The Word – Burnout!

The Word – Burnout!

Hey hey hey!

How are my favorite people?

I missed you paapaa. (Paapaa is an expression used in Ghana to emphasize something.)
May this week bring blessings upon blessings, with Christ as the center of it all! Amen.

So, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’d know that I write things based on my experiences. (Welcome to all new efamily members! We’re so delighted to have you here as part of us!)

I’m going to be totally truthful with you today. I’m in a ‘burnout’ situation right now.

Let me explain.

I got to Ghana on the 31st of Janaury. The Ambassadors (my church/family here) started a 21 days program that same Sunday, where we meet by 5:30-6:30am every morning for prayers.

I didn’t make the meeting for the 1st day of February, but I’ve basically been going everyday after that. (I actually missed like 2 days because I was so tired, I refused to get up. Also, bear in mind that my Church is far.)

Morning sessions ended yesterday, it remains 7 days evening sessions.

I woke today making up my mind that I’m not going for these remaining 7 days. (I might still go though.)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a powerful program! But it has sapped my energy. And I’ve not been happy!

I’ve woken 2 days now, totally unhappy! Why?

My personal time with God has suffered!

I most times sleep late (because I still have school and other activities) and then, have to wake so early for Church.
One day, I used deep black makeup because I wanted to hide how swollen my eyes were!

I burned out!

1 Corinthians 10:23

“‘All things are lawful,’ but not all things are helpful. ‘All things are lawful,’ but not all things build up.”

Are you in a burnout situation?
Have you noticed that you’ve suddenly lost your joy?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ve burned out!

For me, once I’m not having enough of God, my joy bank reduces! And strength too…

Because the joy of the Lord shall be thy strength! (See Nehemiah 8:10)

The thing is, you can go to church every single day and not have the church in you!

I probably didn’t plan my time well. I was just getting back to school, having to face school palava (problems) and then I wasn’t getting enough sleep.
In fact, whenever my friend called that it was time to get ready, it always felt like I had just closed my eyes to sleep.

You see Jesus?
He didn’t like to burnout o!

Anytime my father had had a long stretch of healing, teaching, preaching, etc; you’d suddenly find a verse that says ‘and Jesus withdrew from the crowd to the mountains to pray!’ (Paraphrased.)

Have you burned out like me?

We need to withdraw from the crowd and spend PERSONAL time with God!

I’ve added evening sessions to my time with God. So, we officially meet twice a day. LOL. It’s been amazing what I’ve been learning in the evenings!

But that has suffered too…because sometimes all I want to do is sleep!

Don’t do too much at the same time!
This isn’t the first time that this is actually happening to me o.

The last time it happened, I was rushing and preparing to go to church again, I clearly heard the Holy Spirit ask me ‘Who sent you? It sure is not me!’

That time was even worse. It affected my mood, attitude and everything else! I was like ‘nobody sent me o!’

Then, I withdrew to be with God alone because though I was going to Church everyday, the Church was not in me!

If you’ve lost your joy and peace and strength; you’ve burned out!
Go and take your joy back by making your PERSONAL time with God blossom again!

People can see you and say you’re so committed in Church, but God sees your heart. And if it’s not right with Him, simply go and settle the scores!

That’s the beauty about God.

He loves us so much that He never wants anything to come between us. Our relationship with Him is important to Him too!

I’m not for those who believe it’s ok to be a one man sqward, never attending Church and claiming that their personal time is enough.

We must not neglect the fellowship of the saints! Never!

But, we’ve got to be tactical. The devil actually doesn’t care if you go to Church, as long as you’re not right with God, He’s happy. So, he can leave you to Church the way you want, but he starts to fight when he sees that the Church is now in you, not a building!

We’ve got to first be the Church. And the only way to do that is to spend ADEQUATE QUALITY PERSONAL time with God.

That’s where joy and peace is. Plus, that’s where He instructs you on what your personal assignment in life is.

No shortcut in this matter!

Bless your heart!

I hope you were blessed by this as much as I was! Right now, I’m almost like the wife in ‘WarRoom’ (a movie by the Kendrick brothers) who literally went to the front of her house, declared a new management has come (Jesus is Lord Incorporated) and commanded the devil to gerrout! (Get out!)

If you haven’t watched that movie. I do not know why! It’s been such a reminder at this time that we as believers must not joke with this faith we proclaim!

It’s time to rise up!

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Have an amazing week ahead.

God loves us so much!

I had to edit this post to share this voice message with you! I hope it blesses you!

Love always,


  • Chukwuma

    Did i laugh at some point reading this post, lemme not lie, i laughed. Funny at beginning but the message was sent successfully.
    Question ma please, what if you had an activity to carry out during the fellowship. Maybe assigned to lead worship as long as the program lasted. What would you do? Never mind my question though.
    Be encouraged friend! I had been in such situation and i thank God it came and also passed. As a student, you must endeavour to plan your time and set priorities because the preacher said, there is time for everything.
    Have a nice week!

    • Hmm Chukwuma. Even Chior Masters burnout! I’d advice one shares responsibility. It’s not advisable for just one person to lead worship for 21 days straight.
      See, we can go to Church and not be happy if our personal time with God is suffering.
      Thanks a lot jare. You’re highly appreciated!

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