The word- Breakout.

The word- Breakout.

Hey hey heeeey.


I was a bit (more like a lot) depressed last week. To be honest, if you ask me now what exactly caused it- I can’t give a definite answer.
I’d be able to mumble something, but I wouldn’t have a ‘correct’ answer for you.

I just knew I was not joyful.
My heart lacked joy but my face was happy – so, nobody knew.

I’ve said it in many posts how God already told me before the year started that 2016 will be my year of stretching.
I was ‘all cool’ when I wrote it down. I was down for the stretching… Till it started happening for real.

My school fees issue earlier in the year.
The word to write a book in an area I’m not often found.
Having to be an encourager to many.
Believed to have a word anytime it’s needed.

A LOT, has happened to and IN me this year. I can’t even write about it well. I don’t understand it well either, but I can tell you that this has been the most uncomfortable year for me.
And we have 4 more months to go…

I became very ‘cold’ to myself. It was like a state of indifference.
It was as if I got to a point where I said I didn’t care anymore, because God was still going to do what He wanted to do, even when that sometimes didn’t ‘favour’ me.
More like it didn’t favour my flesh.
My spirit on the other hand wanted (wants) to soar.

I was about writing a different article when I remembered a song I heard at BECOMING 2.0 (I think). Spirit break out.

The lyrics was like what my heart had been saying but my hands couldn’t write.

Spirit break out,
Break our walls down!

I’ve had so many walls built around me for myself. I’ve created a shield to cover and protect me from this wicked world- a superficial covering. A man-made one.

So, this God kind was very different. Painfully, to get it, I had to do away with all I’ve ever known.
I had to go round my own walls of Jericho as God tore them down, and I just sat there- scared and hopeful…

Scared- Is this God really who He says He is?
Hopeful- I have testimonies of His character and if I don’t go back, I’m going to have more.

Spirit break out,
Break our walls down.

Do you know that many of us have walls, and we don’t even know or admit it.
It’s like this- ‘You know what, God, let’s bargain. You can have this part of my life, but not this other part because it’s too delicate for you. I’ve had it for so long, that I can’t trust even you with it.’

Spirit break out.
Break our walls down.

How can we truly trust when we refuse to allow God break these walls-
Of fear

How do you reconstruct a house?
By tearing down the parts that need improvements. (Sometimes, people tear the whole thing down.)

How then can that happen when we’re practically hugging the walls that God wants to break.

I have a friend battling with bad sexual habits, but has refused to tear the walls of explicit movies and worldly songs.

How then can new walls be built?

The decision to stay away from silly movies was HARD for me. I love good plays, but when I realized that many of these so called good plays were leaving me thinking of rubbish- making me build higher walls of lust.
I had to give myself a pep talk. Literally.

What has God been asking you to let go of?
At this point, I know the Holy Spirit is already showing and reminding you of these things.

Throw those magazines out. It’d be worth it at the end. (The ones with naked women and men.)

You might think God is wicked. Why would He want to break these walls!
They’re so high up, so how can we begin tearing them down?
Doesn’t He know we’d be fence-less, if He goes ahead to break these walls?

I can’t tell you that I have answers to your deepest questions, but you don’t have to be ashamed to ask God YOURSELF!





But I do know one fact- It is impossible for God to lie. What I have as an anchor is the integrity of God.
If He has promised to build new walls- sustainable ones, then all we have to do is believe.
He will build them.

Here’s the lyric to the song, and when you watch the video, you’d know that there’s no other kind of worship greater than laying your life down to and for Jesus and asking Him in.
Laying it down for Him to break walls, till new colourful wallpapers can be designed.

Let the Holy Spirit break out in your heart, and do let Him break your walls down.


“Spirit Break Out”
(feat. Trinity Anderson)

Our Father
All of Heaven roars Your name
Sing louder
Let this place erupt with praise
Can you hear it
The sound of Heaven touching earth
The sound of Heaven touching earth

Our Father
All of Heaven roars Your name
Sing louder
Let this place erupt with praise
Can you hear it
The sound of Heaven touching earth
The sound of Heaven touching earth…

Spirit break out
Break our walls down
Spirit break out
Heaven come down…

King Jesus
You’re the name we’re lifting high
Your glory
Shaking up the earth and sky
We wanna see Your Kingdom here
We wanna see Your Kingdom here


Have an amazing week ahead.

Love always,

Letters to our Fathers 2-1

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Download the pre-released copy of ‘our’ first book too. Thanks!


  • Now that’s the spirit: creating the contents by force by fire.

    Like the woman at well, our thirst will be satisfied.But the keeper of the well need to ascertain where our heart lies, whether with him or just with the substance he has to offer.

    Like he made the Israelite go through the desert, to prove them and to know what is in their heart. We will be tested.

    Remember, he loves us and LOVE(GOD) can be jealous sometimes or let say he is a jealous God.
    He wants a monopoly of our hearts.

    We have been called to separation. If we must go far with him, we must consecrate ourselves to him through sacrifice. Romans 12:1

    I am YouthAglow!

  • This was beautiful Bolaji. I pray for grace and strength for you. Thing is, when God now finishes with you eh, you’ll now be wondering why it took you so long to let go. It reminds me of one article I wrote before my old blog crashed. Don’t know if you’ll remember it but here’s a link here.

    P.S: Oh it’s not allowing me to drop the link. Oh well. Just go to glowingscenes.wordpress.com and check ‘What are you hanging unto.’

    Much love babe. xo!

  • #Deep! Thanks for sharing Bolaji, spoke personally to me – He can’t build safe secure walls around me until I let Him tear down the old walls.

    God will give you the grace to joyfully go through your season of stretching.

    Much love hun, xo

  • Babe, I read this when you posted it, but my battery went off before I could comment.

    One phrase has been ringing in my heart from the post and let’s see what God wants me to say on it..

    “Having to be an encourager to many, believed to always have a word…”

    Oh girl.
    So there’s one thing I am learning…kind of this year has taught me. I don’t have to be everywhere and anywhere, sharing my views, or replying emails, etc, etc.
    There was a time at the beginning of the year when I blanked out from even bbm, and the only place I was active was on twtw and my blog.
    It would take me days to reply mails on questions… why? cuz I was just in this place where it was me and God. Where I didn’t understand lots of stuff and would cry my heart out in prayer… I had no need for the outside world.
    And in that state, I certainly didn’t need to keep appearances and have a word for everyone.

    I was listening to bro Gbile recently on “the priority of a minister to pursue God”. Sometimes for our sanity, we even have to drop it all, and hide. Just hide.

    I remember Itunu sending a tweet on a question on the blog on lust and asking that I weigh in…it wasn’t that I couldn’t have given a word if I had to but I wasn’t in that state of mind so I kept “quiet”.
    I keep quiet a lot these days.
    I understand the season I am in and I seem to only have enough to take a step forward per time.

    So babe, don’t get overwhelmed by the “expectations”. Run into God and shut down each and everytime need be with no apologies.
    We have a source-God and when we feel out of touch, the priority is to pursue Him. The mails and all can wait. When you get fed, you can give out. No pressure.

    Love you B.

    And I replied your comment on Itunu’s post on “biography”.

  • My dear, I must be filled to give or ‘Minister.’

    Even on the blog, I try not to feel pressured because I can’t be dishing out, if I know I need to be filled.

    Hmm. I even need a phone fast soon. Lol. Everyone happens so fast these days. I need to pauuuuussssseeeeeee.
    Tune out from the world a bit.

    I’m at a stage where I have a lot of questions too.
    God help us.

    Thanks a lot sis. God bless you.

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