!
    Oh Lord, help us.

    The intro also reminded me of a Joyce meyer’s sermon on us seeking food when we want to eat it but slack at seeking God(btw, yes oh, we seem to have watched same videos from her)
    God help us all to place our priorities right..beginning and ending in Him!

    • We sure have watched the same Joyce’s message, cuz I’ve watched that one too. We can go any length to get physical food, but what about the spiritual which is even more important!
      God help us o. #Grace!

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