The Courage to Pray!

Good Wednesday Morning!

How are you and yours? I believe y’all are doing great!

I also hope the week has been fulfilling so far? If not, it will get better! Amen.

I want to share an experience that happened this week with you. I hope it encourages you!

So, after meeting with those we had to meet at one office in Lagos, we started to walk out.

As we walked we could hear a very loud bark. It sounded much like a dog and we could see that people ahead of us were staring at something.

But as we moved closer, we realized that the one causing a scene was a human being.

The guy was walking out like many of us, but suddenly stopped, held his head and made a loud noise. It really sounded like a dog’s bark.

As we finally got to where others were, we couldn’t leave. We joined them in staring and wondering sadly what could be wrong with him.

The way he held his head was like something I can’t even really describe.

He continued to scream.

As stated above, we stared; but we could have prayed instead.

As the crowd got more(this office is a very central one), one man suddenly went towards him, held his hand and joined his head strongly with his. The guy continued to scream, but this man held on and prayed! 

His action prompted everyone else to action! We all began to pray. 

It was beautiful!

Some just stood and continued to stare, but most of us started to call on Jesus.

After few minutes, the guy calmed down and desperately asked for water.

He was later taken away by the man who was courageous enough to pray!

We didn’t know the guy from anywhere. 

But, it was great that we could stand in agreement for him in prayer.


Here’s where I’m going though, are you courageous enough to pray?

Who out of all of us who stared should be thanked?

I will say it ought to be that first man who stepped out and prayed with this guy.

It wasn’t that we all didn’t know about prayer in the first place, but his action made every other person remember that even more than staring, we could help by praying!

It’s such a norm in Nigeria to stand and stare when things happen. We would begin to talk and ask questions; but I believe that if one Christian will be bold enough to begin to pray, others will definitely follow.

I didn’t have courage enough to pray for that guy first, but if I ever come across that man who stood out from all of us, I’d say a very big THANK YOU to him!

He had courage enough to pray, and by that reminded other believers that there’s absolutely nothing that prayer cannot move! Hallelujah!

This is a true story. It happened two days ago.

Always stand out and be courageous enough to pray!


Have a blessed day everyone.

Please join in praying for the guy whose story I shared above. I use ‘John’ when I pray for him since I don’t know him personally. Thanks.


Also, the blog has been moved to another host. There will be more changes, so please do bear with us till it all settles!

God bless you.

Love, Mobolaji.



  • Wow!
    well, I think that it also requires great faith which some who stared may lack, I imagine them thinking ‘what if I go and nothing happens?’

    may God increase our faith in him… and give us courage to pray. thanks for this Bolaji, may God continue to increase your faith in him.

    what do you mean by another host?

    • Mobolaji.

      Its true that some may need more faith! I inclusive!
      Amen, May He increase your faith in Him too dear. Thanks!

      The blog was hosted by WordPress before, but it’s now on a new host. I will be able to do more with the blog and design better. Will explain more when we see I guess!
      Thanks for commenting. You’re appreciated!

  • Chukwuma

    It reminds me of this verse ‘ . . . And i sought for a man’. Like you said we need courage. Only courage can make us to avail ourselves of the great opportunity to stand in the gap on behalf of other people. You might be thinking ‘he has a devil, and if i pray now, the devil might jump out and who knows where next he might enter’ (Godknows where next – the pit of hell).
    And hoping the changes in the blog will help it grow and get better with your face out of front page lol.
    Have a nice week.

    • Mobolaji.

      Lol! So true! I’m sure some will be scared that if they touched him something else might happen. It all takes courage jare Chukwuma.
      About the changes, amen o. May it lead to greater things that give glory to God and God alone!
      Have an awesome day dear! God bless!

  • Hi Mobolaji

    There is always the temptation to doubt. I guess everyone would be thinking what if nothing happens after praying.

    You are right that we need to be bold in prayer. Thanks for sharing. Take Care

  • This is just splendid. I pray for this all the time. The spirit of constant prayer. We should go round doing good and setting the captives free like Jesus did and commanded. May Christ strengthen us.

    P.S: no wonder I didn’t get notifications for new posts, you have left us and stepped up. LoL May Elyon bless this blog.

    • Mobolaji.

      Amen o! May we courageous enough to pray when all others are staring.
      Step up kwa? All glory to God.
      Who’s Elyon o?
      Thanks Dayo!

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