Take Me To The King.

Take Me To The King.


Take me to the King. A touch is all I need.
Lord, how do I come back?
How can you tie me?
Please tie me to your Alter.

I know you said you’ve given us a will,
to choose you or not;
to choose live or death.
And I have chosen you; I have chosen life.

But, how come I still stray?
Why do I choose some of death when I have all of life?
Please, tie my will to yours.

I give you the will to tie me.
So that when I stray from this Alter of life, you can drag me back.
Take me to the King. A touch is all I need.

How do I pray? How do I stay in faith?
Where are you Lord? Do not let me walk too far away.
You ran after me, pursued me until I accepted to be yours.
Now that you’re mine or that I’m yours, it’s hard to find you.

When I first knew you, we were best of friends, talked about everything.
Now, I’ve suddenly become shy around you.
And I know without a doubt that if something goes wrong with this relationship; the problem can only be from me.
That’s why I say that though I have a will to choose.
I choose that you tie me.
Tie me to your Alter.
Do not let me be.
Till I learn to seek you like you sought me.

Tie me to you Alter.
Tie your will to mine.
Do not leave me a choice.
Till I learn to seek you like you sought me.

Take me to the king. One touch is all I need.

I wrote this sometime last year and I got the title from Tamela Mann’s song- Take me to the King.

Coincidentally (or not), I was directed to read Psalm 27 in a short eBook I started reading yesterday. I felt like David was saying exactly what this poem is saying. Psalm 27:4 states “I have asked the Lord for one thing; one thing only do I want: to live in the Lord’s house all my life, to marvel there at his goodness, and to ask for his guidance.”
I just want to live in the Lord’s house all my life and marvel there at His goodness, to ask for His guidance for everything. I just want to be rooted in Christ.

Image Source:wau.org
Image Source:wau.org

Let me share something small. God loves you! That’s just it. His love doesn’t always move just because you have moved. I was sitting in class yesterday thinking of a handout I had to photocopy before today’s class, I and many others were sent out of class last week because we didn’t have our copies. I really was not planning on photocopying it because I was taking notes from class and it was (is) a bit expensive right now. Few minutes after I remembered the handout, a friend from school fellowship who was also sent out last week just walked up to me and gave me the handout. She was like “Bolaji, have you made your copy yet?” I said no, and then she said that’s my copy. I was first confused and was laughing because I really thought she was joking. She wasn’t joking.
I was so overwhelmed and grateful! And I know it was God who asked her to make a copy for me. It just made me thankful that I serve a God who loves me regardless of anything. And it’s the little things He does for me that makes me want to know Him more and live totally devoted to Him.
My people, let’s get rooted in Christ!

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Have a great day ahead.
Much Love, Mobolaji.

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