THE LEGACY OF LAUGHTER. (This post was scheduled for yesterday, but there was no network anywhere! Even on my phones.)

Hey Hey Hey!
It’s Mobolaji in dah building! Can somebody say uhuh uh uh! Lol. Please, permit my goofiness.
If you haven’t read this week’s word on worship, please endeavor to do so because it kind of links to today’s post.
In Monday’s post, I shared that my best friend lost her brother and it was not easy! ( It still isn’t, only God has been the anchor.) When you lose a loved one, you begin to see things differently. It’s easier to hear of death from afar, but when it’s so close, you have a tremendous paradigm shift!

After his burial yesterday, she sent me a video of Dipo (Rest in perfect peace beautiful one!) where he was dancing with a friend to Yoruba beats. I was in the library at that time, but I truly couldn’t stop laughing! He sure was a funny one.


He left the beauty of friendship and love in the hearts of many, but today I’m focusing on his legacy of laughter.

You see, if you’re to ask people about me. You’d get varying remarks. If you ask from close friends and family, the answer will probably be that I’m goofy, troublesome and always full of advice! I love when I can help someone feel better by saying few words positively. I’m a full blown optimist. Even when friends say stuff like ‘You’re broke’, I always quickly reply them that I am rich! Even when the situation may seem otherwise, but Pastor Sam’s teachings over the years just wouldn’t let me allow anyone speak negatively into my life. Even in ‘jokes.’

Anyways, that said, I constantly can be a case. However, I also know that deep within when no one else notices, I can be pretty uptight!

Do you know that I detest using short forms when writing? I’m not even kidding. I remember one time I asked my roommate why she used short form to write on Facebook. You know when people replace ‘and’ for ‘n’ or ‘because’ for ‘becuz’; yh, stuff like that. Her simple reply was that it was FACEBOOK for God’s sake, a social site and it wasn’t anything official.

Only when I’m rushing to reply a friend in die minute will I ever shorten a word.
Yh, it’s that bad.

So while I was pondering on Dipo’s legacy of laughter. God reminded me of somethings about me, and some weren’t so pretty. This is not to say that I finally want to become a saint. No. I just want to leave a legacy of laughter when I’m gone!

I mean the height of taking life too seriously has to be me not being able to shorten words even with friends!

I also am not saying that I will suddenly change, but I’m willing not to be so uptight about it or ask friends to stop. Though I’d never understand those who type ’How are you?’ as ‘awayu?’ I mean, kini yen?(What is that?) LOL

The whole point of this post is to remind us to live a little!

Another thing I’ve heard most of my life is that I carry a scary face around. They say my face says ‘Do not attempt to come near me or I will bite you.” This I try to adjust, but I will never be shining teeth while walking alone because the same people who have said I frown will be the ones to spread news that I walk like a crazy person, smiling to myself.

I am not trying to impress anyone because people can never be satisfied; but, what I can change, I will!

I read a devotional by Proverbs 31 ministry some days ago that talked about a way to amp your faith. She talked about how she went skydiving with her daughter and it obviously took faith for her to do it. However, that also made her more brave! She began to live life a little differently after that. That’s why I love my friend Frances who tries as much as possible to see new places every month!
I’m not a very adventurous person, and this post also does not mean that I will metamorphose into one; but I can at least try!

I want my days to be filled with much laughter. Like when my wig flew out of my head.

Cuz, now I realize that I have blocked some laughable moments by just being outrightly uptight!

I do not advice that you jump through the roof, or buy a power bike tomorrow, or pack your bags and leave town. I only advice that you begin to live a little; and if these things fall under your definition of living, then fine!

This world is fleeting biko! I cannot come and go and come and go and kill myself.
I will live!
And when all is said and done, I will leave a legacy of laughter.
A legacy where Christ is the anchor.
Will you be willing to do same?


Have a fantastic day ahead!
Make it one filled with laughter!
Love always, Mobolaji.


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