The Wig Story.

The Wig Story.

Good day awesome people!

I do hope your week has been great so far? Well, mine has been good. At least now I’m done with my french Mid-Semester Exams!

I wrote this post a while back and it still makes me laugh whenever I read it. I hope you enjoy and if you’ve read it before; just laugh! Please, pardon the tenses used since it’s an old post.

As I sit here writing. I still doubt if I should share this. A friend of mine was talking to me about my hair and how my front lines looked much better. I was flattered. But then my heart broke. It broke when she asked me why I couldn’t wear wigs anytime I didn’t want my hair out. My simple answer was “I’m never ever wearing a wig again in my life!” She didn’t understand me and she asked why; well, Keji this is your answer boo.

It was going to be a fun day. We were going on an excursion to another part of Ghana to climb mountains and experience new things. Little did I know that a new experience was really waiting for me that day.I had just cut my hair and didn’t want my classmates to know. Many people in class had already complimented me about my new hair, that is, the weave I wore fixed. Only my roommate and I knew I was bald undeneath the weave. Let’s get to the story. 

We had just left school less than 20 minutes when the unexpected happened. We hit the mini bus in front of our bus and before we could get over that –  Gbaaammmm! A bigger bus than ours hit us from behind. It was a pretty strong hit and basically everyone in our bus was hurting.We had all banged our heads on our seats and the seats in front of us; so most of us were holding our heads. I noticed that the guy at my back was really hurting but what I didn’t understand was why he was looking at me so weird. Then my head started hurting and when I touched it, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! It was empty!

My wig was gone! The friend who sat with the guy who was looking at me weird quickly picked my wig for me. Asin! The wig flew to her side of the bus. She quickly pushed it into my hands and I tried as fast as possible to put it back on, praying silently that no one noticed my shame(except my friend and the guy at least.)

Cry for me, because I was wrong. Someone. Noticed. My. Shame.When we all got down and every one hurt less. Someone brought up my own hurt. My class rep whose voice is sooooo loud started laughing so hard and saying “Bola oooo.” Then I knew I was in soup.

She told everyone willing to hear her how my wig flew. Everyone. EVERYONE LAUGHED. AT ME. A part of me said “Bolaji cry” but I decided to listen to the me that said “Laugh with them!” And then I laughed. I laughed hard at myself.

A friend from class even tried removing it again, but I changed face for him fast. Disgrace me once, shame on me. Disgrace me twice, more shame on me! I was not letting that happen. My roommate and I laughed so hard when we got back. She told me how she saw my wig flying, even from far away at the back where she was sitting. On Monday, I begged the ground to open for me to enter.

EVERYONE IN CLASS HAD HEARD. Mahn. They didn’t spare me o. See laugh! Plus I wore the wig to class again because I wasn’t ready to showcase my baldness yet. Funny how most people liked my cut when I finally decided to show it. I should have never worn a wig.

Till tomorrow when I enter class,people still put their hands on their heads and then slowly put their hands up. Describing how my wig flew off. But instead of sulking about my disgrace, I laugh hard with them too. This, I think is my most embarrassing moment.

Sigh. So any lessons learned? Mine is this—-We all have something we’re hiding from the world. Whether baldness or something else!

Nothing like selflove abeg!
Nothing like selflove abeg!

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Tomi

    Lmaoooo, ya go girl. True we all have what we are hiding from the world. I can relate one of Maya Angelou’s quotes to this, which states ” If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.” Talk about self love.

  • Lmaoooo!!! Bolaji ooo! You’re sooo funny!!! Like kilode. I was just laughing as I envisioned the whole scenario right before my eyes. I have a very imaginative mind. I hope you don’t mind my laughing sha.

    I like that you were able to laugh at yourself jare. That was very brave and strong of you. Not letting anyone dull your shine.

    About lessons learned, I think I’ve learned through this that life is what you make it to be. It’s not really that hard. Just take it one step at a time and smile. And when you get the chance to laugh at yourself, laugh harder than anyone else.

    hugs and kisses 🙂

    • Lol! I do not mind at all o. You should see me when I laugh about it too! It would probably have been more embarrassing if I had not laughed with them. Thanks for you sweet sweet comments Glow Glow, I appreciate you!

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