The Carrot Story.

The Carrot Story.

Good Wednesday Morning!

How has the week been so far? I’m hoping it’s been wonderful for everyone.  If not, it can still get better!

I’m going to be sharing my carrot story with you today. Trust me, it’s different from my wig story. Here we go.

One day, my mum went out so I had to stay in the shop. I also had to chop carrots before she got back because we needed to use it to cook.

Anyways, I went straight to work by using a knife to chop it and I still had many carrots to go.

Stay with me.
This is where I’m going.

I knew we had mincer at home. My spirit kept asking me to quickly walk into the house and get it so I could get over the carrot work fast enough. But, I refused.
So I sat there chopping and chopping manually, although I knew the easier tool was inside the house.
And then God taught me a lesson that day.

He told me that many of us are like me, who like to chop carrots manually. He taught me that though we’re many who know that our helper is inside, only few actually walk to reach Him.

Are you getting me?

God wants to do life with us. But we’ve also got to move from mediocrity into His excellent light.

For example, I can list things that I know God has been asking of me; but I’ve been too lazy to walk the extra mile. And greatness doesn’t come cheap.

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and that’s why we need to reach deeper for Christ. He makes life worth living.

Why not drop that knife that can cut you and walk inside to get your mincer? Trust me, it’s way more efficient and your carrots are minced better.

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Come on, Christ is waiting.

Over to you.

Can you relate with my carrot story? Have there been times when you knew you could have reached for more but didn’t?
Are there things God has put in your heart, that you’ve still not done?

I encourage you to move from that comfort zone and see the mighty things God has planned for you.

Also share with us using the comment box. We value your opinion!

Thanks and thanks again.

Love, Mobolaji.


  • Sometimes the enemy infiltrates our minds with thoughts like; “what is that mincer isn’t there?”, “it’s there but someone else is using it”, “the journey into the house is not worth the while”,”God is teaching you to be hard working so use the manual tool” …then when we open our hearts to doubts, fear sets in and we chose to stay where we are. We must stand on truth and as you said dare to reach deeper. This is a word for everyone. God bless you.

    • Thanks dear! It’s so true that the devil tries to counter what God has already told us to do. He then makes the walk to get the mincer seem meaningless, even though God told us to walk the extra mile to get it.
      You’ve taught me another side to this story. God bless you!

  • Chukwuma

    Nice one, i’ve missed this space. It’s a lesson on progressive thinking and reaching forward to new ideas. We must learn to accept new methods of doing things on the basis that they are godly to achieve greater results. Always let the old testament be a reference to the new testament. The old path should point to the new. There are many things that i struggled with because i never gave heed at the beginning despite hearing that inner voice telling me and leading me to the right thing.
    My own was that i relied on my past success.

    Have a great week.

    • Mobolaji.

      We’ve missed you too! Your comments always teach me a new thing about the post. Thanks Chukwuma. You’re appreciated.

  • Adewale

    Truly, there are depths we could reach to but won’t for fear of uncertainty or ridicule. I’m always thrilled to know that God has us in mind and will always give us hints. It is true that He is interested in the details of our lives, if only we will yield and obey that still small voice.

    He is our ever present help – the mincer to reach for.

    Just this morning, I was battling with a small piece of code, and I was getting worked up because it wouldn’t yield the result I wanted. And just then, the still small voice said, remove this particular snippet. I almost argued it but then I thought, sheh I have been battling with this for a while, why not just try this. If it works, great and if it doesn’t work, I’d just reinsert the snippet I removed.

    So I obeyed the master craftsman(Chief Programmer) and removed the snippet and voila, the code worked. You know when He(Jesus) said, “He(Holy Spirit) will teach you all things…”, He meant it but we need to absolutely trust just so we can enjoy the easier yoke.

    • ‘Fear of uncertainty or ridicule’… Most of the things we fear don’t even happen. May we be sensitive to God when He speaks to us and gives us hints and answers.
      Mahn, thank you for sharing this story about how the ‘Chief Programmer’ helped you. I wish everyone could realize that Jesus wants to be involved in every aspect of their lives- no matter how little.
      Some wonder how come some people ‘hear’ from God- meanwhile we all can hear from God if we tune to His frequency.
      Some may wonder- ‘What is God’s business with programming?’ meanwhile His word says that we have the Holy Spirit in us who teaches us all things. ALL THINGS, small or big.

      Thanks for sharing! God bless you…

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