The Modern Day Prodigal.

The Modern Day Prodigal.

Hey hey hey.

It’s been what? Days, Months, Ages?
It depends on how you’ve missed contents here.

This post isn’t to announce ‘we’re back!’ It’s more to encourage you wherever your walk with Jesus may be.

Let me tell you a story.

It starts here, the night she devoted to worshipping Jesus with nothing attached. Just singing and talking to make His heart glad. Nothing about her needs.

But this story really didn’t start there, it started at some point where she relaxed with her prayer life. That’s one aspect the devil fights to quence in every Christian’s life, so she assumes that you can relate.

On a certain day, she outrightly told herself: Bolaji, it can’t be normal for you to be living like this without prayer and less of Jesus.

To be honest, she felt like she was driving a car with an empty fuel tank. The only surprise was that this car kept moving, it didn’t break down. At least, not in a way that people could see.
It didn’t have fuel, but something was still pushing it and making it function like normal.

But the tank knew that what was fueling it, whatever was making the car move was not fuel. It was something fake, a substitute, a secondhand, a blantant lie, at the very least.

It’s amazing that this story, the whole thing happened within a time frame of 2 weeks, or even less. Maybe a week.

And it felt like the girl involved was losing the greatest gift she ever had, Jesus Christ.

Again, this story has another part. The girl had a job, but she always felt like she was never shining her light there. She often joined others to gossip about the bosses that weren’t particularly nice. She found herself compromising on many things she could never have done few weeks ago.

In this story, this scary tale, she also sometimes left the house without prayer. How? How can one start a day in this wicked world without Jesus and be ok?
But somehow, a wicked force made her think she was doing just fine.
She knew she wasn’t.

Worst of all, she’d get home very late at night and realize that she’d left Jesus at home. She had passed by Him in the morning and was scared to say anything to Him at night- because she knew He wanted her to take Him everywhere.
He wanted her to shine her light.

She was there, deceiving herself. Because in her heart of hearts, she knew that there was no where safer, better or purer than the presence of the same Jesus she was starting to ignore.

One day, she broke down. She remembered David and how she had always loved His vulnerability before God. He was a man after God’s heart, because he always knew how to run back there, even in his darkest times. So, she stole his tactics and ran.
She didn’t look back.
And when it got uncomfortable, she put off her shoes and ran…
Back to Jesus.

She told Him everything. EVERYTHING.

One of the things she confessed was that she didn’t know how to be light on her own. She tried it but only found that she was dimming her candle more than ever. So, she asked her master for help- help on how to shine brighter for Him.

And she didn’t do this by paying a large sum.
As a matter of fact, she didn’t have anything that impressed the world.
She didn’t drop a large sum in a bowl, neither did she announce that she was about to do it. She just did what David knew well to do- Run back to the arms of God.

And she cried.
Oh, how she cried!
There were many reasons she cried, but the one that was too much to hold was that He was there.
Just as He had promised to always be.
He was right there, running towards her with open arms. His modern day prodigal.

But He died for her. He resurrected just for that moment- the moment He’d have her in His arms, to have and to hold- till NOTHING do them part.


Back to that night, she sang and sang and sang…till all she could do was be.
Be herself. As undeserving as she was- He wanted her just like that. In His presence, unashamed and vulnerable. And so, she kept singing.

“When the music fades
And all is stripped away
And I simply come
Longing just to bring
Something that’s of worth
That will bless your heart…”

She sang and sang and sang.

Because she knew she was back. And she knew that Jesus, the lover of her soul was glad she was in His arms, never to be plucked again.

And they lived happily ever after.



No matter how far you’ve gone, come back to Jesus today.
He’s waiting.


Love and light,





  • Chinenye

    Bolaji, please can I ask a question?, Please, how did you get this story?, was it really about you or the Holy Spirit told you what has been going on with me? because Sis, you just told my story right there.

    And I continue to bless God for being who HE is and bringing you and your blog my way.

    God bless you B. This came just in time.

    • Haha!

      This God ehn. Too mighty for words! The girl in the story was me o, to think you can relate. Then, I don’t know how many more can relate to this.

      God be praised though. He knows you better than you know yourself and knows exactly what you always need, it’s not about me.
      It’s God.

      God bless you dear.

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